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Halle Berry

Claims Gabriel Violated

Custody Agreement

6/28/2011 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry went to family court this morning, complaining her baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, violated the custody agreement they struck over Nahla, and to reinforce her point, her lawyer submitted a lengthy court document claiming Gabriel has put Nahla at risk.

Halle Berry Custody
Sources tell TMZ ... Halle is concerned for 3-year-old Nahla when she's in the care of Gabriel.  Our sources would not be specific about the violations, but we're told it has to do with requirements Gabriel was supposed to follow when he had custody of Nahla.

The lengthy documents go into great detail about Gabriel's parenting skills, claiming there was once an incident overseas when Gabriel allegedly neglected Nahla, imperiling her safety.

Halle wanted the judge to find Gabriel in violation of the custody order.  Gabriel was not in court today, and the judge set a hearing on the matter for later.



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Did anyone see that movie for which Halle won her Oscar ? It was absolutely craptastic and halle's performance was awful....I have no idea why she was even nominated

1151 days ago



You are HER lawyer or someone close to this crazy self hating bitch. Halle is a DISGRACE AND SO ARE YOU. I am so sick of her.

1151 days ago



She recognize her white heritage well that's why she had the kid with Gab who is white. Trust me, this woman is a phony and blacks know it.

1151 days ago

My Opinion    


I am African American, and I disgree with your comments about black women all EXPECTING to have sole custody of the kids when the relationship is over. I know several black fathers who are single dads and are proud to take care of their children. I also know many who are proud to share custody of their children, pay child support and have regular shared custody. I know some who have fought for that right.

There is no such thing as 'move on' from your own flesh and blood and no man should be expected to abandon what he helped to create.

There are MANY black women who would KILL to have a man acknowledge their children and take responsibility for their own DNA. They file and chase men for child support, and help with homework, child rearing, and visits as well as phone calls. Many women BEG disgusting sperm donors to give their own children the time of day.

So that statement that it is cultural is simply untrue IMO. Black women want and need fathers for their kids just as much as any other culture and sometimes moreso. I think that is the very reason Ms. Scary is getting so much hate over all this. Because so many women want fathers for their kids and don't have them.

1151 days ago


Sincerity's post:

"Some of you "haters" are RIDICULOUS!!! An actual copy of Ms. Berry's complaints and the terms of their "mutually negotiated" custody agreement haven't been made available for the public to review. Keep in mind, Gabriel Aubry has attempted to hinder Ms. Berry's ability to travel in order to make a living."

My comment: A father has the right to dispute any arrangement that disrupts his parenting time. Every day women try to move kids out of state and fathers have the right to dispute it.

"She's made concessions and given up performing in a play on Broadway due to custody related matters."

Good for her. I make concessions every day as a parent that is what we do.

"Taking this into consideration, Gabriel Aubry shouldn't be given a "PASS" for failing to adhere to the terms they mutually negotiated. If Ms. Berry's concerns were so frivolous, then "WHY" wasn't Gabriel Aubry in court to defend himsel****ainst her claims??? If Nahla were my child, accusations wouldn't go "UNCHALLENGED" where it matters the most -- IN THE COURTS!!! If her claims had "NO MERIT", they could have been "nipped in the bud", TODAY!!!"

Who knows why he wasn't present. He could have not been notified of the court date. The judge rescheduled though and did not award Halle winner by default regardless.

1151 days ago


HALLE the b--on Broadway?? Give me a break...he was not in court because it was not necessary.

1151 days ago


Halle Berry does coke all the time ..everyone in H-Wood knows this.

1151 days ago


I was very encouraged to find this site. I wanted to thank you for this special read. I definitely savored every little bit of it.

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1151 days ago


I really fail to see how this is about race. All I see is a mother *thinking* she is looking after her child's best interest, but really creating a situation that will cut her child off from a man who loves her child and wants to be in her life. This is not *her* choice to make for her child. If Gabriel wants to be involved - LET HIM. That relationship is not hers to alter or take away!
Yeah yeah yeah... dads do everything backwards and all kinds of wrong half the time according to us mums (lol! ) but look at it as a good lesson for the child: mummy's way is not the only way and there is more than one way to accomplish something.
And "putting the child in harms way". Puh-leeze!!! What mum or dad hasn't? Every parent strives to keep their baby safe all the time and to make good decisions, but falls short on occasion. If Ms. Berry hasn't ever done this herself, then she must not be spending much time with her child!

1151 days ago


I've liked her for so long, now I'm not sure what to think.

1151 days ago


Why does everyone assume that she's the one who's wrong here?

1151 days ago


She's the one who needs to have her kid taken away. She's a pathetic excuse for a mother and a person. Women like this piss me off.

1151 days ago


It AMAZES me how white people are so quick to turn on non-whites. If it were reversed and she were a white woman, you'd be bashing the black guy.

Many whites wonder...why do most mixed race people(black/white) identify and associate more with their black side i.e. Halle, Obama, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey etc.? Just take a gander at your comments and attitudes. Who the hell would want to be associated with you. I'm bi-racial and I am disgusted by you. I am a very proud BLACK woman.

1151 days ago


I agree with you Tracy (and I'm a white guy btw)

1151 days ago



I am white, have a Sri Lankan adopted daughter, a mixed race grandson and still think Halle is wrong by keeping her daughter from her father, nothing to do with colour. Why do some people always bring colour into the mix. Black or white all children have a right to see their father unless they are abusive.
My husband used to give my children all sorts of rubbish to eat when they went out together, always let them go to bed a little bit later than me that does not make him a bad father.

1151 days ago
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