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Situation's Dad APOLOGIZES for Exploiting Son

7/1/2011 9:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Situation's dad has finally admitted that releasing those terrible videos about his son was a CRAPPY thing for a father to do ... and now, he's filed legal documents saying "I am sorry."


TMZ has learned ... Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is dropping his lawsuit against his dad, Frank Sorrentino.  Father and son filed legal docs asking the judge to dismiss the case.  In the settlement ...  Frank agrees to stop using the "Jersey Shore" star's name, image and likeness to make a buck.

And while Frank takes some of the blame for going on camera and trashing his kid -- Frank claims in the dismissal docs he's the real victim ... because he was exploited by a "con artist" named Robert Fletcher who wanted to reap the profits from the Sorrentino family feud.

Frank says Fletcher, his former publishing agent, was the driving force behind the website -- and concocted the plan to illegally exploit Mike's name and image.

UPDATE:  We've learned there was a financial component to the settlement. We're told although the Situation's dad didn't have to pay any money, Fletcher had to cough up $5,000.  Better than nothing.

In the docs, Frank says, "I regret getting involved with Robert Fletcher and I am sorry that I participated, to the detriment of my son Michael."

Frank says his anti-Situation website has already been shut down and he's willing to testify against Fletcher in court if need be.


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Wow that clip made me nauseaus!

From what i understand the father was abusive and if thats the case I say Mike is doing very well for himself now. Good for him.

Mike probably dropped the suit against the father bc that is what happens in the cases of abuse -u tend to forgive and come up with a reason why the person u love couldnt help what they did to you and that they love you so its ok to forgive. Its sad.

1176 days ago


"In the docs, Frank says, "I regret getting involved with Robert Fletcher and I am sorry that I participated, to the detriment of my son Michael.""... can you imagine having a father who is this screwed up? Mommy, Mommy, I didn't want to do it but Fletcher made me do it, he said that I'll make a lot of money and eventually Mike would be so embarrassed that he'd cave in and give me a some more money to shut me up. How did I know that Mike was going to hit me back and kick my ass in court. It's Fletcher's fault. You know I'm too stupid to have developed a plot that "good".

1176 days ago


we need to consider rounding up the italians and sending them back!!!!

1176 days ago


I didn't think you could exploit a douche bag.

1176 days ago


Like douche like douche........ er I mean like father like son

1176 days ago


I would have NEVER done what this s*** bag, Frank Sorrentino ("FS"), did to his son. EVEN IF every word and disgraceful accusation FS made about his son was true, it is all the reason more to pull his son closer, not to alienate, but to encourage, guide and love on Situation, show him support and affection, so that his son's first and last thought about his father is that his father has his back no matter what or how ef'd up things may get.

FS is a disgrace to fatherhood and to manhood. The point of raising a child is to ensure that he or she can go out on his or her own two feet, marry, have a family, and make his or her way in the world with as much integrity as possible. With the exception of ego, a hazard for many young men his age, Situation was pursuing just that in an industry among peers who readily choose the lowest path for the quickest money.

FS had every cause to CELEBRATE his son's notoriety and success,
not to covet it, and then turn around to curse his son in his evil attempt to extort his son's money by threatening his son's livelihood and making himself a sickening source of conflict, libel, resentment, pain and shame.

TMZ's headline is not accurate. FS very likely was told by his attorney to comply with his son's attorney's demand to cease and desist, or face consequences which might cause FS financial hardship, possibly financial ruin. FS is blaming someone else for evidently placing his hand up his rear to make FS's mouth move to form the destructive, horrible words about his son that came out of it.

Situation should go along with FS's charade to demonstrate that he holds no ill will against FS, so if FS relapses, he will have done so AGAIN, absent of cause or provocation, so Situation
may file suit again, prevail again, but this time also pursue and win a Judgment against FS and execute it.

Situation could opt to forgive FS for Situation's sake, but then also hold FS at arm's length for betraying a sacred trust between father and son. FS essentially killed a man who once was Situation's father.

1176 days ago


Daddy realizes if he ever wants to get some of his sons money he better apologize.

1176 days ago


I know Robert Fletcher -- don't I Robert? I also know you're reading this. Where's your statement, Robert? Speak up because you're in way over your head this time or have you changed your last name again?

As a parent, I could never be coerced into doing that to my own child. You can blame Fletcher all you want but YOU are the parent and the words came out of YOUR mouth!

1176 days ago


He is not giving up on trying to get a handout from his Son, is he?

1175 days ago


I'm pretty sure that's the same Robert Fletcher who's being sued by the Florida Attorney General. See:

1175 days ago


This ******* and his whole family needs to disappear! Who does that to their own child? Find a job and lay off your kid.

You can start here. That's how I got rich.

1175 days ago


Frank is a liar. I introduced him to his agent. Frank came to me knowing I was a multi-Award winning author and asked if I knew someone to help him sell a tell-all book so i introduced him to the agent he is now claiming is a con artist. Frank went to him. The agent didn't go to frank, but his son paid him off and released him from the suit to make those comments. The legal system isn't about the truth. Its about how you play the game. Frank sold his son out for money, then let his son buy him out for legal win. They are both whores just like the rest of the family.

1175 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

So it's someone else's fault that dad is such an idiot!

1172 days ago


What a loser this dad is! He can NOT blame his deplorable actions on someone else, he is after an adult! A parents love and support of their child is supposed to be unconditional and this guy is obviously a lowlife who has no concept of what parental support and unconditional love is. Anyone who knows this moron better beware....if he'd turn on his own child in this way for financial gain, imagine what he'd do to non-relatives!

1164 days ago
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