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TMZ Live: Tipping Point -- When to Stiff Your Waiter?

6/30/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

15%? 20%? Nothing? Is it fair to give your waiter more than the valet? Our tipping culture has gone HAYWIRE ... so let's settle the debate once and for all. Plus, Justin Timberlake backing the biggest train wreck in social media ... is he cool enough to save MySpace? And John Lennon ... was he secretly a right-wing wacko?


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(0:00) Breaking news! Tobey Maguire is adamant -- he did not play any ILLEGAL poker games ... they were all legit.
(6:30) Lindsay Lohan's first night as a free woman ... and she goes out and parties at a club until 2 AM. Poor choice?
(11:45) Webcam question -- how does Lindsay expect to turn her life around ... when she's hanging with the same people, doing the same things?
(21:45) Arnold Schwarzenegger's mistress was spotted out at a pizza joint ... and didn't leave a good tip. So ... is it ever cool to stiff a waiter?
(28:30) A former bartender calls in ... and breaks it all down.
(32:00) Justin Timberlake invests in MYSPACE? Seriously? Our in-house expert breaks down why the company is in the crapper.
(37:10) Is Justin the new Tom?
(38:45) Why didn't Dax delete his MySpace page this week? It's all thanks to Mr Timberlake.
(39:00) Max has beef with MySpace.
(43:00) John Lennon was a closet Republican? That's what his former assistant says -- but we talked to a guy who says it's BS.
(47:00) Yes, of course Harvey has a story about Ronald Reagan.


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Tipping Is Really important especially at Denny's 24/7.. Ive worked there for 3 years and the majority of people dont leave anything.. I have always been good to my customers and never recieved one complaint.. If you really just wanted a meal got to Mcdonalds Or Jack in The Box Where U Dont tip..I Hate Cheap people that dont have enough founds to trully go out.. By The Way i always leave a 15% Tip which i believe is great any thing lower than 10% is just a disgrace for all the hard work a waiter does

1181 days ago


Lindsay doesn't believe judge Sautner will sentence her to anything more than house arrest. She feels that public opinion and her ego make her think she won't do jail time.

What if the producers of that s***bag mobster who's skank wife is producing a movie with Lindsay wants her to be the bad girl? What if Lindsay just simply doesn't care and perhaps has a death wish or just thumbs her nose at authority in general. Either way she will never do jail time regardless of what she does because it's all petty crimes. Lindsay is smart enough to know not to do anything other than petty crimes.

1181 days ago


Why does nobody tip at McDonalds or any fast food restaurant? Why do restaurants pay their staff so poorly and charge so much for their food expecting the diner to subsidize their payroll by tipping 20% which is insane. Let the greedy restaurants pay the waiters more and we tip only 10@ then maybe more of us will eat out more often and restaurants will not shut down in droves like they are now. BTW, is Harvey really gay? He's not married, right? He does tan a lot and seems well groomed so maybe he's gay>

1181 days ago


I only go places where Idon't have to tip. As for Lindsay, people stopped caring months ago, TMZ is just milking her mameries to death. Is Harvey really gay? Is that straw he sucks on regularly during the tv show a ******ubstitute. Does he have a **** fetish? I never would have figured Harvey is gay and no, Idon't think less of him since I'm not a homophobe. Tracey morgan, who looks like a primate with nostrils you could park two smart cars in, certainly is a homophobe or hater.

Linday will get drunk and go after lesbians till she burns out the hard way.

1181 days ago

about 2 yrs ago    

Can't you guess get the surfer dude to WASH HIS HAIR?! When he speaks now it is so bad that we have to turn the channel.

1181 days ago


I don't know what all the fuss is about Lohan, she's gonna come out on top. With all the media someone is bound to say hey "let's see what makes this chick tic" first comes the movie then the book. Even if she went to jail she will never spend one day in the general population. And once released all the media again on her tail. So I see it as either she's playing this to the hill or shes real stupid and will end up a has-been. And even at that someone will do some kind of before and after show. Come on now REALLY, how stupid can a person be? ~PeAcE & LoVe~

1181 days ago


I think the reason that the TMZ ship is sinking is because they are trying to manipulate and create the news instead of reporting it. Maybe they used to be more stealth about it, but lately it's become way too obvious.

1180 days ago


Charles - Shut Up ! I hate it when he expresses his 'knowledge of Everything', when in fact he doesn't know dirt. We want Mike.. at least he's a REAL News Man, in fact Head of the News Dept. What he says has a lot more credibility than Charles.

1180 days ago


missed the tipping episode but as a valet in town do you all know how many of you STIFF us???????? you will go into a party tip the bartender all night long tip your waiter then yu come out get into your fancy ferarri or whatever and just slam the door....really??????? thank goodness to the ones that drive Honda's and Toyata's (Prius exclded)
Oh and is you ask to leave your car close remember MONEY talks and before you go in NOT when you come out - of course the 100 on the way in is nice an extra 100 on the way out is even better for having your car right there!!!!!!

1180 days ago
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