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Arnold's Mistress & Love Child -- Picking Up the Pizzas

6/30/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger's baby mama Mildred Baena is living large with their son, Joseph ... dining this afternoon on pizza and wine at a California Pizza Kitchen in Tarzana, CA.

Mother and son ordered a BBQ chicken pizza, crispy mac and cheese, half a Caesar salad, and another specialty pizza.

We don't know the identity of the man in the plaid shirt, but we do know that Mildred's older son was sitting to her right.  The waitress told other employees that the older son was hitting on her, asking if she'd go to the beach with him.  She says she declined.

And, the waitress was grousing that she only got a 10% tip.


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Physical Graffiti    

A tip should be earned - not expected! If you can't stand your job and it shows, you don't deserve anything. Since most of the wait staff in L.A. are actors/actresses anyway, at least ACT like you like your job!

1175 days ago


Mildred looks like a Mountain Loin!

1175 days ago


stalking little kids now harvey???? stay classy TMZ, u bunch of degenerate lowlifes.

1175 days ago


stalking little kids now harvey???? stay classy TMZ, u bunch of degenerate lowlifes.

1175 days ago


10% is considered a very polite tip. Tipping should NEVER be expected. What an ungrateful twit the waitress was. Hope everyone notes the staff at that joint talk to the press about patrons negatively. Way to thank them for their patronage. If it was my business the waitress would be fired.

1175 days ago


It is disgusting that this child is not allowed to move on with his life. Having a meal with your family at CPK is hardly earth ****tering news.

1175 days ago


This woman, and this entire storyline, disgusts me. She's a calculating, idiotic person. And for God's sake, tip!!!!

1175 days ago


April, you are an idiot if you think 10% is "very polite!!" Servers get paid minimum wage, and rely on tips to get by. If you tip only 10%, I bet the servers at all the places you go to hate you, as they should.

1175 days ago


Looks like Petunia pig is wolfing down most of the pizza. Arnie you know how to pick them why settle for hamburger at the drive through when you had steak at home? Mildred's older son sounds sleazy like his parent. Someone hand that poor little boy a protein shake and send him to the gym.

1175 days ago

scuba steve    

TMZ, Harvey in particular, people come to this site to see and read about people who sold their souls to be famous and on TV. If they want to be a celebrity in todays world, their choice, they have to deal with the stuff that comes with it. What did this kid do beside be born?

You are a Lawyer, Harvey, you are a PIMP! Please don't take that the wrong way, I didn't mean for that to be a compliment. If being related or knowing a celebrity is all that is needed now, I really hope celebrities get together and start hounding your loved ones.

1175 days ago


It's a pizza joint for Gosh sakes! Why would the waitress grouse about a 10% tip. These people are movie stars or Celebrities, why should they tip her more than 10% When I go to Pizza Hut, and eat in, I don't tip cause I order my pizza, go pick it up along with the pitcher of Soda, and I basically serve myself. The only time the staff comes around is to sometimes say, "Is everything OK, can I get you anything, a refill? No 10% tip necessary.

1175 days ago


Meant to say these people are not movie stars or celebrities

1175 days ago


Just a question: Do you tip when you dine in at McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Chick-Filet or Carl's? I don't. California Pizza even has drive up service, in that you call ahead, order and they'll bring it to your car, do you tip them then? CPK isn't exactly a fine dining place, more of a casual dining/chain type place. I think 10% is just fine for a tip. That waitress should lose her job for grousing to the Paps about a customer. I'll be sure to avoid this particular Tarzana CPK.

1175 days ago


TMZ is paying for pictures of this poor kid? Isn't stalking illegal?

1175 days ago


One I think it is messed up the lady had to tell everyone exactly what they ate. And why should this child not have a normal life and go to a restaurant Harvey. Did they use the bathroom too? Was it number one or number two?? Do we know Arnold is paying support, I know he helped pay for her house. This is ridiculous. Leave them alone, that woman is lucky she got a 10% tip

1175 days ago
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