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Rick Ross Accused in Gruesome Doggy Death

6/29/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The blood of an adorable 3-year-old Yorkie named Banks is on Rick Ross' hands ... according to a lawsuit filed against the rapper.

Banks' owner is suing Ross -- claiming 3 pit bulls escaped from Rick's mansion in Atlanta back in April ... entered her property and ferociously attacked her tiny pet Yorkshire Terrier.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, the yorkie suffered "3 large bite wounds on his back " along with a "very large bite wound" around his neck.


Cops were called to the scene -- and officials managed to free Banks ... but his wounds were so extreme, that the owner had no choice but to euthanize her beloved companion.

Investigators eventually cited Ross for the incident -- but the owner wasn't satisfied so she filed suit, demanding Ross fork over $15,000 in damages and court costs.

We're told the owner is especially upset because Ross has NOT apologized for the incident.

Calls and emails to Rick's camp have not been returned.


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if it were my dog i would go and kill the dogs that did it myself and then tell ricky we are even.

it's not a ghetto thing it's a dumbass, cliche, thing.

1212 days ago


White people are so over the top with the love of dogs. Same genetics I guess.

1212 days ago


I just want to say. Yeah, his dogs should be put down (there is no doggy prisons for them to serve their time). However Putting down the dogs will not stop Rick Ross' irresponsibility as an owner. He is a wealthy man who can just buy more.
Also making a law that punishes owners of pit bulls is bitter sweet. There is no way a law could ban the breed of the dog. If pit bulls are banned people (especially in low class areas) would just sell/trade them, or use them for fighting as always.
I think pit bulls should not be owned. They are like hyenas. Vicious creatures by nature. Yeah sure, you can train them to an extent but you can NOT stop their natural instinct. Sure all dogs can be vicious, but a pit-bull attack is far worse than some other dogs -- (Rottweiler, German Sheppard, etc.)
These dogs should have never been brought to the general public, but since they are we have no choice but to deal with things like this. RIP Banks' and all of the dogs that have been killed or will be killed by Pit bulls.

1212 days ago


Pit bulls were once used as babysitters for upper middle class families. They are loyal and loving to their owners to the core, if in the right hands. They are a stubborn breed as with any other terrier, and require a lot of socializing and quality time with discipline. Rick Ross was not a responsible owner, as with many many others who have cause this breed to acquire such a bad rep. It's not the dogs' fault and i beg opposers of the breed to reconsider.

1211 days ago


wow rick ross with your fat self.i cant belive dogs had killed my cusines dog that live in l.a. they love that dog so much.when we go on trips we would take him with us to florida an d stuff. he was a cute and sweat dog. why rick why did your dog s had to kill my cusinse dog . now you just smessed up your repaution . R.I.P BANKS i will allows love you. :(

1210 days ago

Nikki Terranova    

i'm so sick of these ghetto rapper ******** arrogant sociopaths!! Can someone please put a bullet in his sick fat head!!!!! yuk!!! Forget about jail ... just get his menacing ugly ass off this planet... please*

1209 days ago



"God gave man dominion over animals. Stop going so hard over animals and lets go even harder and attack human issues first. Not saying dont stand up for animals but stand up and protest about our economy, war, and racism before you open your filthy mouth about a dog!"

God did give man dominion over animals; however, this does not mean that man is free to abuse animals or is free to do whatever he wants. Our dominion over the animals is a mandate from God, and with this authority, comes the implicit responsibility to tend and keep the animals and the earth (all God's creations). Man was granted the intellect he needed to rule what God has created and the power to govern his actions. Certainly, God did not give man the authority to degrade and destroy any of his creations. To think that God gave man carte blanche to destroy an animal, just because he can, is ludicrous.

Why must anyone choose to either stand up for animals or stand up for human issues? It is entirely possible to do both of these at once.

Finally, I do agree with many of the other comments regarding the racist slurs associated with this story. The fact that this man is an irresponsible animal owner, has nothing to do with his race and everything to do with poor character. If he truly cared anything about his own pets, then he would understand how devastating this loss has been to the Yorkie's owner(s); however, he failed to even apologize.

1208 days ago


I only hope you get torn to pieces by your own dogs..people who keep dogs like yours need to be shot......

1186 days ago


God don't like ugly...them seisures coming from some where....better lose they weight and get the woman another dog...

1107 days ago


It is indeed sad that this sort of thing happens needlessly.

664 days ago
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