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Mickey Rourke DOWNSIZES to $13K-a-Month Pad

6/30/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mickey Rourke is pocketing an extra $6,300 a month -- because TMZ has learned, the actor just ditched his $19,800-a-month NYC apartment ... for a MUCH cheaper alternative.

The "Wrestler" star was previously living in the Meatpacking district -- where he was renting a 5,000 square foot loft.

His new apartment in the West Village only costs $13,500 -- and features 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, a fireplace, and a pretty little garden.

New York prices.


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Charlie Sheen's Watch    

How can you possibly pay that much for such an ugly place? Like paying to sleep on the corner street. My master bathroom is bigger than that entire apartment.

1174 days ago


Furthermore, unless they're really big stars, the majority of celebrities DO rent, not own. It's much easier for them.

1174 days ago


Um, the photos are from BEFORE he was living there, you ding dongs! He hasn't even moved in yet. They're the photos from the rental listing. Also, you're not going to find anything in that part of NYC for $1,300 a month, not even a closet. $13,500 is correct. Sounds like a lot of you have no idea how expensive it is to live there. NYC is the most expensive place to live in the US and the 8th most expensive place to live in the world. He's from New York and loves NYC, so why would he want to live anywhere else, if he can afford to live there? He obviously saw something about the place he liked and I have to say that from what you see, it does have potential.

1174 days ago

northern gypsy    

ah yes...if your urban...not country...doesn't get better than N.Y.C.!!!
lets agree...its a matter of i would love to live there...
it appears our rogue actor is becoming gentrified...who knew!!!

1174 days ago


That place looks like **** and he's getting ripped off. I would expect a lot more than cheap Melamine cabinets for that much scratch. Even in NYC.

1174 days ago


Hello??? Those are Realtors pictures. Not Mickeys home photos. They do that to get the place online to rent or lease. I am sure the place would be painted the courtyard cleaned, etc...before a new tenant moves in.

1174 days ago


I remember Mickey Rourke had a loft in Hollywood on Santa Monica Boulevard back in the day. I hooked up with this girl named Katie, who claimed she was his girlfriend at the time and I let her borrow my extra pick up truck, when she didn't come back, I went to Mickey's loft and knocked on the door. Carre Otis opened the door wearing a pair of cut off levis and a white wife-beater, no bra!, nipples clearly visible. I explained the situation and she invited me in. What a cool place. Anyways, Katie used to tell me that Mickey was pretty freaky and actually would take a walk on the wild side on occasion. He had pretty cool pick up truck too, but Carre Otis was unbelievably beautiful, this was probably in the early 1990s, time just flies....

1174 days ago


After reading some of the comments here i can see alot of you have never left the small towns you live in.YOU goto New York and try to find something cheap to live in. Let alone trying to deal with the people there.You probably could't afford to ride the public transportation.I can bet moms basement will look like a MANSION!!!!!!!

1174 days ago


Horrifically overpriced junk! I realise it's in NYC but why do people expect so little for that kind of $$$? That place is garbage!!

1174 days ago

South Beach    

That is one ghetto kitchen. Yikes.

1174 days ago


This is not a huge price in New York City. I've seen an ad for a condo that is 275 square feet and costing $399,000. This is the size of a high priced hotel suite. As for NYC is a city, it's not the ONLY city. Wrong - it is.

1174 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

@fstblk, deciding you can tell where people live based on their comments is awfully arrogant. If I were judging how people from NYC are based on their comments, they seem to think that living in NYC makes them special. And OH, indeed, does it ever.

1173 days ago


Major ugly little kitchen...and is that PLASTIC lawn furniture?! For 19K or 13K a month - crazy!

I swear, people with more money than sense need help.

1173 days ago


What a nice square footage you have Mickey, people don't realize that NY rent is expensive, a yard for the dogs and
a yard to relax. The vacant space was his not the one with
the wine. who cares, mickey is intitled to entertain and
have people over. Mickey needed a new place, lots of bedrooms
and bathrooms. God Bless you Mickey and the dogs. Congrats on
your new place.

1163 days ago
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