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Jon Cryer ... It's Your Move

6/30/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Cryer is moving into fancy schmancy new digs in a ritzy area of L.A., but he's not above schlepping his stuff from the old house to the new.

Even though the new house clearly isn't finished, Jon and wife Lisa can wait no longer.  The home is 7,000 square feet and was extensively renovated over the last year. 

Jon -- who we're told is raking in $20 million over the next 2 years on "Two and a Half Men" -- clearly had Charlie on his mind as he carried a chair, wearing a t-shirt with the letters, "BLITZED."

Doesn't he know about Home Depot?


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winning duh    

yeah, what is the Home Depot reference. I am bambozzeled

1177 days ago

The PMG    

@Bobby Home Depot is where illegals very often gather for all sorts of day labor

1177 days ago


damn it is a slow news day.

that is an ugly chair and that hair suks.

1177 days ago


Regulator: Agreed! Yeppers when you hear a noise, it's crap figuring out what it was with all the rooms. Sometimes, I'm way off with where it came from or what floor. It has to be very obvious with figuring it out most of the time. Level 1, 2, or 3 which side then it plaques you and sometimes your way off base.

1177 days ago


What the hell does Home Depot have to do with him carrying a chair?

1177 days ago


I don't get the home depot reference either. Please clarify or is it just a stupid kid writer that really doesn't know anything?

1177 days ago


Is the Home Depot reference about Mexican day labor? If so, cheap shot, TMZ!

1177 days ago

Janette Lopez     

Is this the same wife that tried to kill him or something like that?

1177 days ago


Obviously the Home Depot remark is for all the border brothers that hangout there and could be moving Cryers stuff for him. It is a lame joke.

1177 days ago


Ok then...that must be your LA area with illegals available for work. I don't think I'd like people in my house or places that are not bonded. Value myself more than saving a few bucks, it's so worth keeping undesirables, or people in needy status at bay as I see it. I can see they have needs too, but I would like to not have to deal with unwanted infiltrations too based upon letting them into my world.

1177 days ago


He's already used to doing all the hard work on Two and a Half Men, he can move with no problem. That is a hideous chair though.

1177 days ago


During the recent Charlie Sheen fiasco, John Cryer proved himself to be quite a gentleman. Unlike many Hollywood types, if he had negative comments about an individual, he kept them close to his vest by remaining neutral. He seems to be a very private man who protects his family from glaring headlines and scrutiny which is what heads of households should do. Quite a gentleman. Best Wishes, Jon Cryer, to you and to your family, in your new home!

1177 days ago


Right on Butterfly...I think so too. He could of scammed, served up many, but went on shows like Ellen, being seen not for what he could tell a tale about another. Step up his game and good adventures for your new home absolutely! Looks like a craftsman this style of homes, along with Georgian, French country and mediterrean. Probably least favorite is a trailer, but we do what we need to with making it work.

1177 days ago


Jon will have to do the heavy lifting on his show now that Ashton Kutcher will be "acting" on it, so he might as well get some practice in.

1177 days ago


TJ...I have to agree with that too, but the more it has passed on with. I think it could be fun, have more opportunity to recreate a repeat with new and old all the same. It nice change, but Ashton will need to be good, best yet, as I think he'll be watched clearly in the beginning and it's a wide open market for him to succeed and many choose doom for fate. If writing is done well, tried out out with locals first they can bring in new good twists. It can incoporate, more viewers other than ill willed, ill fated guys that blame losses in life on to women and being done via how learned in early years as choices were taught. Lots of possibilities to be had here, but will make or break it based upon 1st few shows. 1st show will set a precedence if another will be given a chance. Will they work it hard to make it a grand story line, or just snuff out what exists with going to the bank with what they got thus far? Invest big, I think they are banking on recreating show byline, premise, but the old story line will still ride too. Who wants to keep it going, who wants it too work on staff and who is rallying with teamwork to make it a "go". They need to have several scripts ready and try several out with people to see which has best ratings. Committed or uncommitted, who will be in or out?

Charlie dying off Malibu coast at sea, how Jon Cryer will inherit or son does? Hmmm?

1177 days ago
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