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MSNBC Analyst SUSPENDED for Calling Obama 'D*ck'

6/30/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Time" editor and MSNBC analyst Mark Halperin has been suspended indefinitely by the network after he called President Barack Obama a "d*ck" on live television ... and the footage is hilarious.

Mark dropped the d-bomb earlier today on the "Morning Joe" broadcast -- claiming he thought Obama was "kind of a d*ck yesterday" at the President's White House news conference.

Mark has since profusely apologized for the comment, but MSNBC followed through with the suspension anyway -- claiming his "comments this morning were completely inappropriate and unacceptable."

So we gotta ask ...


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some guy    

Orly? Mark said Obama's a '****?' Let's have him, Charlie, me and Gino work on that charity I started.

1213 days ago


He is suppose to be professional, have respect for the president, other words can be used, we are not in the locker room. In the old days you would never think of using a word like that on t v and it still isn't.

1213 days ago


"Ed Schultz called conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham a "right-wing slut" on his radio show and got a week off without pay"
And for that the offender has all the "right" to be fired.
When somebody can't use reason and thus articulate an argument, what happens is in most cases, they resort to easy personal offenses. This behaviour only shows one thing, serious lack of intellegence.

1213 days ago


They should not suspend him. They should give him a raise. That was the most entertaining and interesting segment MSNBC has had in years.

1213 days ago


Funny if he had said that about a republican he would have been promoted! I want Journalists to have the freedom to tell the truth, thats their job, but we never hear the truth anyway, all the presidents only allow certain people to ask them questions and the ones they choose are the ones that kiss his ass, some presidents have been a little worse about it (Obama). Shame on MSNBC get some balls and stop allowing your ass kissing to control the news!!!

1213 days ago


That is so wrong. They said they had his back, to go for it and say whatever, they would dump it. Then when he said it they left him out to dry. Thats messed up!!!!!

1213 days ago


I suppose you white folks will never feel okay with that black man as President. Why don't you just call him the n-word. That is what you morons really want to do. Show the world what you really are made of. We can see it in your eyes. Must really be hard to get up every day and see that man as the President.

1213 days ago

some guy    

Never say Never. That's all I'm sayin'

1213 days ago


So, let me get this straight. The whack job Liberal Dominated Mass Media can spend 8 years calling President Bush a murdering Fascist Bastard and get away with it daily, but can't stomach the fact that their guy gets called exactly what he is, a ****! Oh, the obvious hypocrisy that only they can not see.

1213 days ago


Obama is a *********** There i said it.

1213 days ago

The Train!    

first point: the first amendment exists so that we are free to criticize government and put forth ideas without fear of reprisals FROM GOVERNMENT. it does not mean that decorum or propriety should go out the window. furthermore, the first amendment does not protect him from professional reprisal from this broadcast network, which has the right, as a private entity who has hired him for a service, to discipline him.

second point: yes, the anchors should have been disciplined as well. they goaded him into thinking that he could get away with saying that. i share the belief that journalism needs to turn its back on its current "lowest common denominator" approach to the news. really, though, what's happening is that the established media is trying to adopt the "blog" style of news coverage because blogs are very popular. why else would an editor of TIME magazine call our President a ****?! i can't wait for the day Obama is ousted from office, but until that day, he is our President. he is not above criticism but he should have our respect.

1213 days ago

Tony C    

Good for him, I say that and worse about Obama all day everyday!

1213 days ago

some guy    

I remember reading about when America was run by Trusts (Teddy broke 'em up. He's my favorite President).

I think the tax rate got really high for the super rich after that. If I was a billionaire I wouldn't mind sharing the load, although I wouldn't appreciate those kinds of rates.

1213 days ago


Everybody hates Foxnews y cuz they dont blow Obama like other news channels. And remember Foxnews did do the samething to Bush also. But everyone thinks it started with Obama cuz he's black. And yes it was over the top just becuz it was on tv but not becuz he's president!

1213 days ago

some guy    

I think what I liked best about Teddy was the way he set up the National Parks. Kinda did his own thing. Thought about future generations.

1213 days ago
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