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MSNBC Analyst SUSPENDED for Calling Obama 'D*ck'

6/30/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Time" editor and MSNBC analyst Mark Halperin has been suspended indefinitely by the network after he called President Barack Obama a "d*ck" on live television ... and the footage is hilarious.

Mark dropped the d-bomb earlier today on the "Morning Joe" broadcast -- claiming he thought Obama was "kind of a d*ck yesterday" at the President's White House news conference.

Mark has since profusely apologized for the comment, but MSNBC followed through with the suspension anyway -- claiming his "comments this morning were completely inappropriate and unacceptable."

So we gotta ask ...


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Keep in mind that the d*cks at MSNBC are huge Obama supporters.

1209 days ago


He may be a ****, but he is definitely BSing the American people about this whole BS Bin laden Death. Bin Laden died in 2001. The truth is discussed here:

1209 days ago


This proves there is no truth in journalism. Tell the truth and lose your job!

1209 days ago


It is simple: you are in a broadcast studio. Keep it professional, keep it clean. Assume that everything you say will be broadcast live. The anchors should have also been disciplined, as well as the segment director/producer for failing to train staff. Remember, in the 1930s a kiddie show host thought that the mike was off, and quipped "that ought to hold the little bastards." The mike was live, and his career was dead. Never worked in broadcasting again.

1209 days ago


He's only saying what most of Americans already know... just saying

1209 days ago


I thought the whole idea of a free press was to be able to call our elected officials *****. In fact, when warranted, it should actually be their duty. Ever since 9/11 the media have become either rabid idealogues or spineless wimps.

Screw'em all and let dog sort them out later.

1209 days ago


Jesus circa 1500 e would've had his head chopped off.
He can thank his lucky stars we're in 2011.
Anyway what a disrespectful way to address the president of a country like him or not.
Lets tell our sons and daughters to start calling teachers they don't like d***s and cu*** to their face.
Lets all go crazy! It's a Mad Max world!
Thank god I was raised better than that.
This guy should be fired on the spot for this.
Even better let them fire him while live on air, now that would be awesome.

1209 days ago


I think he was being nice by just calling that worthless mother ****** a ****...

1209 days ago


Even if you're not a fan of the person in the office you really should have more respect for the office of the President. Obama was tough on lawmakers regarding the debt limit, comparing their procrastination to a school kid. "Sasha and Melia finish their homework a day early..." I may not like the comparison but he was trying to get a deal done by shaming the Congress into action even if it meant staying through the holiday weekend. Which by the way, the founding fathers worked on 07/04/1776!!!

1209 days ago


Hilarious.Perfectly appropriate and acceptable. The truth hurts!

1209 days ago

Green Eyes    

Don't we have something in this country called "free speech"? I could have sworn I read that somewhere...

1209 days ago

a society of idiots    

If anyone on Fox News would have made this Remark . I could just imagine the uproar . And even this POLL would be in the majority of 'Appropriate' Liberals are Hypocrites

1209 days ago


And so begin careers at FAUX News, which will hire him.

1209 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

Say it like it is.Truth!L

1209 days ago


News Flash. Anyone who has the harsh opinion of what goes on at FoxNews has NEVER watched it.
Second flash. His comments were a bit much although he was pretty much spot on about the Presidents demonstrated demeanor at that presser.

1209 days ago
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