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Denise Richards Adopts Newborn

6/29/2011 5:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Denise Richards has adopted a newborn baby ... TMZ has confirmed.


It's a girl, who is now a few weeks old.  Denise named the baby Eloise Joni, after her mom Joni, who died in 2007.

The biological mother gave birth in the U.S.

Eloise joins Sam, 7, and Lola, 6, in the Richards brood.      


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IF Charlie has made Denise's life such a "living hell" than maybe she should stop living off of Charlie's money & actually get a job for a change, but as long as Charlie helps pay for her lavish lifestyle than who cares?

1209 days ago


Denise Richards is a complete idiot who is not capable of looking after her own bowl movements let alone a newborn. Who is she anyway? Not hard to figure out, The leach who married. nut job Sheen... This woman is about as sharp as a marble and any institution that would allow her to adopt needs to be investigated...

1209 days ago


Average people have a hard time adopting a child and rich people and celebrities get first choice because they can afford to hire nannies and so forth. That Johnson and Johnson heir adopted a child and she was a party animal and a non-compliant diabetic. She is now deceased but she never should have been allowed to adopt a child. Denise has 2 children already; that child should have gone to a childless person or couple who has been waiting on a child to adopt.

1209 days ago


Dude.. if I saw that face while waking up, I would freak out, she has that crazy stalker look..

1209 days ago


Newborns should be for those who can't have children. Not those who already have children. There are so many couples out there that want a child so bad and can't afford to buy one and if you are paying thousands to an adoption agency you are buying a child. There are lots of white children that needs homes too.

1209 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

So, in order to get her name and picture in the News, Richards adopts a child? Well, at the least the gold digging slut didn't go after Nutcase Charlie Sheen again. Or, will he have to pay her more for the new kid?

1209 days ago


I wonder why she thought she needed another one before she gets into a relationship to make a healthy family life?
Also...where is this Pentta post? I keep seeing it referenced, yet can't find the post. Maybe TMZ took it off. Would be the first time I have seen anything censored.

1209 days ago


I'm so sick of hearing about celebrities and their babies. A few years ago they all had to have toy dogs . . . now it's babies.

1209 days ago

Northern Lights    

Congrats, Denise!! My dream is to adopt someday but it will never happen.... due to the fact I am single, poor, etc etc. But at least this baby will have a great home and a great mom and grandpa!! And, best part is, NO SHEEN GENETICS!!! Woohoo!!!

1209 days ago


I hope she is better at being a mom than being a "Bond Girl"!

1209 days ago


What the public wants to know is, IS IT A BLACK BABY? We know they are the greatest fashion accessory, not to mention it buys so much free press!

1209 days ago


NOLA about an hour ago

Why is it necessary to note that the biological mother gave birth in the United States?
Is that TMZ's way of saying a celebrity adopted a white american baby, or that even if the baby is least it's not African?
Either way, it's in poor taste.
Why should it matter to anyone where the baby was born?
Because its starting to look
like third world countries are one stop
baby shops for stars

1209 days ago

Denise Richards has "crazy eyes"

1209 days ago


Some nasty comments on here... sheesh ppl lighten up.

Congrats Denise & family.

1209 days ago


WHY?! Doesn't Denise Richards have enough issues in her life? A nutball ex-husband, 2 kids who need her attention, and aren't there still some custody issues regarding her 2 kids?

1209 days ago
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