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Lindsay Lohan: I Can't Deal with the Outside World!

6/29/2011 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is suffering from post-incarceration syndrome ... courtesy of her friendly, neighborhood paparazzi.

Lindsay -- who is free to party in the outside world for the first time in more than a month -- is telling friends she's scared to leave home, largely because she thinks there's a bounty on her head in the paparazzi community.

So LiLo is planning to do the same thing she's been doing for the last 35 nights -- chill out, relax, and put her feet up ... in peace and quiet, in the company of sister Ali and a few buds.

Where is our Lindsay and what have you done with her?!


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Blood Red Witch    

What is that god awful smell? It smells like something is burning?

Its only LIEho's pants again. I think all of you are wrong about why she is called firecrotch. It's because her pants are always on fire from her constant lying>

1177 days ago


Hi, BRW! Missed you yesterday.

So she already almost added to her sidewalk plant collection, eh?

Didn't look too good in the pics.

Letterman called it correctly.

1177 days ago

Bobby DeLaughter    

i would enjoy pooping on a plate and delivering it to all of you....thank you steve winwood

1177 days ago

some guy    


I think I found the funniest thing I wrote today:

'David Jong 14 hours ago: "Mike, how many times did that Chipotle close down b/c you cleared out their inventory? I heard there were only scraps left."'

1177 days ago


Funny that she's not mentioned her stalker again, whom she's so terrified of. And also that she runs out bombed out of her mind -- a perfect target for a stalker, wouldn't it seem?

1177 days ago

some guy    

IDK... I noticed the smile on her face in that vid... It really seemed genuine.

1177 days ago


Didn't that recent blind gossip item say that she'd dyed her hair for the new big role? And her hair most definitely is almost white now.

1177 days ago


What a joke! Doesn't she realize what an ass she sounds like? And a big fat liar!! She says she wants to change and prove herself...blah blah blah blah....Yea right skanko! You will NEVER redeem yourself in the public eye. The only show that we will go to is your funeral!

1177 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

The Mare,

Hey dont diss LL. She was trying really hard to be a good conversationalist. Everyone is rivited by the topic of how tall girls should be!

BTW, Thanks for the Top 10 from letterman. I missed that.

1177 days ago


From RoL:

The troubled starlet turns 25, on Saturday, July 2 and has learned that she is not going to be having her birthday party at a Hampton’s night club as previously arranged.

“Lindsay’s decided to lay low on her birthday,” a source close to the actress told “She wants to get as many hours of her community service done as possible because she couldn’t do any while she was under house arrest.”

The Mean Girls star was scheduled to have her party at Paul Sevigny and Andre Saraiva’s joint 40th birthday celebration at Stadium Red Estate in the Hamptons.

However, Lindsay has now cancelled. She is planning to head to New York to visit her family in the next several weeks, but she will not be there for her birthday.


Sounds like she was told not to show up, rather than her deciding not to attend the party. There's not a party on earth that Lindsay wouldn't show up to.

1177 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

*waves* @ andy

1177 days ago

Ellie G    

Well darn I lost the pool here. I figured she would wait till Friday night to hit the clubs. Way to use your brain Lindsay!!

1177 days ago


If she doesn't like the paps - then she should go where they don't!! Do you guys ever see Jack Nicholson being chased down?? NO!!! Julia Roberts?? NO!! No one is FORCING her to stay here!!!

1177 days ago


Ellie - why wait when she can have instant gratification?

I think the deal is that she's so gripped by alcoholism that she just can't wait. Nothing matters at this point. Just the booze.

1177 days ago


And Jack Nicholson is an an incredible, iconic actor - you'd think he'd be papped to death, yet somehow he manages to avoid it. I never thought of it quite like that but you're right. A star doesn't have to be, if they don't want to be.

1177 days ago
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