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Rick Ross Accused in Gruesome Doggy Death

6/29/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The blood of an adorable 3-year-old Yorkie named Banks is on Rick Ross' hands ... according to a lawsuit filed against the rapper.

Banks' owner is suing Ross -- claiming 3 pit bulls escaped from Rick's mansion in Atlanta back in April ... entered her property and ferociously attacked her tiny pet Yorkshire Terrier.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, the yorkie suffered "3 large bite wounds on his back " along with a "very large bite wound" around his neck.


Cops were called to the scene -- and officials managed to free Banks ... but his wounds were so extreme, that the owner had no choice but to euthanize her beloved companion.

Investigators eventually cited Ross for the incident -- but the owner wasn't satisfied so she filed suit, demanding Ross fork over $15,000 in damages and court costs.

We're told the owner is especially upset because Ross has NOT apologized for the incident.

Calls and emails to Rick's camp have not been returned.


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Put down the 3 dogs and it's stupid fu'g owner.

1209 days ago


for everyone who keeps talking sh*t about the breed. You should know this breed is agressive to other dogs and not to humans. Its the poor training of these dogs that make them this way. Pitbulls can be the most loyal loving dogs ever! They just need to be in the right hands! Almost any breed can turn mean in the wrong hands! Both my pits are so loving and great. Only thing you have to worry about is being french kissed, because she will get you. You can pull on their ears, poke them and strait up mess with them and all they do is give you kisses back! My pits have been trained to tolerate any and all of it.

1209 days ago


Terrible!! Hope this jerk has to pay a huge settlement!!

1209 days ago


His ego dictates what kind of dogs he would get, does that give him street credit? or is he just a fat pig with no manners.

1209 days ago

Get Real    

The penalty for having a vicious pit bull should be losing everything you own, plus mandatory jail time of not less than 10 years. Maybe then losers would stop keeping them.

1209 days ago


Banks was soooooo adorable!! My friend loved him to pieces.. Ross should be an adult and take responsibility for his dogs actions and start by apologizing...its only right

RIP Banks!

1209 days ago


Pit Bulls are only owned by drug users, drug dealers, gang members, and wanna be rappers.
Show me someone that owns a pitbull and I will show you someone that is probably not a contributing member of society. And if you have a pitbull around your own children, your children should be taken away from you!

1209 days ago

Get Real    

@sunnie, you should stop talking sh*t about your precious pit bulls. Plenty of PEOPLE have been mauled and killed by them, adults and children alike. Your ignorance is pathetic.

1209 days ago



I agree with you and I'd like to see the laws change as well. I live where a baby alapaca(Masterpiece was his name, look him up if you can) was beaten to death. The public was OUTRAGED but the 2 boys and 1 girl that did it received practically no punishment at all. I don't know that laws should give animals the same protection as people, in the way of punishments, but I'd like to see people that harm animals get punished by say half as much as if the victim were human. So, for the young people that beat Masterpiece to death, had their victim been human let's say they'd have gotten 20 years in prison, then I'd like to see them get 10 years in prison.

Of course this will never happen. There are no big companies to benefit from it, to lobby Congress - like big pharma, big tobacco, etc. It's a shame, motivation for doing the right thing has to be fueled by $$$, same with doing the wrong thing too, I guess.

1209 days ago


Whats up with the name calling? Does it make you any better than him? Confused..... please explain.


1209 days ago


it should be against the law for an african american to own a pitbull

1209 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Pit Bulls by nature are nasty. They have to be trained to not be that way. These celebs should not be allowed to have Pit Bulls because none of them take the time to properly train them and make sure they're safe. They just get them because its cool to have one and make someone else take care of it.

1209 days ago


Pit bulls are beautiful animals, so are Lions. I wouldn't try to keep a Lion as a pet. Some animals are just not meant to be social or domesticated pets.

1209 days ago


Attention Black people: You do not own the word Ghetto, or any other word for that matter. I am sure Polish people would take offense you you believing you own the word ghetto when they died in ghettos at the hands of Nazi's.

1209 days ago


My family has suffered great agony from our loss he was loved and adored by many and will be missed! Our household has been in depression for quite some time now, my little sisters still cry every night mourning over our loss. My mom wakes up every morning thinking banks is still here and she has 2 let him out to use the bathroom. RIP Banks mommy loves you and you will never be forgotten muahhhh!

1209 days ago
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