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Arnold's Mistress & Love Child -- Picking Up the Pizzas

6/30/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger's baby mama Mildred Baena is living large with their son, Joseph ... dining this afternoon on pizza and wine at a California Pizza Kitchen in Tarzana, CA.

Mother and son ordered a BBQ chicken pizza, crispy mac and cheese, half a Caesar salad, and another specialty pizza.

We don't know the identity of the man in the plaid shirt, but we do know that Mildred's older son was sitting to her right.  The waitress told other employees that the older son was hitting on her, asking if she'd go to the beach with him.  She says she declined.

And, the waitress was grousing that she only got a 10% tip.


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Leave the ******* kid alone! You people are friggin vultures. If you want to follow around celebs who chose to be in the spotlight, have at it. This kid didn't decide who his Dad was going to be, so leave him alone.

1210 days ago

Aunt Ann    

10% Tip - At least she got that. Alot of people will tell ya, why should I pay her twice for the job she's already being paid to do.
(note: W8-staff do get a lower base-pay than other workers. Don't be afraid to tip.)

1210 days ago


These look like surveillance photos. Creepy.

1210 days ago


Jesus you went from blurring out this child's face to stalk him in a matter of weeks stay classy tmz.

1210 days ago


I'm kinda down on tipping. It's just a scam for restaurants to get you to pay not only for pricy food, but also to pay for the waitress and bus boy to work there. I feel the restaurants should pay for their own employees to work there. I would rather eat at home where I know the food, atmosphere, and service is excellent. And it's fricking PIZZA!! Just go pick it up and take it home!

BTW, obviously the service at that place wasn't any good or they wouldn't be blabbing to TMZ about their customers!

1210 days ago


The paps is taking it too far. As for the waitress, yes, there are rotten tippers out there, but keep yapping about celeb wannabees and pretty soon, nobody is gonna go to your restaurant.

1210 days ago


"And, the waitress was grousing that she only got a 10% tip"

Get a new line of work if you're not satisfied with how much you're tipped. Your service must have sucked, and you spied on them and told the whole world what they ate. If it was me you'd find you tip in the bottom of a half empty glass of pop.

1210 days ago


Did we really need to know this?

1209 days ago

Gsharon 710    

You freaking PISS ANTS. Stop watching this child. I wish someone could do the same to you, except, you will never know how it feels to have your child followed, talked about, commented on, because your nasty rear cannot produce children.

1209 days ago


that lady stuffs her face really full. her cheeks are puffing out from all the food in her mouth. she takes -ahem- big gulps.

1209 days ago


Let it go, TMZ. This kid didn't ask for the fame. Quit chasing down the family and let them be. I know I certainly don't care what kind of pizza they ordered. A family goes out for pizza... Hardly newsworthy. Get over it.

1209 days ago


And as for the waitress - STFU. You got a tip. A lot of people don't tip over 10%. If you get a tip that you consider to be low, think about your level of service. Maybe you suck as a server. Just sayin'.

1209 days ago


WOW....they eat's almost as if they are normal humans,Harvey must be so excited getting this story before the other news agencies. Maybe you can get an exclusive on what time of day they poop, that would be over the top!!!!!....This so LAME

1209 days ago

Peter Beckerman    

The next thing we'll read or hear on TMZ Live is how fat they are and how they shouldn't be eating pizza, etc. TMZ would have a much better reputation, if it would stop posting this type of story. These are private citizens and I am sure that if you asked Jason, he would tell you that they have a right to privacy. On the other hand, Harvey will tell you that Mildred forfeited that right by doing the story for Hello magazine.

1209 days ago


TMZ - I'm suprised you left out some details. Did either of them go to the restroom? If so, what did they do in there? What type of silverware did they use? How many times did they use their napkins? If you are going to continue to spy on these people then you need to get serious about it.

1209 days ago
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