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'CSI' Star's Arrest -- The INSANE Path of Destruction

7/1/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Dourdan SMASHED his SUV into a parked 1969 Ford truck on the night he was arrested for drug possession in L.A. ... and now the owner of the truck says Gary refuses to pay for the damage.

Cops had responded to the crash scene on June 13 ... after someone reported that Gary hit TWO parked cars around 3:30 AM. During the investigation, cops say they found ecstasy on Gary and arrested him for possession.

The owner of the truck says her car was towed away from the scene ... but it remains in an impound lot because she can't afford to pay the bill ... and claims Gary is ducking her insurance company.

Currently, Gary is not facing any criminal charges for the crash -- but we're told he's not off the hook .. because the D.A. could drop the hammer on the actor when they get the case.

No comment from Gary's camp.


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Is Gary PERSONALLY dodging him or is Gary's insurance company dragging their feet? I need more information to form an opinion.

1189 days ago


He has been off CSI for a while. Now maybe we know why? He seems a little lost, huh???

1189 days ago


What a fake headline! CSI STAR ? Even when he was on he show he wasn't the star,he was the screw up like he really is.He was killed off the show years ago yet this headline? REALLY?

1189 days ago


I can't believe these actors can get away with there drugs, alcohol, bad tempers, sex films and the police and judges that let them off. anyone else would be in jail for a long time, I wish people would protest the bad ones long enough for them to see we really don't want or need them for any kind or entertainment.

1189 days ago


Here is the next JACKAZZ guys stayed tuned!!

1189 days ago


I know all licensed cars in Calif are supposed to have at least minimal liability coverage, sadly many policies have expired or been canceled for non payment. Only a few people are required to have their insurance monitored with DMV, unless the insured is subject to an SR-71 filing.

About the truck, I agree I have seen rough ones with asking prices above $4,000.

Either Dourdan has no insurance or he failed to provide his insurance information to the police.

1189 days ago

Truth slayer    

Either way it goes, he should pay or the insurance company should pay for the damages that Gary created. It seems to me that ol dude fell asleep behind the wheel, drug addicts have a habit of blacking out! Something if you remember his "statement" to the press in 08 he was trying to avoid prior to his first arrest!
From the damage of the truck and his SUV, he was moving pretty fast! He blacked out.
If they found the E on him and alcohol, he will catch a case, that is HIS vehicle and I do not see the DA dropping this, I think that getting some jail time will do him good. Make him sober up and take stock of where his life is heading, down the toilet FAST!!
Its shame this man is addicted, I knew he was from the 08 arrest and prior to that, he looked high all the time on the last 2 seasons he was on CSI.
Damn Gary, get it together, your worth it!
Go in peace.
Hope it works out for the owners of the cars and that no one was killed. Next time he may not be so lucky!

1189 days ago


Dourdan had the chance of a lifetime when he was still on CSI, but he likes hard dope too much and as we all know, when you are a drug addict, you care only for yourself. He is a big loser.

1187 days ago


Is he still with that Spanish chick? The one that beat him up and got arrested a few years back? Sounds like they were perfect for each other. lol

1183 days ago


I never had anything to do with Oxy's but they should be outlawed. The are killing to many and destroying a lot more than that. If it is so badly needed then it should only be administered by a physician.People are to abusive of this drug.
He should be put into a Boot Camp for drug abusers and kept there for at least a year. He will get well then. At least he will stand a chance of living or we will read about him in the paper. I liked him in CSI and knew he had a problem He did not know he was going to get hooked up on the drug. Noone ever does. So many lives destroyed.......

1183 days ago



1182 days ago

Michael I. Metzger    

Well,i guess C.S.I.-New York will be getting a new Head honchell next Season.Poor Poor Gary,he broke a big one,now didn't he.

1181 days ago
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