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Jonathan Rhys Meyers -- Reported Suicide Attempt

6/30/2011 6:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Bend It Like Beckham" star Jonathan Rhys Meyers was hospitalized in London Tuesday night after reportedly attempting to commit suicide by overdosing on pills in his mansion.


According to U.K. paper The Sun, paramedics found 33-year-old Meyers "slumped on the floor" ... but he refused treatment for 30 minutes before cops arrived and convinced the actor to go to the hospital.

Officials confirm that officers were dispatched to Meyers' home -- but would NOT say if Meyers was trying to take his own life.

Meyers -- who has been in and out of rehab FIVE times -- was released from the hospital early Wednesday morning.

UPDATE: A source close to Meyers tells TMZ, the actor was NOT trying to kill himself, but had fallen off the wagon.


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why do people comment so nasty - if you don't care about the article then don't read it or comment on it. This is somebody's life it does not matter who they are - you are so rude and should get a life! Jon get better soon - we all care and love you!

1214 days ago


This is so sad to me too. Here is a guy who is so cute and such a great actor. I think certain people in life just struggle to find meaning and happiness no matter how rich or poor. I pray that he finds peace amidst his struggle, before it's too late.

1214 days ago

Roxanne Stones    

patless than a minute ago

why do people comment so nasty - if you don't care about the article then don't read it or comment on it. This is somebody's life it does not matter who they are - you are so rude and should get a life! Jon get better soon - we all care and love you!
I agree Pat! Some people in this world are just mean!

1214 days ago


Dear Johnny,
Please remember that you are loved and cared about.
If this was an attempt to take your life, please know that is the most selfish act that one can do. No one knows your pain, but the pain of the ones that love you will be unbearable if you succeed. God obviously has other plans for you.
Please know that I have experienced what you are going through right now.
The other people that are commenting vile things need a huge dose of compassion.
I am one of your biggest fans and am saddened today to hear this news.
Change EVERYTHING in your life, get rid of your so-called friends, and especially Reena...this is the ONLY way to aid yourself to getting a better life!
May God bless you on your journey! Katie in AZ

1214 days ago


Some of you keep saying how you don't even know who he is.. well, its not because he isn't famous or doing well in his career but, its more than you are all clueless!! He has been in many movies with actors like John Travolta and Tom Cruise and has starred in a successful tv series on Showtime. The fact TMZ refers to him as "the star of Bend it like Beckham" is pretty insulting considering how much he has done in the years since that movie came out.

I like him as an actor.. he is quite talented. I hope he can recover and get over his issues and addictions. It is always sad when someone wants to throw their life away.

1214 days ago


i'm really surprised by all the hate. i think this guy barely works enough for most people to have an opinion of him. my opinion of him is positive since i thought he was really good on the tudors. best wishes!!

1214 days ago


He can leave his money to me before he tries to kill himsel****ain.

1214 days ago


Wraith, just because you may only watch dumbed-down movies, don't label the immensely talented, A-list, WELL-known actor a nobody D-list.

1214 days ago


I feel for him, my fiance and I are big "Tudors" fans, which the show wouldn't have been of any intrest if there had been another actor. He's divine in his art, and we wish him good health.

1214 days ago

Caroline B.    

Henry VIII cannot die!! Lol
He is such a good actor, I absoulutly loved him in The Tudors. Its a shame to hear him going through this, he should get help.

1214 days ago


Irish; must have a cause and a wrong to right. Passionate people when they keep their priorities focused on chivalry. Otherwise they think too much about the world and its problems and crawl into a bottle or worse. Super nice looking young man. Needs a female with a heart that understands his roots and shares his Irish spirit.

1214 days ago


Regarding all the vicious commenters -- I have a friend that when hearing of a death by drugs -- rips into this person with such vile. Speaks so ill of others struggling with with addiction to all the illegal stuff. Guess what? She's got a nasty presc. pill addition that is slowly robbing her of her health - her looks are already gone. Just sayin...

1214 days ago


thats all he can do with all that MONEY SMH!!!!

1214 days ago

go home!    

oh who cares. I am SO sick of these self entitled celebrities who have the world at their freakin feet with their stupid, reckless behavior. They take the privileges that they have in life for granted while the rest of us "normal" people in the world who actually have real struggles like saving their homes and keeping their jobs dont pull **** like this. Self entitled Fukwad.

1214 days ago


He's too beautiful to die! Don't do it Johnatan!

1214 days ago
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