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Ryan Dunn's Crash Site VANDALIZED -- 'Ritch Pr*ck'

6/29/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The site where "Jackass" star  Ryan Dunn fatally crashed his Porsche has been vandalized with the words "Ritch (sic) Pr*ck" -- and TMZ has obtained photos of the spray-painted desecration.

Ryan Dunn
It's unclear who's responsible -- and according to one West Goshen police officer we spoke to ... it's going to be difficult to track down a suspect because there's been so much foot traffic at the memorial site.

The vandalism was first reported by The Daily Local News in Chester County, PA.

The hate-mongering Westboro Baptist Church has protested at the site -- but denies responsibility for the vandalism.


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I'm not surprised. Don't feel sorry for this guy. This jerk killed himself and his friend. The only good thing there was no one else. This guy was plastered and drove a car he could not handle. 130-140mph.

They got lucky they died on impact. Never knew what hit them.

1148 days ago


If you are gonna deface something, at least spell it right!

1148 days ago


Regardless of how his death occurred, or how much money he had it is so disgusting that someone would be this disrespectful of a memorial to someone who obviously meant a lot to a lot of people. Imagine how his grieving family, friends and fans must feel when they see this inconsiderate insult to his memory.

1148 days ago


It was Roger Ebert

1148 days ago



1148 days ago


Where I come from, memorials (little white crosses, wreaths) are placed on the highway by the family/friends of victims of drunk drivers. A memorial for a drunk driver who killed himself and another just wouldn't fly.

1148 days ago


spreading hate is never agreeable. I condem all people who are bigots and hateful in even the smallest ways. and Westboro church is nothing but the Nazi party under the guise of Christ, who would most likely be sad since he was all about love not hate. Two men died there it doesn't matter how they died they died. what is so wrong with the human race that we celebrate death and if we could still do it attend death of people we dont like, as if it was a circus?

1148 days ago

the real diva    

maybe someone was drunk or on something when they wrote this. or they are idiots that just can't spell...either way ryan dunn is dead. he was the cause of his own death. get over it people time to move on.

1148 days ago


"Kris "The hate-mongering Westboro Baptist Church" - why are you ALL such a bunch of liberal freaks!? I am sick of Christian haters. YOU are all the "hate-mongering" spreading hate to things that are good. I'm sick of this **** and will never go to your stupid website again."

Uh, Kris are you at all familiar with the Westboro Baptist "church"??? If you were, I doubt you would be calling others out as "Christian Haters" as this "church" is anything but!

1148 days ago


It is graffiti over graffiti. They need to sand-blast the whole guard fence and ticket the 20 to 30 people that are creating a dangerous road hazard.

Go memorialize the guy at the cemetery, not the side of a highway.

1148 days ago


people suck

1148 days ago


You hit the nail right on the head Rhubino.....Road side memorials are for VICTIMS of drunk drivers not for a drunk driver who killed himself and another!

1148 days ago


I love how people say Ryan "killed his passenger" last I checked was Zac was out with Ryan all night. He knew how much Ryan drank, he didn't have to get into the car with him. And actually as a good friend he shouldn't have let Ryan drive. They were both GROWN ASS MEN who happened to make a wrong decision that evening. Yes I feel bad for both of them and their families, however do not put all of the blame on Ryan, they were both at fault!!!

1148 days ago


I love how people say he "killed a guy" Zac was with him ALL night he KNEW how much Ryan drank, he DID NOT have to get into the car with him. I'm not saying drinking and driving is ok, however, if your a grown adult you should know better than to get into a vehicle with a man who has been drinking!!! It is not ALL Ryan's fault, they BOTH had poor judgement that evening!

1148 days ago


How is that vandalism and the other people writing all over the guardrail isn't? Double standard much?

1148 days ago
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