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Bieber Rips BET Security

'This Guy's a D-Bag'

6/30/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber's entourage and security at the BET Awards got into a heated showdown -- which ended with JB declaring the doorman was "a douche bag" ... and the whole incident went down on camera. 

TMZ obtained the video, which shows Bieber -- who was a presenter at the award show -- and his squad being stopped at the door last weekend. It appears one of Justin's bodyguards did NOT have a ticket ... and while both sides argued, Biebs eventually interrupted by saying, "I need to bring my security! This guy's a douche bag."

Everyone on Team Bieb ended up getting into the show -- and a BET rep downplayed the incident ... saying, "It is our standard policy to make sure everyone has their tickets or credential upon arrival. Justin had the proper credentials."
As for Justin -- his rep says the Biebs was just standing up for his bodyguards ... the guys who always have his back.



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What is it with this kid and security?? Seems that someone is being a douche and it wasn't the was Bieber! this kid really needs to get his butt kicked. He's not that talented and his ego is off the charts. Can't wait for his crash and inevitable burn. Thank my lucky stars that none of my kids can stand him.

1220 days ago


Like any Celeb would go anywhere without their security. The guy was being a Douche Bag !
You silly people hating on a child. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

1220 days ago


Coming soon to a train wreck near you!!

1220 days ago

BB in CA    

Security man – looks like you forgot about the "or credential" part of your job. Poor little guy has to present and you got him all upset! I'm fine with BET awards. But would it be okay to have WET awards?

1220 days ago


The guard was correct, and handled the situation professionally. And if anyone is a douchebag, it's Justin "why should I act like a decent human being" Bieber.

1220 days ago


ron about an hour ago


Ron you're an idiot, white people go to and win at the BET awards.

1220 days ago

dylan mckay    

i wish one of the BET security guards punted that little s**t back to canada. f that no-talent midget!

1220 days ago


Make sure he has a ticket next time JB~ sorry kid your the one being a douchebag here...buddy at the doors a regular getting paid peanuts to deal with your misbehaved brat azz, he was trying to do his job. Any kid who uses the word douche bag directed at adults should be beat down by their mama. Wheres his mom? Not instilling manners in her brat. And kid...your security a mess if they cant remember to bring tickets. Smarten up lil boy. Wont let my kids play JB cus JB is a brat. You just got banned in this household.

1220 days ago


Why is he a brat for saying he needs his security? He's a mega star with big haters.. he needs his security and if the doorman wasn't letting them in then he had every right to get mad! GO BIEBS!

1220 days ago


I dont even like Justin Bieber. I cant say I am a hater either though. But honestly, he is 17 and he made a comment. Big deal. He was irritated and he said the guy was a douche bag. He has Phsycotic fans, I think he needs his security always. Who cares!? Oh and LOL at people commenting on his sunglasses! I hate them as well!

1220 days ago


Kids calling adults douchebag is not very Canadian. You Americans can keep JB over there~ like Celine Dion ~ we dont really want him back. Not with a mouth like that on a child. Canadian thing to do is for his mama to warsh his teenage mouth out with soap~ he was raised up with better manners then that. If he talks to adults that way back home he will get his brat azz beat down security or not.

1220 days ago

Chuck P    

When is someone going to put this little Canadian mediocre talent child in his place? He is definitely on the road to being a male Lohan. I'd also like to know if his work visa is actually valid.

1220 days ago

BB in CA    

Ron – NO we can't have a WET award show – people would go ape sh*t.
Pandora What does the B stand for? Look at the BET winners on their website - they're all black. I have no problem with this – my only problem is that there can be no WET since people would go nuts. Same thing with Latin awards – that's okay but no white awards! So I don'*****ch either one.
And Justin isn't really a kid anymore. He could have said a lot worse.

1220 days ago

Throwback kid    

Good point BB, I also notice that black americans are now called the more politically correct African Americans, yet white people are still white? If we don't want to offend anybody in this country shouldn't white people be caucasian americans to go along with the african americans?

1220 days ago

Dave Dogg    

Dylan McKay is a coward bitch. Canada rocks and you're just a jealous red neck. Most of your entertainment and sports talent comes from good ole' Canada baby. Check out your hockey talent. Can you say small town Canada? Mike Miers, Jim Carrey and the list goes on...haha. Canadians are the talent making fortunes in your country! Jokes on you bitch.

1219 days ago
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