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Mob Boss Whitey Bulger

Chained and Shackled

6/30/2011 3:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Flanked by an armed military escort ... and with his hands and feet locked in chains ... 81-year-old mobster Whitey Bulger emerged from a Coast Guard chopper in Plymouth, Mass. today after facing off with a Boston judge.

Bulger --  a longtime staple on the FBI's Most Wanted List -- had just appeared in U.S. District Court in south Boston, where a judge granted his request to be represented by a public defender.

Bulger has been charged with multiple murder counts, as well as conspiracy to commit murder, extortion, narcotics distribution and money-laundering charges stemming from his role as the leader of Boston's infamous Winter Hill gang.

Bulger had been on the run for 16 years ... before federal agents located the mobster in Santa Monica, CA -- where he had been living a pretty chill life with his girlfriend.

FYI -- Jack Nicholson's character in "The Departed" was allegedly inspired by Bulger's life.


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i don't see anything? i see a blurry picture with TMZ watermark stamped all over it

1176 days ago


A public defender, really? When he was captured he had $800K -- in cash -- and he's getting a public defender, really?

1176 days ago

some guy    

I'm not saying Whitey should be paid. Think he should give up those rights if/when he gets convicted.

1176 days ago


Whitey's Coast Guard helicopter ride to court today cost $14,000 per hour and the taxpayers are on the hook for his legal defense. A movie script in the making! Who would you cast to play Whitey?

1176 days ago


Irish "Mobster"? LOL, nah I don't think so. Oxymoron riiiiight there!
La Cosa Nostra eats up the Irish Mix!
Whitey was and is a low class bitch.

1176 days ago

some guy    

Whitey needs to pay a debt to society. If the movie makes money maybe part of that debt could be paid off.

1176 days ago


They usually don't put those shackles and handcuffs on tightly enough...making it easy to slip out. Next thing we'll hear is how Whitey removed his cuffs and got away again.

1176 days ago


Is Whitey Bulger his porn name?

1176 days ago


16 years on the FBI MWL? Living in the US, vacay'ing in Vegas? Only after all corrupt FBI who helped Whitey evade are dead does he get 'found' and 'apprehended'?

Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off, Peeing In My Pants.

At 81 he's in big twouble......ROFLMAOPIMP

Big Poppa

1176 days ago


But a little funny?

1176 days ago


I work at the hospital that backs up to the Plymouth Couty Jail and we can always tell when Whitey is on the move because of all the television helicopters hovering above.

1176 days ago


what are you people talkn about..first off the coast guard dont take money from the MA state tax dollars, GOVERNMENT dollars fools were used for that ride, 2nd he is rep'd by a public defender it wont cost millions of dollars from the tax payers..stop crying bout it..he might be an animal but look into it more, he helped the FBI back in the day too.

1176 days ago


He was also the inspiration of TV show BROTHERHOOD.

1176 days ago


The military is forbidden from engaging in law enforcement duties, with the civilian population, outside of military bases, by the Posse Comitatus Act and/or DoD directive, except for the Coast Guard, under Homeland Security. Since that is a Coast Guard helicopter, I would expect that those armed gentlemen are members of the Coast Guard. If not, then that is a serious violation of the law.

Though, why is the Coast Guard getting involved in matters of law enforcement outside of their general directive? This is a matter that is to be handled by either the FBI, or, more normally, the United States Marshal Service.

1176 days ago


@Love My Fans-
Bouncers Suck is not too far off the mark.It is a proven fact he was in partnership with FBI and do you really think it was a coincidence that he managed to slip away days before the indictment came down? He was able to live freely in Ca,was able to vacation in Vegas and return to Boston on several occasions to take care of "unfinished business".If Whitey was caught in 1995 and started talking he would have taken down the whole FBI not just Connolly.The FBI made Connolly the fall guy.

1176 days ago
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