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Tobey Maguire: I Did NOT Play Illegal Poker

6/30/2011 1:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tobey Maguire has just filed legal docs, categorically denying that he participated in illegal celebrity poker games.


As we previously reported, Tobey is being sued by the bankruptcy trustees of a convicted felon who claims Tobey won more than $300,000 in unlicensed poker games in L.A.  The trustees are trying to get the money back.

In his answer to the lawsuit, Tobey says the hold 'em poker games were not "controlled games," which required the host to have a license. 

Tobey also denies there was any scheme on his part to defraud anyone.  According to the complaint, the person whom Tobey took to the cleaners was Bradley Ruderman, who is serving time for defrauding a bunch of people out of more than $50 million in a Ponzi scheme.

In the docs, Tobey "admits that he was invited to participate in the Poker Games" ... but denies that there was a "regular roster of players consisting of wealthy celebrities, entrepreneurs, attorneys and businessmen."


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They weren't controlled games, so they didn't need a license.

1220 days ago


Italia 29 minutes ago

I have to side with Tobey McGuire all the way.

The little schit, Bradley Ruderman, is just trying to get his money back THAT HE LOST by getting the Trustee after Tobey and forcing Tobey to spend money on legal fees.

Bradley Ruderman has probably got money burried somewhere he doesn't want touched until he gets out of prison and is trying to figure out who else he could "ponzie scheme" right from jail so who better to set up than they guy who beat his azz at poker.
Italia, totally agree!

1220 days ago


Just pony up the money, Tobey. Your reputation is worth more than that.


1220 days ago


I agree that Tobey did nothing wrong and is NOT obligated to return the money. However, considering he has milliona and now knows the money was obtained illegally by Ruderman from hard working people, it might be a sign of goodwill to simply return the money. I mean, we're talking $300K to a millionaire, but I won't hold it against him if he keeps it because he won it fair and square.

1220 days ago

Ellie G    

My sister hosted a texas holdem party. We had to pay the house a bottle of wine and some brownies. Does that mean I have to return the $60... I won because it was an illegal game.

1220 days ago

Physical Graffiti    

We don't really care if it was legal or not...just make sure you report that "more than 300,000" to the IRS,k?

1220 days ago


Bradley Ruderman sounds like a Class A douche-nozzle. He's burned all his a-list bridges and is hopefully tossing some prison salad.

Kharma is a biotch, ain't it hot shot?

1220 days ago



billionaire clubs...millionaire clubs, have people on payrolls to find corporate loopholes, donations, writeoffs, & deductibles as you do with your own earnings. HELLO we do pay big bucks too way more than you think, but pay dearly to Uncle Sam in the BIG picture. We lobby, we promote, we market, & we do what is profitable for our company. Yes, Uncle Sam is watching us, bu*****ches you too as that's fair.

Loverly how people don't do well, how people don't do what they could of should of or can do for self with learning. Want free medical, dental, food, monies, & feel they deserve more than they get and want more yet. We people who work are paying for you that does not, cannot temporarily, or will not. Decide to be felons, criminals, choose drugs over not, shortcuts that don't work, be losers, users, abusers, addicts, but want what a people do & have worked hard for. Feel they have the same rights, & are deserving of what others have with the same relevant proprieties because they exist, but chose bad choices that we did not. Should they have the same, NO, I think NOT...

1220 days ago


Tobey is a ****

1220 days ago


The word you want is "have", not "of". The correct phrases are "should have", "could have", "should've", and "could've", not "could of" or "should of". Usage of "of" instead of "have" is indicative of illiteracy or ignorance, and therefore none of the writer's words can be trusted as competent or coherent.

1220 days ago


This doesn't matter at all.

Big Poppa

1220 days ago


This astounds me! That s***bag Bradley Ruderman is the perp and they are just trying to divert attention. Typical legal BS!! "They made me do ti!!" Bradley Ruderman is a liar, cheater, took people's money and squandered it and now he is crying. Drop that bastard out of a plane without a parachute!!! Besides that, Ruderman should be shot for being a lousy card player.

1220 days ago


@RSMIK: As Mushmouth from Fat Albert would say: 'I-buh be-buh think-buh you-buh be-buh right-buh...."
Me can't stand all thee typo's and gremmattikal errur's either, shiznit but why you be da graammer po-po (po-leece) on a website like TMZ and such? These ain't no Miss South Carerlina peeple on this here website and such such as the Iraq.....

1220 days ago

M. Amari    

Why does it matter if the poker games were legal or illegal. The point is they were playing with someone who was using stolen money. The money they won was stolen property, it should be returned. If someone sold Toby Maguire a stolen car would he expect to keep the car because he didn't know it was stolen.

1220 days ago

Jim Jones    

I love it, the statement comes from a "convicted felon"....Yea, like he can be trusted...***** please!

1220 days ago
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