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Halle Berry In Court

Trouble Brewing Over Custody

6/28/2011 9:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry is in family court right now, doing battle with Gabriel Aubry over custody of their 3-year-old daughter, Nahla.

Halle's lawyer filed a very thick stack of documents a few minutes ago, outlining trouble she's had with Gabriel.  We're told the document lists Gabriel's alleged failings as a dad.

Gabriel didn't show up, but his lawyer is there. We'll let you know when it's over.

UPDATE: Halle just took off in her silver Acura.



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she is a bitch..plain and simple

1215 days ago


Yeah, he cares so much about his daughter that he didn't show up at court today. #actionsspeaklouderthanwords

1215 days ago


It is amazing how all you goobers think this is Halle fault. Why is that? Because she is considered a black woman? Obviously Gabriel has no understanding how this thing works. Keep it up and in the long run he does nothing but eventually alienates his daughter as she grows up. You other morons out there must have some agenda against Halle with all the hate you post. Get a life.

1215 days ago


since this guy doesnt have a steady pay check and nobody cares who he is without halle berry's name attached to him, he is in it for the money. all he has to say is joint custody she can be in cali during the yr and ny in the summer...and ill pay child support. but we know he has no money and that baby is his meal ticket.

1215 days ago


I really think Halle cannot stand the fact that she has to share her daughter with Gabrielle, who obviously loves his daughter. Halle is spoiled beyond belief.... and will do whatever she can to deny the father any peace. She sure wants him around to 'babysit' when she's off making a movie or beauty ad. Grow up Halle, and quit denying your daughter her god'given birthright...access to her father!

1215 days ago


I like how Italia says he is in it for the money..Thats pretty damn funny..Halle obviously has major issues, look at her past..She blames every guy she has been with for being abusive or cheating...Maybe Halle needs to look in the mirror and realize she is the abuser in all her relationships. You will never convince me she only falls for guys that have sex addictions..Seems to me Halle only loves herself and all her guys need to go outside their relationship to get a little tail..Halle is a B@#CH!!!

1215 days ago


How many divorces for this woman? Must be rough to live with.

1215 days ago


Halle is batshiz crazy and has MAJOR mental issues bi-polar for sure. I feel sorry for her daughter being raised by a manhater and nutcase.

1215 days ago


I will never watch another Halle movie again, she is a cold selfish woman. She used to have all these kinds things to say about Gabriel but now that he isn't with her hmmm now its all negative. Too suspicious on her true intentions. She needs to leave him alone let him be a father and live her own life. His business is none of her concern as long as her daughter is safe/happy/healthy thats all you can ask for. COPARENT

1215 days ago


@esi your right i just went back to radar online the pics are in their "hot pics" section (pic 42/60...) but their old @ the bottom of the pics its dated as april 28,2011. gabe was carrying nahla on his shoulder & they were hanging out @ santa monica's 3rd street promenade

1215 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Halle is cruel.

She used to yell at Aubrey like he was the farm mule.

For the sake of her child, she should let him keep his relationship with her.

As I understand it, Aubrey doesn't abuse Halle or Halle.....get the eff out of the way....

1215 days ago


I will bet he is either dating someone and she is acting all righteous that her daughter is not around strangers or he is standing up for himself about something.

This woman hasn't shown the best judgement in the past about her personal life, so whatever she is all hot and bothered about is probably considered OK by normal people.

1215 days ago


I don't know if he is a good dad or not but one thing we do know is that psycho Halle Berry is a nutjob when it comes to men and relationships.

She can lure men with her alleged beauty but once they had sex with "Halle Berry" there is NOTHING beyond the physical. I feel sorry for that daughter of theirs to have a mother like her.

1215 days ago


These custody fights break my heart every single time. There are never any winners in these kinds of fights, only losers. And sadly, the biggest loser in all of this will be little Nahla. She deserves to have both her parents in her life. Period. Halle, whatever you may feel about this man is irrelevant. That is HER FATHER. Her only father. Time to get over your own pride and let bygones be bygones. She needs him and she needs you too.

1215 days ago


Gimme a break people. She's not trying to stop the guy from seeing/spending time with his daughter. They just are working on something the two of them can amicably agree upon. Not that the little girl isn't worth it, however this isn't just your typical custody hearing that everyday people go through, besides the child's well being there's a lot of money involved. You all are fooling yourselves if you think he doesn't also see dollar signs. This guy was only the model lucky enough (or unlucky, whichever way you wanna see it) to be the one assigned to Halle's photo shoot, it's not like he was totally rolling in the dough to begin with. Monetarily, Halle is the primary bread winner. So when the child is with him you can bet your bottom dollar that they are trying to hash out how much he should get from Halle during those times. Whatever else that comes about is just typical in most custody hearings. For the child's sake I do hope all the bitterness and ugliness subsides.

And for the record just because Halle has been married a couple of times and in and out of a couple of relationships doesn't make something wrong with her. I don't think she dates any more than the typical person looking for love dates, it's just that the everyday person doesn't have their lives under the public microscope. And let's not forget that she was married to a very handsome/sexy sports star and singer who had roving eyes and couldn't keep their hands and ********* to themselves. They were the weak ones who let groupie b i t c h e s and h o s come between their marriages. I don't blame Halle for not putting up with that mess. Just like any woman searching, she needs to find a man that will love, cherish & respect her for the lovely person that she is. One that treats her the way she should & deserves to be treated. I've read and seen her in interviews and she seems to be a very lovely person regardless of how some media outlets want to portray her.

1215 days ago
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