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Ronaldo & GF -- Hot, Wet & Straddlin' Each Other

6/30/2011 8:20 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo and his smokin' hot model girlfriend Irina Shayk turned up the heat on the beach in Portugal by wrapping their tone, tan and wet bodies around each other.


It's rough being beautiful.


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I love the guy in the background enjoying the show! Wonder what he's doing under the waves there. Lol!

1178 days ago


Talk about 'in heat'. That's outtasite. I want some of that!! Now, don't get me wrong, my girlfriend is hot and slender and dark and can suck a mean hotchee, but damn if I am not jealous of all that Irina snorkelin' up to Ronaldo like that. Nasty bitch!! Do us mens proud, R!!

1178 days ago

PRO US    

Cristiano used to be very skinny a few years ago. Now, his body looks great but also like he is on steroids and growth hormone. Of course, there's no proof but take a look at pictures of him in 2006 and today and make up your own mind. Cristiano is one of the best soccer players in the world and an even better diver. If you want to see a funny video playing on the gay Cristiano angle, watch the video clip here, especially the later scenes in it:

1178 days ago

Chuck P    

More like BFF. I thought we'd already cleared-up through interviews with his "ex-girlfriends" that this boy was gay?

1178 days ago


Looks like Ronaldo took his "best friend" on vacation too. I know how the guy feels when you're all alone watching your "best friend" with his woman.

1178 days ago

PRO US    

Cristiano has had over 20 "girlfriends". A couple of them gave interviews and said he was a good lover and submissive in bed but immature and was on the phone with his mom every day. He has mirrors all over his house and everything has his initials and soccer jersey number 7 on them in his house, they said. He spends a lot of time looking at himself in the mirrors, keeps his body hairless, uses vats of moisturizing cream and often likes to straighten his hair, they said. Cristiano loves himself.

1178 days ago


I thought Ronaldo is gay.
Really hetero? A wonder.

1178 days ago


Too bad his skin will look like crackled leather when he's an old man... enjoy your dewindling years of beauty.

1178 days ago


he looks so awkward holding her. i'm calling beard!

1178 days ago


Thats hawt

1178 days ago


This. LOL!! The floating head in the background was the first thing I noticed! Creepy!

JJ 5 hours ago
Looks like Ronaldo's gay lover is keeping tabs on him in the ocean.

1178 days ago

Khate sucks    

Who in the hell are they? Low class!

1178 days ago

Anna S    

Looks like some caliente fun in the sun!

1178 days ago


Hey there creepy guy in the background....

1178 days ago


Chicago Nick 9 hours ago
Nice porn for the kiddies, especially that bottom shot of him faux screwing this ho of his in the water like they're in a private motel room over the kitchen table.

Sick, no wonder the country and society are collapsing.

Apparently TMZ kiddies in the employ of Harvey Levin and himself have never read about the downfall of Rome and Sodom and Gommorah at least lately, and I haven't picked up a bible in years but know porn and societal decadence when I see it. And that's it. This site is doing anything for web hits now, it's really quite pathetic and sad.


If people are allowing there children on this site then they have rocks in their heads and really aren't good parents! Don't blame TMZ! This is the internet! Monitor your children and stop blaming others for what they see!!!

1178 days ago
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