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Timberlake: Forget Facebook, I'm Backing MySpace!

6/29/2011 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

At least one person still believes in MySpace -- because Justin Timberlake just purchased a considerable stake in the sinking ship.


Timberlake has not revealed how much he's invested in the company -- which News Corp. sold off today for somewhere between $30-40 million.

According to the official announcement, Justin -- who starred in "The Social Network" -- will "play a major role in developing the creative direction and strategy for [MySpace] moving forward."

JT released his own statement -- saying, "There’s a need for a place where fans can go to interact with their favorite entertainers, listen to music, watch videos, share and discover cool stuff and just connect ... MySpace has the potential to be that place."

Has ... had ... what's the difference?


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I can't believe I'm rooting for JT. But GO! Murder FaceBook and put that lying, cheating, idea stealing **** Dorkerburg

1158 days ago


just donate the money. yes myspace has social recognition, but no way its comeing back from the abyss

1158 days ago

I am Spartacus    

myspace blows...

Nobody uses myspace anymore, its like AIM, its dead. You can do everything you need on Facebook including IMing and posting videos and connecting to fans if youre an entertainer. Facebook is huge and has a much better layout for people to use. Nobody is going to transition back to myspace.

1158 days ago


myspace died awhile after tom sold it, their developers suck.

and yes facebook lacks in security but who wants to be a broke 26 year old thats in a wheelchair?

1158 days ago


Good luck with that.

1158 days ago

Ghost Rider    

All this crap talkin folks be doin here bout myspace was this and that, HA! Myspace is where the real crap talkin be doin done, and started bein done!!! Idiots! Cant even see its all the same, except myspace has free music and cool playlist set ups! Idiots

1158 days ago


Smart move by JT -

Buy in cheap -

Rebuild -

Amass even larger fortune -

Think I'll go back to MY SPACE.

1158 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Twitter really Sucks some serious ass imo. Its the dumb one, and if you are all about it you are dumb as well. Personally though Im with the likes of Clooney and say screw thew all!

1158 days ago


MySpace is death !! Who the f... is advising him ?!

1158 days ago

brock lesnar    

sounds like someone is bringing retarded investments back. i hear he told cameron diaz to invest heavily in 8 track tapes.

1158 days ago

Throwback kid    

Thank you Amazon-woman, but I have some late breaking news that is even wackier, Justin is now talking about bringing back the Betamax! that's right before VHS was killed by the DVD it battled it out in the early 80's with the Betamax.

What will Timberlake do next, try to bring back high white tube socks for guys?

1158 days ago


MySpace is an interesting challenge and I think the assumption it can't bounce back is wrong, but it needs to modernise. It always seems too adorned versus other social networking; a kind of throwback to internet past before there were countless music blogs, ubiquitous YouTube, and more efficient social networking in the form of Facebook and Twitter. Given Justin Timberlake has shown the self discipline to do other things successfully it'll be interesting to see what direction he takes things in. IMHO it needs to be made a cleaner, more modern, interface like the others, that's just stating the obvious, but where it could get any edge over the competition is the difficult bit.

1158 days ago


What's myspace?

1158 days ago


Justin is on my spacebook page, he has been for awile, from the sound of it he is going to screw it up too. It was a great site, you had your friends and family on your page, you could fix the page any way uuyou wanted to and play video son it and even keep the videos on your page, I had a great looking site, I enjoyed going in thee a looking at my paioctures, talking to my daughters and freinds and looking at my album of pictures, I sent many a firnd to myspae ot see my latest family pictures. The Rupert murdoch and neews corps bough tit and it became a shambles, you can't do anything on your page, nothign works, you can't keep a vido or larger pictures on your site, they do everything and everyone has the same site. They le tyou look in your friens pictrure albbums and they want you to know what all of your friends are doing, they have a button that tells you when soemone is on your site browsing, who cares? it stinks. They changed everything and a lot o fpeople left, it is like a teen magazine nowvery loud and intrusive, it was better the way it was and now Justin is going ot make it more fan frindly, I'm out of there, I belonged fo r6 years and thsi is the worse change I have seen, he shoudl jus tsave his money or else start a website of his own. Its a mess in there.

1158 days ago


You people realize that Facebook is just a fad right? Yesterday it was Myspace, Today its Facebook, and tomorrow it will be something else. Then you will all be on here posting the same negative comments just with Facebook in place of Myspace.

1158 days ago
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