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Hollywood Jesus -- Dude's Got a TON of Bread

7/1/2011 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Turns out Hollywood Jesus -- dude who rocks a robe all over town -- rolls DEEP!! Besides driving a Mercedes ... he's also flashing major cash in front of the TMZ Bus Tour crew. Can we get a witness?070111_TV_jesus_v2_still

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about 2 yrs ago    

Is anyone seriously surprised?

Look at every single televangelist...those people live higher on the hog than most of us can even imagine.

Want to make money? Sell Religion!

1212 days ago


I once pulled of the freeway while a guy was yelling at his girlfriend because she didn't make her $200 quota. Can you imagine, 200 bucks a day, tax free? 200X365= $73,000 a year! Add that to the $268 a month in EBT (welfare) food and the $1000 a month for a H.U.D. voucher for an apartment and damn your living high!

268X12=3216.00 plus another 12K for HUD the grand total is.....
$88,216.00 a year!
No wonder Obama gets so many votes, from s***!

1212 days ago


Harvey's just too funny !

1212 days ago


I agree with Marty from Modesto.. I hate how I go to the grocery store and limit myself to a few things because money is tight. Them here comes someone with a shopping cart FULL of food. With ribs, steaks, shrimp, the good stuff and when it comes to pay they pull out a EBT card.. LIVING HIGH!! While I work and work and still can't afford no steak or ribs not even a small shrimp..

1212 days ago


Wow!!!...I hate it that America media show only the rich part and exclude the poor society. The World knows that lots of people in USA are having probs. Why not come out and try to show the World that your Country is full of ****. that dude just walks on street and he owns a better car and gets money for nothing.WOW!!

1211 days ago


Aren't you afraid you just made this guy a huge target for robbery?

1211 days ago


And the Jews keep getting richer and richer making fun of Jesus - like the "Jesus Christ Show" on KFI and this guy. Maybe I'll start dressing up as a rabbi and make some bucks on Hollywood Blvd. Oh, no, that would be politically incorrect, right????

1211 days ago


why would you tell everyone he has a lot of money? now some fool is gonna rob him!

1211 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

awesome comment about the Jesus/jew thing : )

1211 days ago


He probably got all his money from pan handling. You would be surprised how many "fakes" are out there.

1211 days ago


****in bitch! I need a "end-of-the-world-apocalypse" restart please.

1211 days ago


Is that Tom Green?

1211 days ago


As others already mentioned, dude's gonna get jacked now, way to go TMZ.
Someone will be waiting for him the next time he gets off the TMZ bus.
Harvey wouldn't have done this if the guy had a Yamaca instead of a Jesus persona.

1211 days ago


the more important point that everyone is overlooking is shortly after he is described as having a "pimp wad" we see jesus walking Colonel Sanders to Heaven. We now have definitive proof of how long it takes to get to heaven after one dies, 31 years. the colonel died in 1980. it might not seem it when floating in limbo but.. thats a damn long time.....

1211 days ago

Green AnTiCs    

If i was there.... i would be going out first thing in the morning. find him, put on a only-eye hole ghostface ballacalava, point a gun at him when he goes to get in his mercedese take his cash, get in the car and go.

and there we have it some cash and a nice car to hide in my garage for a long time.

1211 days ago
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