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Lindsay Lohan -- Free To Roam Today

6/29/2011 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's been thirty-five days since she began her grueling house arrest -- and now, Lindsay Lohan is moments away from sweet, sweet freedom.


The tracking device placed on Lindsay's ankle will be removed -- probably this morning -- and she will be free to roam the streets of Venice -- and beyond -- as she pleases.

Lindsay will then sign a house arrest completion form, which will then be forwarded to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department.

But Lindsay is not out of the woods.  She's on probation for the jewelry heist and must complete her 480 hours of community service.  She must also enroll in a "shoplifters alternative class" -- yes, we love that too -- and undergo psychological counseling.

But Lindsay will no longer have to endure the calamari that just doesn't travel well.  She's free to eat at Gjelina again, where the calamari is always fresh and crisp.


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Oh Gosh, who gives a **** about this c0kewh0re.

1214 days ago


Calamari - and not clams?

1214 days ago


I wouldn't call 470 hours of community service and 3? years of probation FREEDOM exactly.... lol

1214 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I think I'm heading to the bar at lunch to celebrate!!! WORD!

Lindsay is free, Amanda is about to be set free and Casey, well that's yet to be seen. Two out of three wouldn't be bad though!!!!

1214 days ago

some guy    

@Home Skillet 17 minutes ago: "...Lindsay Lohan will be on your screen again, whether you like it or not."

I really think people have forgotten how good an actress she was. I thought Hollywood loves a comeback

1214 days ago


Im really rooting for Lindsey to keep her life on track this time. She just needs to stay away from her party friends.

1214 days ago


how long do you think she'll last "free"?

1214 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Since the Lohans are probably reading some of these posts I want to be a kind enough gentleman in letting them know that Rougue Warrior has stated he could get a date with Lindsay. I would highly recommend these two getting together over a dish of grilled squid. There RW can get his Tracy Morgan on to impress Linds, as he calls her. He is loud, obnoxious, homophobic, and racist. Not an ideal match, but the pictures with Linds, as RW calls her, with his scuba gear outfit on would be priceless, not to mention the conversation.

1214 days ago

Home Skillet    

@ Grandma Cracker - not sure if your "creeps love creeps" comment was directed at me but, for the record, I think this girl's skating by on celebrity justice alone, and I think it's wrong and laughable. She's a joke, but the bigger joke has been the way the legal system has handled her.

@ My Opinion - well, we'll see and time will tell. It's my opinion that Lohan isn't going anywhere out of Hollywood's reach, and that she will be inserted into tv and movies continually until she screws up, again ... which she will. To date, I've never spent a dime to see her and I don't expect that will ever change.

1214 days ago


Home Skillet - the difference between them and Lindsay is that they are functional, despite their myriad of issues. Lindsay is not. I agree that there would be people dumb enough to see her in movies but she can't hack showing up to film. So until she deals with the drug and alcohol issues, she's gonna stay in this boat.

1214 days ago


ChloeMarie 3 minutes ago

Drinking under house-arrest and on probation. No consequences.

She shouldn't have been tested after Feb 25th.
Here is the probation terms that she didn't violate.
"Submit to periodic controlled substance testing" from January 3rd - February 25th. She should never have even been alcohol tested after rehab


1214 days ago

some guy    

I just hope that if and when she does get an acting gig, I hope she'll be enough o*****rownup to realize that it's not just her that matters. There's alot of people working on a big movie. People with families. People who need that movie to put food on the table. I just hope she's aware of that the next time she wants to go on a rant.

1214 days ago

Home Skillet    

@ David Jong - I think you're exactly right. Hollywood does love a comeback, and I think Lindsay's primed herself for that. The question is how many comebacks is one person allowed before they're given the collective could shoulder from the general public. I don't believe we've hit that saturation mark yet. I think that Hollywood embraces Lohan as if she is still that sweet little girl from Parenthood who has simply lost her way, but will eventually find the path back. I ain't buying it. I think she's as phony as George Anthony in this Casey Anthony trial. Now, THAT is some acting!

1214 days ago


WHY does the media continue to waste man-hours covering useless s*** like LL?
"It's been thirty-five days since she began her grueling house arrest -- "
Grueling?!!? Having to spend time at home sitting on one's arse watching TV and playing games is... grueling??
This chick is a ****-up, she's not worth the attention lavished on her.

1214 days ago

some guy    

Sry TMZ...



1214 days ago
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