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Ryan Phillippe & Pregnant Ex

Pre-Gyno Coffee Date

6/28/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He hasn't taken a DNA test to prove he's the father -- but Ryan Phillippe is already playing daddy with his soon-to-pop ex-girlfriend ... months after she claimed he left her high and dry with the baby.


According to sources, Ryan and ex-GF Alexis Knapp -- who's due any day now -- stopped for some coffee before hitting up the gynecologist's office in L.A. yesterday ... together.

Knapp insists Ryan is the father -- but the actor refuses to submit to a DNA test until the baby is born ... to prevent any pre-natal complications.

It's the first time the ex-couple has been seen out since Knapp hired a lawyer in March, claiming Ryan saddled her with all the baby's medical expenses -- an allegation Ryan has denied.

At least we know what he did this summer.


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I admit I am the father but this chump can pay all the bills while I enjoy the spoils''''' heh heh

1211 days ago


anyone lame enough to post after me is a retard

1211 days ago

harvey is an idiot    

What no. Babby Momma, Babby Daddy trash. You are actually getting a brain TMZ

1211 days ago


gentz, never interact with a child you suspect isn't yours. this can be used against you in court. never buy it anything - which can be used as implied consent to paternity.

every attractive woman out there is banging at least 5 other guys. MAKE SURE always to get a paternity test before playing daddy. ALWAYS.

1211 days ago


Will we be seeing them on that show that does paternity tests?

1211 days ago


Splish, splash and soon it'll be a wash here too. The baby will tell it tales very soon. At least it's two adults working together in this partnership of baby that is soon to take over with a big presence any day now. Work it well you two, it's will take lots of coordination with all the kids Ryan has.

1211 days ago

Team eM Zed    

another ruined little life... so sad.

TMZ you guys should do a list of celeb families that have dodged divorce and all this cheating spoucy stuff.

he he he, i said "do". that was so immature...

1211 days ago

harvey is an idiot    

Hey nard heads, Summer is 1 week old. So you are saying he impregnated her and she will deliver in 1 week? Hmmm. there is something called the birds and the bees you should read it!
idiots. Oh and anyone who has Mcdonalds on their car is a total idiot!

1211 days ago


The kid will turnout to his his. This girl was smart!! He dated her 3 months and she made sure to get the cash cow for the next 18 years.

1211 days ago


lander, I'm guessing you know this from experience? LMAO

1211 days ago


I useto love ryan. In his cruel intentions days.

...Now I feel like fame has gotten to his head and he seems like a womanizer. I thought he was with Amanda Syfried?! W/E Ryan you're a hot guy but for god sakes raise your standards in women and wrap it up.

[safe sex or no sex]

1211 days ago

If you didn't read TMZ you wouldn't even know L.A. was full of trailer parks

1211 days ago


Guys can be so stupid....just for a short good which the down side la

1211 days ago

dan which the down side lasts for 18 years....

1211 days ago



As I see it...if your married, but making a movie with another actor/actress and you have required scenes that have kissing, fondling, feeling each other, and physically feeling IS clearly cheating on your spouse.

It gets too EASY to get it mixed up with adding and taking marital boundaries where you want them to go with cheating in front of the camera being allowed. Imagining it's ok this time, it's temporary thing, it's for the movie, it's only for the scene. Of course, it's your choice to decide what you want when you want it? Making movies, feeling good, people making you feel grand and being catered to. Now, on to making time spent fun with whom your on set with as it's reciprocated. It feels good to flirt and be flirted with. Voila! Ya think it takes a great leap to cheat in hollywood with this being ok, it's in the work, but it's a living chosen to be had.

Your away from real life, your life, on break with all being done for you without responsibilities. You like the one who's keeping you company for hours on end while on set. Not too difficult to move into wanting more. Imagening, fantasizing, flirting and given off more signals with your availability for further with touch and feel off set too. You change, philsophy changes, and allowing more in than a typical marriage would is allowing failure to loom forward, present and take over.

1211 days ago
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