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L.A. Dodgers Bounce Payroll Checks

6/30/2011 4:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here it is in black and white ... The Los Angeles Dodgers are bouncing payroll checks.


TMZ has obtained a check ... signed by beleaguered Dodger owner Frank McCourt.  We've been asked to black out the name of the Dodger employee, but she works at Dodger Stadium.  The check was written on June 24 in the amount of $497.54.

The check was presented but rejected as "Refer to Maker." 

The L.A. Dodgers now say ... checks for some game day staff members did indeed bounce, but checks were reissued Wednesday.

Of course, the Dodgers have filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection.

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Maybe they could trade this in for Dodger Dogs!

1212 days ago


Frank McCourt is a *******!

1212 days ago


I work at a bank and that could just mean that there is a hold on the account for some reason if there wasnt any money then it would say due to insufficient funds!!!

1212 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

oh. is that one of them who they pay to actually show up to the dodger's games? the ones they pay to throw beer and popcorn and trash and food all over the place, so that they have to pay someone else to clean the mess up? one of them who intentionally pis.ses all over the restroom floors, so they have to hire someone to disinfect and clean them? oh, dodger money and hiring politics...ya gotta love em.

1212 days ago


When payroll doesn't clear the bank for any reason it's time to start looking for a new job.

1212 days ago


Frank and Jamie: You are both appalling human beings and stingy, greedy and absolutely disgusting human beings. Find some dignity and give it up already and let the Dodgers move on without either one of you.

1212 days ago


David Jong about an hour ago

Was watching TMZ live. I remember seeing on a billboard in an airport one time that if you aren't sure what to tip, double the tax rate is usually the minimum.


wtf does a waiter have to do with baseball?

1212 days ago


Truth is right, refer to maker does NOT mean it bounced. I work for a finance company and today alone we had three checks that came back refer to maker and it was because the checks were older than 90 days and could not legally be cashed. This person was obviously looking to gain attention. I hate people! TMZ should do their homework first!

1212 days ago


Refer to Maker does not always mean Not Sufficient Funds(NSF). It doesn't mean the money was not in the account. It may mean the account was "frozen" until an authorized person reviewed the checks...there are a lot of different reasons. However, the worker was not paid with this check and that sucks.

1212 days ago


You black out the name but then say it was a "she".

1212 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Frank McGreedy needs to do what is best and sell the team..and with the money he gets pay the people he owes money to. He gave himself the treatment by living it up and now has no money to pay his employees..what an @ss

1212 days ago


Yup- I was going to say basically the same thing as Tree. I hope your contributor appreciates that by giving you a story she will lose her job. Heck, just her sex, pay amount, and the date should've been enough to identify her, but you went the extra mile and made sure the check number was there, too. If you were decent folk- which I doubt, I read your stories- you'd correct that and fast! Note to self- never share anything with TMZ, check with radaronline instead!

1212 days ago


"Refer to Maker" it says on the check. So... basically they are telling them that their only recourse to getting their money is to start praying.

1212 days ago

Throwback kid    

Fire the owner-fire the front office- and fire the scouts- get rid of the high payroll players who don't produce. They need to rebuild the Dodgers from the ground up. It's a shame what happened to this once proud franchise, now the Dodgers are just a joke.

1212 days ago


New York says HaHaHa...thank God that they left us sooooo loong ago, Cali's problem now

1212 days ago
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