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Mickey Rourke DOWNSIZES to $13K-a-Month Pad

6/30/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mickey Rourke is pocketing an extra $6,300 a month -- because TMZ has learned, the actor just ditched his $19,800-a-month NYC apartment ... for a MUCH cheaper alternative.

The "Wrestler" star was previously living in the Meatpacking district -- where he was renting a 5,000 square foot loft.

His new apartment in the West Village only costs $13,500 -- and features 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, a fireplace, and a pretty little garden.

New York prices.


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I am always stunned at how much money actors make. And this guy isn't even A list.

1213 days ago


Thirteen grand for a kitchen that looks like that and a plastic table and chairs? Someone call 911, this guy's being robbed.

1213 days ago


Pfft, with all the money that he's wasting on rent, he could buy a nice house somewhere. He sounds lonely and can't throw money at the whores anymore.

1213 days ago


That place is nice but not worth 13.5K a month. For that kind of cash, they could at least clean up the back yard and deck.

1213 days ago


13k a month for THAT???????????????

I don't get why these celebs dont buy a nice house in the country. The rent on their apts in the city is ridiculous.

1213 days ago


Is this comment section just for the idiots like the first poster and for advertisments that are scams? I am starting to think that. As for the apartment, what a dump. Looks dirty and cheap and I can't believe that he would be that stupid to pay that kind of money. Actually, who in their right mind would pay that kind of money to rent an apartment. Stupid.

1213 days ago

Aileen (Canada)    

"only" $13K per month?!! Why can't he just buy a place? He could be paying a mortgage and actually gain on the deal when he sells. Banks surely give mortgages to film stars - don't they?!!!!!!

1213 days ago


This place is a ****hole for 13k mo. You can rent places simular by me for 2k.

1213 days ago


It looks like a dump. He's living like a slob. $13k per month? For less than $2k/month you can live in a mansion in parts of the US.

NYC has a poor quality of life.

1213 days ago


It's in NEW YORK CITY, people, not podunk, indiana, ya dummies.

1213 days ago


Most posters here have no clue how NYC works. $13,000 for a duplex in the west village is a good price, not a steal, but good. I pay $2000 for a dump here, 750 sq feet. But I am willing ot pay to live in NYC because I am simply not a suburbs type. NOt now. Second, I seriously doubt Mickey rourke let anyone come into his home and take pictures after he took possession of it. Those pictures were taken prior to his renting the home by a real estate agent or the former tenant. So, that isn't Mickey's sh*t you are seeing. Not his bottles of booze, etc. Third, I am impressed that he put his ego aside and realized it is time to economize and rent something cheaper. STill, for the annual rent amount he is making good salary, But, perhaps he doesn't not have the credit history to purchase a nice place.

1213 days ago


The only reason he moved is because he ran out of places to bury the dead hookers in his basement.

1213 days ago

Just Karen    

Doesn't look like much to me, but then again it's NYC. Give me the country anytime, I'd much rather hear birds singing, crickets, chirping, than horns beeping, ambulances screaming, etc. with apt. that looks like a run-down house.

1213 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Maybe rich people just don't know they're getting ripped off. There is no place I'd want to live so bad that I'd pay $13,000 a month for a place that would only go for between $800-$2000 just about anywhere else (not just "Podunk, Indiana") NYC is A city, it's not the ONLY city.

1213 days ago


$13,500.00 a month? I wouldn't have given a dime over $13,499.00!

1213 days ago
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