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Rick Ross Accused in Gruesome Doggy Death

6/29/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The blood of an adorable 3-year-old Yorkie named Banks is on Rick Ross' hands ... according to a lawsuit filed against the rapper.

Banks' owner is suing Ross -- claiming 3 pit bulls escaped from Rick's mansion in Atlanta back in April ... entered her property and ferociously attacked her tiny pet Yorkshire Terrier.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, the yorkie suffered "3 large bite wounds on his back " along with a "very large bite wound" around his neck.


Cops were called to the scene -- and officials managed to free Banks ... but his wounds were so extreme, that the owner had no choice but to euthanize her beloved companion.

Investigators eventually cited Ross for the incident -- but the owner wasn't satisfied so she filed suit, demanding Ross fork over $15,000 in damages and court costs.

We're told the owner is especially upset because Ross has NOT apologized for the incident.

Calls and emails to Rick's camp have not been returned.


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You people are so ridiculous! You make fat comments about this guy but it seems to me you think that the dog is worth more than a human! Yep it was wrong and he should have apologized but DAMN! Animals are not worth more than human life... God gave man dominion over animals. Stop going so hard over animals and lets go even harder and attack human issues first. Not saying dont stand up for animals but stand up and protest about our economy, war, and racism before you open your filthy mouth about a dog!

1178 days ago


I would hate to deny anyone in this country the right to own a pit bull, but the fact remains that a percentage of pit bulls do get loose and commit mayhem upon the community. I feel that mandatory liability insurance should be a requirement for ownership of dangerous dogs, with restitution to be paid to victims for the pain and suffering of their pets. Let the insurance companies determine how much to penalize the owners of these dogs. I would hope that this added cost of ownership would deter the proliferation of these animals.

1178 days ago


his reason for not apologizing for the incident just goes to show the fat bastard thinks the world owes him something.the world don't owe anybody a damn thing.even if it did sorry ass pieces of **** like rick ross should only get a jar of vaseline with sand in it so he can jerk off in pain the fat fake the hell does ross claim to be gangsta,when the fat bastard was a damn correctional officer before being a music artist.

1178 days ago

Mick Jagger    

This guy is a total fraud...he steals LA kingpin Freeway Ricky Ross's name but the guy is all about the establishment. He was a prison guard for God's sake.

1178 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Typical pitbull owner. Doesn't think he or his dogs did anything wrong. Always put the blame on the victims. This fool and his dogs should be put down. Pitbull owners are nothing more than ghetto losers, white trash, and latin thugs. They own a pitbull because the think it makes them tough and hard.

1178 days ago


This is very sad. R.I.P Banks. Poor doggy. Ugh I do not like Rick Ross..Never did he is a straight up clown!

1178 days ago


ofcourse he didnt appologize, he's black

1178 days ago


what do you expect? He thinks his dog is OWED the killing of the white owners dog.

1178 days ago


Attention cutitout:

Referring to us in a manner where you believe we're all the same is kind of offensive when coming from your mind. We know it's mean as another derogatory reference to us and not as a description. It does not sound right when said aloud nor is it any better typed out online. It's not racist per se but it's not completely non-racist either. Especially when paired with a mini-rant talking down to us. Do better.

1178 days ago


Pits are unpredictable!I seen one that attacked a pug that was tied outside- it couldn't even run away! Grabbed it on the back of the neck and wouldn't let go!The owner had to get a baseball bat to it!
there's something in that breed thats evil! Such destructive behavior- you hear about them all the time in the news!.....

1178 days ago


Irresponsible pit bull owners infuriate me. Where owners of most dogs have a certain level of responsibility, theirs is much, much, much higher. Most intelligent people either know better than to own one or they realize and take seriously the responsibility they are taking on. Unfortunately, so many are way, way below average...and that's a recipe for disaster. They should be controlled the same way wild animals and fire arms are controlled. You should have to take a class and be licensed if you want to take it on.

1178 days ago

Boba Lola    

Pay up Ross, you wanted to be in the big leagues. Our pets are like our kids.

1178 days ago


you guys are idiots i have 4 pittbulls and they only attack when they see that im treatin so if try to hurt me or provoke me i will let my dogs off the leash and let it chase you to your house and let it wait at your door till u come out again and bite your ass because pittbulls are awsome and i never have trouble with mine and yes i am black so SUCK IT

1178 days ago


Whoever Rickross is.....He an irresponsible pet owner. His dogs should be taken away because he is incompatent and he should be ticketed and do many hours of community service at an animal shelter.....piece of crap.

1178 days ago


those pits did the right thing..... **** them to shreds lol

1178 days ago
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