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Joe Rogan on 'Fear Factor' Return -- CHA-CHING!!!!

7/1/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Rogan says his decision to return to "Fear Factor" is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, BABY ... saying, "I had to get that LONG paper SON!"

Rogan -- who recently agreed to once again host the resurrected TV series for NBC -- was clearly joking ... and explained, "I definitely would have done it for free."

"Parts of it are fun ... parts of it are f**king boring ... but as far as regular jobs go, it f**king ROCKS."


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Wow a lot of you calling Rogan a douche need some ******* hugs. He is one of the most interesting, humble celebrities you could meet. All you're doing is letting people know that your life is unfulfilled and most likely in the ****ter, so you're going to write about someone you've never met on a ******* TMZ website. Tisk, tisk, tisk, VERY ****Y!

1218 days ago


Wow TMZ you censor the comments but will record celebrities falling down drunk and picking up hookers. What kind of ******ry is this site on!

1218 days ago

Tobias loves Marcia    


Hey I want to do the Christian thing and let you know your caps lock button is broken I would have that looked at. I don't think caps locks buttons cost that much to replace, they might even have a deal if you look for a coupon in the Sunday paper.

I will pray for you to receive enough money to fix your caps lock button that way we can have a quiet internet e-discussion.

I know you're very angry with this john rogaine fella but, he could probably help you with your harry bawl problem his last name is rogaine after all. I just rogained my bawls in hopes of impressing my dear sweet princess Marcia. I know it's hard having really harry bawls especially when you can't see them because of your distended gut from trying to drink the loneliness away. It's not your fault and I really care about what you have to say I do.
But, do you know if Marcia has said anything about me it's nothing I was just wondering you know. i'm not obsessed I's been like hours man.

1218 days ago


what's with the caps? you look like a retard with all those caps. you're not important, what you have to say isn't important, and just because you type in caps doesn't make what turds you're spewing anymore important.

Marcia, you ****y hoe! your big redneck keester is cheatin on me?? wtf!! i thought i was the only one who fed you chicken wings while rubbin your back titties. i'm devistated... where am i going to find another hunka cunka redneck to make deep-fried fat for??

anony... stop being a that long fellow traveling with the pair of nuts. you know joe isn't gay... you may wish he was but since he isn't, you'll just have to stick to dreaming of slobbin his knob while he pats you on the head. if you're really lucky, next time you're at your favorite gay bar, you might meet Joe's gay look-alike.

1218 days ago

Tobias loves Marcia    

For the people worried about censorship it's my
Understanding that the
Current system is flawed and to
Keep messing with TMZ I am trying to slip stuff by them.

Yours truly, the Marcia lover extraordinaire
On a side note how is harrybawls hanging? is he still
Under a rock hiding from me?

He hasn't written
anything in awhile and I hope
there is nothing wrong with him
except for the comment I really like him.
So hope he didn't slip and fall on his way to get a caps button.

1218 days ago

Tobias loves Marcia    

Oh read it down the left side before they ban me.

Censorship is silly and you people that pry here into celebrities lives and make snide little comments about how stupid their bags, clothes, or whatever are really truly and utterly pathetic small minded trivial people.
If there are kids on here, kids go into your parents bedroom slap them upside the head and yell how could you derelicts let me view this stuff, it's worse than porn. At least porn says yeah we're disgusting so what, this tripe tries to disguise itself as journalism.
How many of you commentators have a better life or work harder than the celebs you trash? I am willing to bet none. You guys would be better off looking inward instead of pushing your irrational transference onto celebs that just happen to be getting a coffee when 15 idiots with cameras show up. How sad that your lives are so miserable that you have to bash someone else's.
Censorship sucks and so does anyone that really thinks mine or your opinion really matters in the end or that if we just run home from our crappy jobs, into our crappy houses, with our crappy kids, that if we ignore the kids and go and bash a celeb (it's just a guilty pleasure, tee hee)that we are somehow significant in the span of our crappy lives, that even though they are much better adapted to having the things they want in life we are somehow better?
Put the magazines down, turn the stupid celeb gossip bull**** off, check some real news hey we're still in a bunch of wars WTF. Hey the debt ceiling is being raised, huh The economy is going down, really. Point is there is much worthier news to worry about, in short get a life, well you guys have lives crappy ones where you bash people you don't personally know but, lives none the less. I guess just be less you like. Peace out my celeb stalker e-friends till next time

1218 days ago


Joe Rogan is the ****!!!! How bout you guys go watch some Youtube vids and see what hes gotta say about some ****. Maybe your just not ready for the truth thats why you cant handle him. :/

1217 days ago



Actually, he still does stand up and he is the commentator for all UFC fights. Don't hate.

1217 days ago


love Joe... ff is arite.... just wish they'd make him do it shirtless.. he's got a hot rockin' body!

1216 days ago


I thought Fear Factor already returned but now calls itself 101 ways to leave a gameshow. What a snoozfest of a show!

1215 days ago

Big Brother    

wris*****ch...Just sayin'.

1215 days ago


With all the stand-up comedy, the UFC, and his awesome podcast, its great to see Rogan back on network tv.

1213 days ago


I am a gay male and I know a lot of tough guys with Joe's demeanor and physical build that play on the DL with other athletic tough men.

956 days ago
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