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'America's Next Great Restaurant' ... CLOSED!!!!

6/30/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The winner of NBC's "America's Next Great Restaurant" just got a taste of cold, hard reality ...because all three of his "winning" locations have closed ... just 2 months after they opened.


Jamawn Woods won the first season of the reality show on May 1 -- and his "healthy soul food" chain "Soul Daddy" opened in New York, Los Angeles and Minneapolis the following day.  

But the LA and NY locations closed on June 14 -- and yesterday, the final location in the Mall of America shut its doors for good.

The company that owned the restaurant  released a statement saying, "This was a difficult decision for us, as we wanted to see Soul Daddy succeed, but the restaurant simply was not performing as we had hoped."


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Political correctness influenced winner bites the dust.

1211 days ago


If the food network thought it was so great that this guy won out with all the selections they had in season 1, why would they not put there $$$$$ in and make sure it was a winner. Oh that's right- they just want to make sure they make money and the hell with what they believe is worth saving.
In short- screw the people as long as we make money----------- the american way

1211 days ago


Helathy "soul food"? There is no such thing.

1211 days ago


This was so obvious. Who the hell wants to eat soul food?


1211 days ago


To kp:

Food Network wasn't involved in the show. It was on NBC.


1211 days ago


I doubt it failed because of this guy. You can't just take a good cook and expect him to run three businesses in different areas of the country. They should have given him one and help him with the business end of things for a good year or two rather than trying to make three instant hit's.

1211 days ago


Damn. I had 6 months in the pool.

1211 days ago

Delaware D    

check, please!


1211 days ago


Another sad case of a network going for ratings, then after the show/contest is over, they cut the guy loose. I doubt that the network really promoted or backed these restaurants properly as they promised. The show is over, what do they care? Unfortunately, these contestants are exploited.

1211 days ago


Not suprised. NBC just wanted yet another cheap to produce reality TV show. I am sure there was no intrest in helping this man suceed.

1211 days ago


Sonja, the dude was on national TV he had a fleet of people helping him run the resteraunts. It wasn't like they opened a whack of stores for him and said "here you go!"
I think investors are a bit smarter than that, unfortunately not smart enough to predict the resteraunt would tank.

1211 days ago


When will people realize, the Bachelor (ette), Top Model, American Idol, etc are only looking for TV ratings and TV money. They do NOT care about the winners.

About the only show that is decent is Top Chef - they win money - and fame - which then should allow them the means to open their own restaurant.

1211 days ago


Good- The Mall of America one was horrible. The service was absolute rudeness all around, and the food was disgusting.

1211 days ago

john smothson    

It would have worked had they let the guy acually make his own food. Baked chicken instead of fried?? No waffles. That idiot Tyler didn't shut up about about how it wouldn't work unless it was healty; ignoring the fact that most all successful fast food places are NOT healty. Moron

1211 days ago


Well Silas I never even heard of this show. Yeah he was on a cooking show and he was a good cook and he won... that has NOTHING to do with the business end of running not one but THREE restaurants in different areas of the country. So no I doubt very much that this guy had a fleet of help that was working to make these restaurants succeed, they closed in two months! That's not even enough time to get a staff and menu successfully going. The "investors" were probably a bunch of owners of three failed restaurants that got picked up for minimum money to be used for this "show" .. all that NBC was interested in was this show, not what happened afterwards. Anyone who knows business will tell you a restaurant is one of the hardest to get started and many fail.. never mind trying to start up three all at once.

1211 days ago
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