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Bieber Rips BET Security

'This Guy's a D-Bag'

6/30/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber's entourage and security at the BET Awards got into a heated showdown -- which ended with JB declaring the doorman was "a douche bag" ... and the whole incident went down on camera. 

TMZ obtained the video, which shows Bieber -- who was a presenter at the award show -- and his squad being stopped at the door last weekend. It appears one of Justin's bodyguards did NOT have a ticket ... and while both sides argued, Biebs eventually interrupted by saying, "I need to bring my security! This guy's a douche bag."

Everyone on Team Bieb ended up getting into the show -- and a BET rep downplayed the incident ... saying, "It is our standard policy to make sure everyone has their tickets or credential upon arrival. Justin had the proper credentials."
As for Justin -- his rep says the Biebs was just standing up for his bodyguards ... the guys who always have his back.



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If Justin said, "This guy's O.K. -- he's my personal bodyguard!" I would think that would be enough for the door guard. Every time I have seen JB interviewed or hear him comment and express his opinions, he seems right on! Right now he in control of himself, and I pray it continues!

Justin Bieber is gonna be around for a long time, He is A-OK!!

1148 days ago

bob gomez    

Justin needs to make sure his guards have the proper credentials and tickets.The guard was just doing his job.

1148 days ago

Tone Loc    

He works at the Lion's Den.. must be a Douche Bage

1148 days ago


the bieber is so annoying, he looks like a girl. he is a brat and cant wait for his star to faid. cause i dont want to see,hear or even think about that douch.

1148 days ago


What a douche --- drunk on his own fame and acting like he is a superslut -- sorry, star!

1147 days ago

Pickle YOU    

alright... but what if you we're going to the awards and they didnt let your security guards in...because you dont have a ticket...?

1146 days ago


It makes sense that he would stand up for his bodyguards. Go Justin :)

1146 days ago


Sorry but Justin Beiber is being an arrogent little ass.

Being a security guard myself, the Guard done the right thing.
it was BET and Venue POLICY!
no amount of fame can get you a pass for that, otherwise not only would the guard be in trouble, but so would the guards company, and he could have lost his job.

if Venue Policy is "No admission without ticket" then thats the rules, plain and simple, no ticket, no admission.

if thats the case, one of Justin's friends oulda put on a suit, be called a security guard and be let in.

The guard was NOT being a douchebag, he wa following Company policy and doing his job...just like his 'bodyguards' were doing.

You beliebers need to get your head out your ******* asses

1145 days ago


Spoiled little punk!

1144 days ago

Diavian James    

justin bieber was sooooooooooooo cool but he turned into a brat cause he is dating selena gomez and i hope they brake up so all the bieber fans could be happy again !!!!!!!!

1142 days ago


you are good

1140 days ago


Why is Justin Bieber at the BET awards anyway? He's white.

1139 days ago


wow justin nice thing too say

1137 days ago


You people suck your just angry cause Justin Bieber is rich and your poor and anyone who is smart would be watching this kid like a hawk cause he is breaking records no one ever has this kid is gonna be famous for years to come so you might as well get over what ever problem you have towards him and i bet half of you on her love him but you would rather pull him down than cheer him on

****this is to anyone on here who has something bad to say about justin bieber

1133 days ago


Justin really? i thought you were better then this... and i am like your biggest fan. luv ur music and you are so cool. keep working on your new album! can't wait :) and i love someday!

1118 days ago
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