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Lindsay Lohan: I Can't Deal with the Outside World!

6/29/2011 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is suffering from post-incarceration syndrome ... courtesy of her friendly, neighborhood paparazzi.

Lindsay -- who is free to party in the outside world for the first time in more than a month -- is telling friends she's scared to leave home, largely because she thinks there's a bounty on her head in the paparazzi community.

So LiLo is planning to do the same thing she's been doing for the last 35 nights -- chill out, relax, and put her feet up ... in peace and quiet, in the company of sister Ali and a few buds.

Where is our Lindsay and what have you done with her?!


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Bets on what Lindsay will do for her birthday...

NBC's Today is reporting that Lohan's name appears on the guest list for the L.A. Takes Over the Hamptons party at a private residence in the swanky New York beach town.

When the troubled star's spokesperson was reached for comment they would not say whether she would remain in California for her birthday celebration or if she'd be making her way east. They did say however, "We're choosing to let Lindsay celebrate her birthday with family and friends privately."

1214 days ago


Her skin looks like an 80 year olds. do-it-yourself tanning? You really must be a broke sk@ank after all, Hohan.

1214 days ago


". . . in the company of sister Ali and a few buds."

A few buds -- far out. Guess she doesn't have to pee in the cup any more.

1214 days ago

I am Spartacus    

good because the outside world can't deal with you so please go crawl back to your hole so we never have to see you again you loser!

1214 days ago

maybe she's right..she lived in a famed world since she was a little girl..

1214 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

I will bet she spent about 20 minutes today at the Shelter.

She goes breezing in at the crack of noon, dressed completely inappropriately, with her whole crew of handlers in tow.

The shelter people probably looked at her and her daily mess and said "we got nothing for you". These people have a real job to do, why should they be saddled with making busy work to keep Lindsay busy? They put a gold star by her name and call it 8 hours. I can't say that I blame them.

1214 days ago

some guy    


I hope what you're saying is not true. I'd be extremely disappointed.

Lindsay think hard about the words Community Service. Has what you've been doing really helping the community?

1214 days ago

angel fernandez    

hey baby i know if you turn your life over to christ jesus he will handle all your problems and everything else around that beautiful heart and mind of yours

1214 days ago

some guy    

I'm afraid it's kind of a turnoff if you don't change your ways.

1214 days ago


I really love TMZ live, but you guys are playing homage to Lindsay Lohan to death. There are thousands of celebrities in Hollywood, but nearly every day there is a Lohan story, which is no longer a real story. She is NOT important. She is not a role model. Are you guys getting paid to cover and promote her as often as you do? Just asking?

1214 days ago

angel fernandez    

come stay in my house in baja mexico you will appreciate everything you have after you get done with my therapy

1214 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Well David Jong if you dont change your ways, your ways might change you, you know? Honestly I think ol Linds as RW calls her might just have fun with a savy looking rum drinking pirate, such as myself, but I dont go for mermaids.

1214 days ago


nice pic you make this pic in photoshop .

1214 days ago


Could be a blessing in disguise. I'm sure a lot of celebs have played a double game with the paparazzi, wanting them for publicity but at the same time with an unrealistic expectation of what that actually means. I think it is largely down to the celebs to break that cycle. I don't think all of the paparazzi are bad but a small minority are always going to pu***** when someone is newsworthy, and the question becomes: Why do some celebrities seem to attract them more than others? I think if she can give herself an honest answer to that question she could get her house in order and start climbing the ladder with small roles leading to big roles. I imagine that won't happen overnight and that's probably where the danger lies. I think the only winning move sometimes is not to play. Given her previous lifestyle it must be quite a shock to have to fill her own time. But there are many positive ways around that. I don't know if she has a GED, college etc. but I don't think catching up on schooling has ever hurt anyone, it builds them up, and sends out a positive message.

1214 days ago

some guy    



1214 days ago
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