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Javier Colon -- I've Got Plans With TWO 'Voice' Judges

6/30/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Minutes after being crowned champion of "The Voice," Javier Colon was already talking about his next career move ... claiming TWO of the judges are already planning to get a piece of him.


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What's with the tone of this article...'already' talking about his next career move...'claiming' he's going to work with two judges. He comes off as a nice, humble guy so I don't know what that's all about.

1208 days ago


Javier Colon is exceptional...He deserved to win in every aspect. The ultimate voice control and range. I fully believe with the right management he will be around for a long time. Way to Javier....You did great!!! and a shout out to Dia also...both were amazing.

1208 days ago


Geoff please learn to read.
Where in my post did I say she was more talented?

Seriously learn how to read.

1208 days ago


Uggh, enough about Dia Frampton. She's a less musically mature Vanessa Carlton, that's all. Sweet, but needs a lot of development.

I think what pushed Javier over the edge was his original song - it was by far the best even though Dia's outsold his on iTunes. If you ask any pro, they'll tell you his song was strongest. Dude had Rodney Jerkins on his side - you can't lose.

1208 days ago


Dia definitely should have won over this voo doo practitioner. He's not going anywhere though he is too basic and ugly.

1208 days ago


@Geoff their voices are so different as to make you comment irrelevant. Christina has a great voice (and I am a fan) but the comparison is about as useful. As someone stated what makes him unique? Nothing. There are lots of guys just like him. Dia has a far more unique voice and would be the only one I would buy anything from (but cant because I have already bought it all in the last 2-3 weeks going back to 2003...). I would have loved to have seen Dia do Landslide as well. I think that would have actually been more interesting. But to each his/her own

1208 days ago

Seal Team 6    

Javier won because of Justin Bieber. For real.

Javier seems to be a nice guy and has a good voice, but is very bland, and not very unique.

Dia should have won, and I would have been okay with Vicci or Beverly winning, too. A shame that Tweens chose the winner of this show just like they do AI (thanks again, Bieb), and it is a shame, because the talent on this show was terrific.

Dia will be fine -- Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert will see to that. She's a terrific singer, and I'll buy any CD either she or Vicci Martinez put out (actually, they both have CDs, but you know what I mean).

1208 days ago


I am so glad Dia did not win. I was sick of her voice after the second song she did. Zenia is genuine and an amazing natural talkent, she needs to be famous, especially as she matures. Dia seemed to play the shy girl role well but is really calculating. I never trust that kind of person. She even credited Zenia with "teaching her so much". However, i really loved her duet with Miranda lambert, never heard the song but now it is a new favorite. Vicki martinez is powerful.
Zenia should have won, she is just too young to have learned how to play up a fickle talentless public voting audience.

1208 days ago


Javier Colon.

At least his last name is appropriate.

Dia Frampton = Real winner in the end.

1208 days ago


Wow I just opened up iTunes and guess who is now
#1!!! It's Javier Col....

OH wait. It's still the true winner.


1208 days ago


He butchered Arms of an Angel and it was all down hill from there. If he really wanted to do something for his family as he claims, he'd apply for a UPS job. Good work and benefits. Noticed at the end he was thanking everyone but Adam. This guy is a loser.

1208 days ago


Guys like this are a dime a dozen nothing special about him at all, at least Dia is unique.

1208 days ago

david rosenthal    

All of the final four contestants were great, but The Voice should have been Xenia. Xenia’s voice is unique and mesmerizing....a one of a kind voice.

1208 days ago


he needs to ditch the stupid sideway*****!
nothing cool about it
if you have a good voice you don't need a gimmick!
Adam should have drilled that home to him

1208 days ago


now why when I was referring to the hat on his head not being worn with the peak at the front but at the side- TMZ censured it in the comment I made a few minutes ago
no 4 letter words-just the hat and the direction of it on his head and You censured it--getting a little tired of this TMZ!!

1208 days ago
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