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Denise Richards Adopts Newborn

6/29/2011 5:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Denise Richards has adopted a newborn baby ... TMZ has confirmed.


It's a girl, who is now a few weeks old.  Denise named the baby Eloise Joni, after her mom Joni, who died in 2007.

The biological mother gave birth in the U.S.

Eloise joins Sam, 7, and Lola, 6, in the Richards brood.      


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This makes me wonder how she was about to qualify for adoption. She has no steady income (as far as I know, she is "an out of work actress" right now, and she's a single mother with two kids.

It makes me wonder if Charlie Sheens money is going to be used to raise this child and if that's the case, that's messed up.

I've known and still know MANY many couples who've been waiting (literally) YEARS for adoptions to go through. These couples are married (not that a couple HAS to be married to raise a child together) they are stable in the money department, have their own homes... pretty much a great environment to raise a child...they've paid more than their dues (one couple has already paid upwards to 100K on the lawyers, fees, paperwork) and it's been 4 years and they are STILL waiting. One couple I know went thought the whole process, paid the chicks' medical expenses and then she backed out at the last minute. A judge issued her to repay them and they're still waiting for all their money AND their baby.

Then, just like that, someone like Denise Richards, who's had a slightly shady background, is forever going to be connected and involved with someone like Sheen, has no stable work and is single gets to adopt a baby... a newborn at that.

Sorry for my vent, but that just doesn't seem fair.

1208 days ago


Why does this turn racist? The market for black babies is very high, you dont see them dropping the prices to stock them out like cattle to people. Some ppl adopt black babies to show to america they are not racist, some do it, because they already have mixed raced families, some of you look at the picture and dont see the view!

1208 days ago


As someone who works in the adoption field, changing a baby's birth name is no longer considered a "humane" practice. Once the baby finds out she is adopted, she will long for something to connect her to her bio-family, and a birth name is a great way to start. I know nowadays parents are encouraged not to change children's names at adoption.

1208 days ago


Its complicated

1208 days ago


Denise Richards is a narcissistic codependent who should never have been allowed/given approval to adopt. I have read all of the comments (and btw TMZ, I am not surprised you felt the need/felt you had the authority to censor some people, but really, who are any of us kidding? TMZ/AOL/TIMEWARNER is part of the new agenda, no?) Still, I wish I had been able to read the most inflammatory post. Most people have the common sense to recognize that a single woman is not adequate/appropriate/ideal as a parental unit. Duh. This is NOT winning. We can bithc and moan all we want, but inevitably it is useless. Welcome to the United States of America. Run by lunatics, elected by lunatics, and bemoaned by the masses who sit at home on election day. Until we actually ACT upon our horror and disgust we can all just stfu. Money equals power in this society so don't be surprised when Kim K eventually is elected governor of CA. Denise is a symptom of the virus called AND WE ALL FALL DOWN. Sad that our great country has fallen to this drivel. Obama giving face time to JayZ and Tom Cruise is insulting. Those btiches are ****, we the people are what matters. We need to demand accountability, but I think maybe we all sense that it is too late. Good thing I am prepared for that inevitability. Are you?

1208 days ago


Denise is smoking hot, but adopting another child without a father in the picture. Come one! Charlie is not father.

1208 days ago


from @MightyMad
Sandra Bullock adopted an American born child.
I guess little Louis is less American in your eyes 'cuz he happens to be black... f*cking racist.


Sandra Bullock adopted a black baby ONLY because she wanted to distance herself from her then-husband's racist behavior. Nobody in their right mind is married to someone so hateful and vile without sharing the same views or being indifferent (thus, turning a blind eye). She simply wanted to remain one of America's "Sweethearts" and have her black baby to show the world she is not racist. Maybe, maybe not. It's not like CPS will come running to check on the welfare of a non-white child anyway.

1208 days ago


Oh lord, she's going to help make another psychopath.

1208 days ago


I find it curious that couples with no children are waitng forever to adopt a child and Deinise, a single mom with a crazy ex-husband, and 2 children of her own, now has adopted a baby

hardly seems fair

but $$$$ can get you a lawyer who approaches someone (in an unfortunate cir****tance) pregnant and arranges a private adoption

courts need to seriously look at these privte adoptions where a lot of money is paid to the birth mother (claiming to be for her expenses) because it's akin to buying a baby which is illegal

courts in each state (because not all states cost the same to live in) need to set a reasonable cap on the expenses of the expectant mom and that should be what she is paid--that would eliminate rich people basically "outbidding" everyone else for the babies that come up for adoption

just a suggestion

1208 days ago


Good for her!

1208 days ago


This is shocking , she travels so much, leaves her kids with her father, now he has another one to nanny? she also has about 20 dogs also and cats this woman is strange to say the least her last boyfriend was Nikki Sixx..

1208 days ago


Why is it that people can't be happy that a baby was adopted instead of killed? As for the people that say she's single and the baby will need a male figure around..Hello there is grandpa! He seems like a wonderful role model. As for TMZ saying that the baby was born in the USA, maybe its because all the these starts seem to be going over seas instead of taking care of our own!!!! There is also different kinds of adoptions here (open, semi-open, and closed adoptions) among other things. I have three adopted children from the USA and they all came at different times. Oldest was through foster care and that was right away, middle one took ten months and the youngest was in a year and a half. So as how she had gotten a baby "so quick" maybe she was in a program will the mother chooses you has I was. So just be happy for the family and happy for the new life!!!!

1208 days ago


WFT- was does this prove?

1208 days ago


You will see Startracks/Michael Simon pictures all this week so Denise can make a truck load of money off this baby. Press and cash is her game.

1208 days ago

Roxanne Stones    

Congrats Denise! :)

1208 days ago
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