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Lindsay Lohan -- Servicing the Community

6/29/2011 2:10 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

A few sweet hours afters being freed from house arrest, Lindsay Lohan was spotted entering one of her old haunts ... the Downtown Women's Center, to start completing her 480 hours of community service.


As part of her probation for the jewelry heist, Lindsay will also have to take a shoplifters alternative class and undergo psychological counseling.

Just another day in the life of a 20-something Hollywood actress.


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"Just another day in the life of a 20-something Hollywood actress."

Um....."ex-Hollywood actress" is closer to the truth,

1180 days ago


She'll be excited to be there for a few days and then
she'll get bored and then she'll forget to come and then the whole thing will start over again.

1180 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Join Emma Stones Twitter Army if you really want to boycott Lindsay, join today!

1180 days ago


What in the world do people see attractive about those shoes? They are uglier than sin. Not to mention how horrible they must be to walk in.

God, some people will wear anything if they're told it's the new thing. NOTE: TO THOSE THAT OWN THEM: They are UGLY. They are worse than ugly. They are hideous.

1180 days ago


Doesn't this woman know how to dress? WHY does she always have to dress like a hoochie?

1180 days ago


They make your feet look like hoofs.

1180 days ago


what's up with the ba donk a donk butt? She's friggen HUGE!

This is all for show. This is how alcoholics play it. Try to look and behave good to try to fool people in thinking they are ok. But they have patience and once they think they are "in" again as far as looking and behaving ok, it's right back to the old behavior. She'll be at Chateau Marmont by the end of the week. I'll know when she really wants help for addiction and actually plays the game right. Give me three solid years of changing your life around, then I might give her the benefit of the doubt. It will never happen.

1180 days ago


For a good look into the Downtown Women's Center to see what Lindsay will be doing check this out:

1180 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

The next picture had better be a frontal shot so we can check out her rack!

I want my, I want my, I want my MTV girls!!!

1180 days ago


she lokslike shes on her way to see her pimp mama....dressed like the skank she is,,,,she is just no good...she is an embarassment to the human race...especially women.......

1180 days ago


bendernet less than a minute ago
For a good look into the Downtown Women's Center to see what Lindsay will be doing check this out:

While I think the DWC is a great place to give back and to help those in need, I can't even imagine Lohan doing a thing there. You could get a feeling of self satisfaction from giving your time to help others, but not with her narassistic mind. I've seen her selfish mouth off camera, and I know she won't want to lift a finger down there. Of course she'll come across saying she's donating her time helping trying to mask it as being court ordered to do CS.

1180 days ago


I would let her service me

1180 days ago

some guy    

Stay strong Lindsay!

I'm thinking of launching this line of Troll-Repellent. Think you could really use it. Want in from the ground floor?

Thinking of going Public in a couple years, if you're into the Stock Market, or anything.

1180 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

David Jong, if you make I will make them ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1180 days ago


Sure in the hell hope that what ever they got her doing in there shes sitting down cause she a danger to herself and anybody around her tettering around in those hidious clunker of a pair of shoes. Looks like those shoes Herman Frankinstien wore on that show back in the 70' know the one with Thing on it ...

This is all for show and the paps folks got to make it look good...she'll be over in in a couple of weeks and will be back to partying and beach hopping and losing her top for the camera..After all the girl has to earn a living and media whoring is the only one she has cause she screwed the poo out of any change of a acting career....To many sweet fresh face younger woman out there willing and waiting and she's missed her change....

1180 days ago
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