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Tracy Morgan

... From Gays to 'Retards'

6/29/2011 6:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tracy Morgan seems hell-bent on offending every minority group he can ... add the mentally and physically disabled to the ever-growing list.


Tracy warned his audience at a performance in New York City this weekend, "Don't ever mess with women who have retarded kids."  The audience groaned, but Tracy didn't stop:  "Them young retarded males is strong.  They're strong like chimps."

But more was yet to come.  Tracy reminisced about a girl he once dated, describing her as "a cripple" with a prosthetic arm, a mechanical larynx and a portable dialysis machine.

You'll recall, earlier this month, Tracy drew fire for another performance, in which he said he would stab his son to death if he spoke in a "gay voice."

Tracy apologized for the comments about gays, but now we gotta ask ...


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All the people being offended by a Tracy telling jokes on stage when you pay to see him are RETARDED... He is who you paid to see. What the hell did expect a musical. Tracy has not changed and I don't think he should. So there should be no reason to forgive him for anything.

1191 days ago

some guy    

I've had that Gino's Steaks in Philly before. Nothing to write home about.

If you're from Philly and that just pissed you off, good. I don't like your city.

1191 days ago

some guy    

Lived there for awhile.

Wasn't a pleasant experience.

1191 days ago


If he hates people who are physically/mentally challenged, then he must hate himself---because he sure presents himself as not right mentally.

1191 days ago


He has never been real funny... just real lucky... but unfortunatly for him times have changed... no more retard *** jokers... it's over for him... he is out of material... I cannot believe he's been this lucky thus far...

1191 days ago


His comments about gays were malicious and violent. This is just off-color stand up. Probably a really dumb thing for him to say given how many eyes are on him right now, but certainly not as bad as the first time. Manufactured controversy.

1191 days ago


This is ridiculous. Larry the Cable guy makes comments about retarded people all the time and you don't hear one thing about it. Tracy Morgan does it and gets stoned (not the drug kind). I think people need to stop analyzing comedians so much. Does every person in this world HAVE to be PC? no. I don't know about anyone else but I don't expect a comedian to be PC. In fact, probably the more funny comedians are NOT PC (Robin Williams, George Carlin, Dave Chapelle, Eddie Murphy, LArry the Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy) but nobody says a thing about them. Anyone who goes to a comedy show, or hears what a comedian does and gets offended by it really is way too sensitive.

1191 days ago


TMZ needs to add fair poll options, how about a "he's a comedian suck it up" option, thats exactly what he is, they are jokes if you get easily offended don't go to the shows or pay attention to it.

1191 days ago

some guy    

When I read that letter that Tina put out, I could almost see her writing it with clenched teeth. There should be a photoshop of steam coming out of her neck.

1191 days ago


Seriously people- he is a comedian what dont you get about that? this is his profession and honestly why do people care so much about what they dislike, if you dont like it dont listen, dont attend, don*****ch, turn your head do what you gotta do. Quite waiting for the next move just so you can point a finger. its ridiculous, get some tougher skin...

1191 days ago

Sienna Sacha    

Oh, get off him. . he's a comedian. . . .and he's FUNNY. . . ..retarded is a word. . .dealwithit

1191 days ago


dude can pick on everybody using slang hate speech, but i bet if you called him a N^@&er, he would be the first to cry.....

1191 days ago

some guy    

I'm not sure... does SpellCheck edit out the curses?

1191 days ago


Let someone call him the n word or a white person joke about the n word and he will be the first one calling them racist. I hate people like this. HYPOCRIT.

1191 days ago


All of you people need to stop complaining. he is a comedian and it is part of his act. What ever happened to sticks and stones? yeah in some sense it is wrong when you hear it out loud, but if you are telling a joke why water it down. if you know his comedy you should know he will stay some pretty crazy stuff. im sure there are tons of people out here on this site that has said some type of off colored comment or whatever. Take TMZ for instance they make money off invading people privacy.

1191 days ago
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