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Dodgers Fan Juan Banda: I'm Not a Suspect in Beating

6/29/2011 10:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Juan Banda, the Dodgers fan who was videotaped in a stadium screaming match with Bryan Stow the day Stow was beaten, is telling friends police do NOT consider him a suspect in the attack.


TMZ has learned ... the LAPD went over to Banda's house early this morning -- and Juan's telling friends, investigators specifically asked him about the bleacher footage ... which shows a pissed off Banda yelling right in Stow's face during the game. Stow was rooting for the San Francisco Giants.

We're told Juan gave his side of the story to police -- that Bryan incited him, claiming he'd "rather eat his own feces than eat a Dodger dog" -- and the officers informed him that he was NOT considered a suspect in the beating.

062711_fight_small_v2_launchAs we previously reported, a man named Giovanni Ramirez has already been arrested for the attack -- and cops say he is the prime suspect.

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nice spam! Not even apples and oranges. Rivalries and trash talking have been a fun part of the game for years. Much worse has been said than bad mouthing a hot dog. Leave it to some LA vathos to ruin it.

1210 days ago


S*** like this are going to kill professional sports. Look at the Oakland Raiders, whose fans are so offensive that Al Davis can't fill his luxury boxes.

1210 days ago


Juan Banda looks like the composit sketch to me. otherwise the composit sketch would have ear rings like Giovani Ramirez. man ear rings stick out visualy and you remember them!!!

1210 days ago


My boyfriend is a dodger fan and I hate going to there games. Where Brian was sitting is the ghettoest part of the stadium where all the gangster sit. You never feel safe at thw stadium and most of the fans are low class trash. Heckling is expected at any game. But with a bunch of hot headed cholos as fans what do people expect. They need way more security then they have and need to watch the alcohol intake cuz there fans have proved time and time again they cant handel there liquor

1210 days ago


What a total low life pointing his finger at Stowe like that. L.A. is nothing but a cesspool of low life's and illegeals who are all pissed off at life. They refuse to follow rules and obey laws. They all jay walk, run stop signs and stop lights, speed, tailgate and just cheat the system whenever they can.

Most of these people are so aggressive and angry that I don't dare hit my horn and honk at anyboedy for fear of what these POS will do.

1210 days ago


I'm a little disturbed that the police investigation might have stopped at grabbing the most convenient guy to close the case as quickly as possibly. Even then they only found him because his parole officer thought he looked similar to a description if i remember right. They don't seem to have done any actual investigation. I just don't see at all how or why they have decided to prosecute the guy they have despite having no evidence against him.

1210 days ago


To "a".

You have NO CLUE what the police are doing my friend, so don't pop off about "the police grabbing the most convenient guy". The guy they arrested is nothing but a low life POS gang banger. He beat the hellz out of some poor older Asian lady who was waiting for bus and stole her purse. I will repeat: The "conveninet" guy they arrested is a violent, low life POS!

1210 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

Damm Cholos! Might as well be a Raiders fan! These idiots take this crap too seriously, so much so that they feel like they are part of the team. They will tell people, "I'm going to the Dodger game, We're playing the Giants". "We're"? So, WTF, Are you on the line up? Idiots!!!

1210 days ago


Didnt know this Banda guy made those dodger dogs. I mean it would be a little crazy if he just got mad over a hot dog that was sold at a baseball stadium but I understand he took it personally because he made them himself. TOTALLY get why Stow deserved a beating, dont insult that mans hot dog.

1210 days ago


Stow is just a BIG *** that had too many drinks and couldn't handle his cool!

The way I saw it, everybody takes a beating sometimes!

1210 days ago


Some real jerks on here, bagging on Stowe, of course each and everyone is a low life, pot smoking, wife beating cholo Doyar fan.

1210 days ago

todd lee    

Nothing Bryan Stow did deserves him to beaten into a coma, the guys a paramedic for gods sake...he saves peoples lives, and the douche bags talking **** would be begging for Bryan Stows help if they or a loved one was having a heart attack in front of them, they would be crying like ******* and you know it!!!

The bean-bag in the photo is another example of how trashy the drunken Dodger fans really are. I hope this wetback gets deported back to Mexico with his other welfare ridden family members, and take Ramirez with you.

1210 days ago


Let this be a lesson to all, you cannot just say what you want without suffering some sort of consequence. Stow, Banda, Palin, Tracy Morgan, Mel Gibson all wish there weren't any consequences for their words, but there are consequences!!!!

1210 days ago

Tweet me <3    

Any die hard sports fan can get into a heated argument with just about anyone (especially if their team is losing). So this video is not surprising, nor the insult that Banda said Stow had thrown out. This kind of stuff happens all the time in stadiums, bars and even people's own homes. But the bastards who beat Bryan Stow outside that stadium just took it to a completely different level!

1210 days ago


Stow's friends already said they were minor altercations in the stands during the game but they weren't the ones who attacked him after. This whole video seems to be a non-issue, unless TMZ is trying to out some kind of evidence that Brian deserved to be almost killed for not being a Dodger fan. Way to go TMZ, blame the victim...classy.

1210 days ago
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