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7/1/2011 12:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Black Eyed Peas" frontman was rushed out of the London Hilton on Park Lane moments ago ... after the 28-story building caught fire, engulfing the hotel in smoke. 


So far, no word on how the fire started ... and no immediate reports of injuries.

The London Hilton is EXTREMELY popular with the rich and famous ... as it's located very close to Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace.

Story developing.


No Avatar

some guy    


Maybe should be 18+.

F U.

1178 days ago


David J.- what the hell are you ranting about?

1178 days ago


Well, good thing Mr. got out! The heck with everyone else...

1178 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Fire probably started from all of the other guests burning his crappy groups music cd's.

1178 days ago

I'm A Lawyer    

Proof he dresses like an idiot, off the stage too.

1178 days ago


1178 days ago

Julian This dude cant sing live unless his voice is through a synth.... Shocking voice.
Here in the UK he is not very well liked...

1178 days ago


Who cares? I mean come on...Thank god for TMZ! POS

1178 days ago


Looks like a cremation gone bad!

1178 days ago


So I take it no one else was evacuated? Hope he was able to flush all the pot and coke before they got him out.

1178 days ago


It it's popular with the rich and famous why did I stay there? And, I didn't see anyone famous. Not a fun hotel to get out of in a fire I have to imagine.

1178 days ago


billy-i-be....poor baby, but still had time to get his little outfit on and color coordinated and get a personal escort by his bodyguard out of there. Oh lets hope Fergie wasnt singed by having to stay in there. What kind of phony is this guy anyway--acting all street wise and such---he's a no talented wannabe hack==here's the formula: run around stage, jump up and down, then jump on a box, use vocoders to dub your voice and make chimp kinds of sounds. Voila--instant hit with the rest of the dumbed down america who buy your nonsense.

billy-i-be...dude, speak and spell english--its William.

1178 days ago


This photo is why I really dislike celebrities. What, you need an security escort to go outside when the whole building is on fire? And you're dressed like that? I guarantee this guy is NOT that famous and only brings more weird attention to himself with that 'kerchief up around his mouth. And the look of concern on the security's face is HEE LAR IOUS. "I got you, Will I Am!" It's all so funny in a sick way. Get real for once, celebs. At least when there's fire.

1178 days ago

Duke Steele    

The Hole truth: He covered his face because hes a singer and has to protect his voice. Wait a minute...did I say singer? I meant a guy that raps. Wait a minute.. Aren't rap guys the ones that talk? Because thats what rapping is. So, I guess he doesn't have a voice to protect. You're right. He needs balls.

1178 days ago


why all the negative comments, there are people that love him pay to see him. if you dont like him than you dont have to comment. geesh people. the fun of being famous

1178 days ago
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