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Kim Kardashian -- The PHANTOM Wedding

7/1/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian will have an entire FLEET of ultra-expensive cars shuttling VIP guests to her upcoming wedding ... and the entire armada will be made up of Rolls Royce Phantoms and Maybachs.


Sources close to Kim tell us ... Kardashian worked out a deal with Platinum Motorsports in L.A. ... which will provide enough vehicles to transport Kim's entire family AND Kris Humphries' entire family.

And get this -- Kim is color coordinating the cars to match the rest of the wedding ... and has specified that she only wants white vehicles. We're told Platinum Motorsports has told her it's not a problem.

Of course, the entire party won't be driving themselves -- we're told each car comes with its very own chauffeur.


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If she was really serious about this marriage, all this info would be private. But I guess nothing she does is private. Which is why I am wondering why the cars will be white? She has had a sex tape, Playboy pictorial, and a previous marriage. Grow up.

1120 days ago


I Love picking out the comments that I am 99 percent SURE are from the "Celebrities" or their friend (I did not forget to leave out the s) or family. They even write like they TALK!!!
For instance, OMG!!! or She's Amazing!!! Ugh.

1120 days ago



1120 days ago


Must be better than Kloe, must be better than Kloe. Kim really is so desperate to marry and she come off as desperate too. Over compinsating for something?

1120 days ago


Tacky and gaudy. Just like her and her "gotta be over the top" way. Nooooo, can't be simple but elegant.
She says it will be bigger than the Royal wedding.
Tacky, gaudy, no class, beyotch! She totally *believes* that she is BETTER than anybody and everybody else. Famous for a sex tape. How disgusted most Mothers would be. I'm sure HER mother helped organize distribution.

1120 days ago


I agree completely Mango Lady. Who gives a **** about the unholy matrimony between this no talent skank and corrupter of young girls and an idiot NBA player. Humphries will be regretting the day he wasted millions for the wedding ring as this marriage will last 2 years at tops.

1120 days ago


I couldn't care less about how long she stays married, or if her 15 minutes of fame turn into 50 years of it. But do care about how much money is wasted on such a ridiculous display of wealth. I know she isn't paying for it, but what if she, at the very least, donated her portion of "wedding special" to some charity. A 2 million dollar ring.... a 10 million dollar wedding... she has no concept of that in world money. That could feed, clothe and educate a small country. I know that I play a part in all of this because I read these articles and am, in all honesty, fascinated by celebrity lifestyle. I wish I stop myself... I guess we all have vices. me? celebrity gossip. Kim? nonsensical spending... hohum.

1120 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Is she also going to rent a LARGE PICK UP TRUCK to carry her Very Large "LARDASS HIAN ASS to the ceremony???

1120 days ago


I think it's disgusting. I don't care how rich you are, spending that kind of money on a wedding while there are children on the streets who need shelter, food and medical help. Why don't they give that money to charity to help those in need. That family is all about living off their father's name. Money hungry, gold diggers!!!!!

1120 days ago


Kris looks like he has a few extra chromosomes. I guess that's the best she could get considering her past. I wonder how his family REALLY feels about him marrying into this circus act.

1120 days ago


Barf. I can't stand Kim or the rest of her family. They are such fame-whores with absolutely no talent. We all know that Kris is putting this together for publicity & money. Let's give it six weeks until they start having problems & then a big divorce will be next.

1120 days ago

Chun LI    

LOL @ Cartman

1120 days ago


He is paying nothing
the company is going to make at her disposal the cars and the groom, or perhaps the company is paying Kim to show the cars on tv and it s a huge publicity for the car company. Ryan Seacrast is giving air time on tv like money given from lottery to the nobody. And there is out there a huge talent hidden somewhere in America. Kim is paid for that. More people are vewing the show more money KIm is receiving. This is why the wedding is a huge occasion to have money, more wedding divroce wedding she is doing mor money she received from ETV and all the companies organizing the wedding from the dress to the car to the cake everything is publicity and Kim is cashing.

1120 days ago


Hey Kimmie why not spend a little less on the wedding and take some bucks and donate to charity. Like to a children's hospital or a homeless shelter. Only saying with all the bucks you spending on yourself for this outrageous circus have a heart.

1120 days ago


It s like a lottery she is the winner of ryan seacrat lottery. 2 HOURS special in ETV from that Kim is receiving more money from companies involved in organising the wedding
More wedding and more divorces and births she will have more event are going to be aired in etv and more Kim is cashing,
It s like a lottery ryan seacrat lottery. Of course her husbands are going to be celebrities like her, everyone is cashing by having paid interviews, apparences etc.
She even doesn t have to be real business woman, she is just cashing without creating a value of something like a business woman she has ryan seacrast who give her more air tv and that s it. There is no investment no staff no budget previsions a real matter of a business woman it all about cashing and paying publicist PR to keep her in the spotlight, paying the photographer the stylist etcc. To me she is not a busnisess woman she is a winner of a kind of lotery from ryan seacrast today and a winner of leaking her sex tape. She is no way a business woman.

1120 days ago
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