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Mel Gibson Settles Divorce Case with Wife

6/28/2011 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson and soon-to-be ex-wife Robyn have settled their divorce case.


Robyn Gibson's lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser, appeared before the judge this morning and announced Mel and Robyn have reached full agreement on the terms of their divorce ... in particular, the property settlement.

The lawyers are drafting the final paperwork and the judgment is expected to be entered at the end of August, making the divorce official.


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some guy    

So... did Mel keep popping kids out with different women because he was hoping one of the ones he goes through would be The One?

1024 days ago


azlee -
After they all leave, have FH hold the fort and lock yourself away in the bathroom with bubbles and a chilled drink of high alcohol content for an hour. May need FH to help you out of the tub. >D
Seriously though, very glad everyone had a good time.

1024 days ago

some guy    

You know who I like? Bob Barker. "Be sure to have your pets Spayed or Neutered."

I grew up watching Price is Right, btw.

1024 days ago

some guy    

Ugh think I saw Anthony Bourdain eat some puffin just now... When's that check to PETA coming?


1024 days ago


Curious 5 minutes ago

oh really -
Well, you know how it goes - repeat a lie often enough and there's always some poor schnook who will believe it.
Curious - This is true. What is also true is there are some here who know better but purposely use this as an opportunity to bash Mel. (And it very often segues into an attack on the Church herself)

And the FACT is, Catholic Mel didn't sue for divorce. Protestant Robyn did. But the ones who wish to attack always state or imply that Mel started the proceedings. He DIDN'T.

1024 days ago

Seal Team 6    

Ty 9 minutes ago

Poor guy. Worked his whole life so that in the end two women could take all his wealth and health.


Robyn met him when he was a no-name actor, and supported him via her nursing career until he was able to get a real foothold in the business. She was a loyal wife for over two decades, and gave birth to and raised seven of his children, while he was often out whoring around and indulging his other vices. There is no pre-nup because she was a nurse and he was an unknown actor when they married. Legally, morally, and ethically she deserves at least 50% of the marital assets, because they are also HER assets, too. There is also much case law to support her getting a percentage of any of his future earnings, too.

She is well rid of him.

He once famously said in an interview that she would go to hell, because she was Anglican instead of RC.

And, HE is the one who has ruined his health. Coke and alcohol are both harsh mistresses.

1024 days ago

some guy    

Right. I bash Mel because I prefer a challenge. I mean, it's not like I could turn to any ol' gossip rag and there's a story on Mel, amirite.

1024 days ago


Well now ... I'm happy and sad at the same time.

Happy to get away from the old thread.

But sad cause I was still hoping that Mel and Robyn would get back together eventually when Mel came to his senses.

I wish them both well.

1024 days ago

Seal Team 6    

Mel Gibson is not a member of the Roman Catholic Church. He really should be excommunicated, and it's odd he hasn't been. I guess because he is a celebrity. In "olden terms," he is a heretic.

1024 days ago

some guy    

Ugh starting to get a feeling who 'ohreally' is but I'm hoping it's not true

Srsly... 'Braveheart?' 'Mad Max?' 'The Road Warrior?' Ughh... starting to feel sick.

1024 days ago


yeah she did file for divorce (separation/divorce) after his last dui and that was enough for her I guess. She must have put down a line. He very openly said that it was the end he made a mess of his marriage.

1024 days ago

some guy    

I mean, I could go on about the number of movies I like Mel in...'Lethal Weapon.' Some of his earlier work where I would've gone gay for him if he asked.

1024 days ago


david, ohreally has been on the mel threads for over a year. Not sure who you think it is but I bet it isn't.

1024 days ago


Ok, next working theory.

According to what we could find, Mr. Mel's legal team had subpoenaed records from Attorney Anteau's firm regarding Miss Oksana's consultation. If that had been done while Attorney Kaufman was Mr. Mel's lawyer, no conflict was involved.

Once those records regarding a different child, different father were obtained, Attorney Kaufman could suddenly find his schedule excessively heavy and regretfully decline from the case, whereupon Attorney Kolodny substituted in. Brilliant.

1024 days ago

some guy    

Think I said this before:

"heed my warning, all ye trolls."

1024 days ago
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