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Arnold and Maria Will Split Hundreds of Millions

7/2/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver will split around $400 million, and legally it's supposed to be divided  up 50/50, because we know there's no prenup.

TMZ broke the story Friday that Maria filed for divorce and the division of property is yet to be determined. Because there is no prenup, under California law, all earnings and other property acquired during the marriage is considered community property, which means a 50/50 split.

Arnold's worth is estimated at $300 million, while Maria's is around $100 million.  Since the couple has been married for a quarter century and it's probably impossible to separate what they each had before they tied the knot, it's likely the entire pot of money will be considered community property.

But here's the twist.  This divorce will never go to trial. It is going to settle out of court, and nothing requires Arnold and Maria to agree on a 50/50 split. Typically in these cases, there's a lot of horse trading ... Maria gets this house, Arnold gets that one, etc.

Maria's lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser, and Arnold's attorney, Bob Kaufman, will be hashing out the property settlement agreement -- probably for months.

One final point.  We will never know the terms of the final property settlement agreement, because it's going to be confidential.  Standard operating procedure for high-profile divorces.



No Avatar


So, arnie
Was she worth $100 mil, LOL LOL
That chick was so nasty and now
it's costing you all that cash.

1210 days ago


Arnold is so rich

1210 days ago


awe....poor them....splitting millions of dollars...yeah I spend $30,000 going to school (diploma) to work in the social service field...yet again poor them :(
Hey need a Canadian with law and crim....I just might be your

1210 days ago


Sloane 57 minutes ago

just know that rich people have no problem getting quick annulments from the Catholic church-so ...


Neither to poor and middle income people, IF there are grounds.

1210 days ago


wow....i go to school full time to work with high risk youth and I have a hard time putting food on my table for myself....this seems so mundane....yet so interesting.....

1210 days ago


Don't you think that Maria knew about this years ago and merely milked Arnold for the fame of being the first lady of California?

Don't you really think so.

It was too convenient for this to all come into the light and the divorce to happen so soon after his term was over.

Frankly, I would not have touched Ms. Shriver with a ten foot pole....ever.

Too much like the rest of the Kennedy clan.

1210 days ago

len carr    

who gives a ****.

1210 days ago

len carr    

who gives a ****. these people are nobodies. who cares what they do?

1210 days ago


50/50...really? I'd say that Shriver has a lot of ********s to catch up on first!

1210 days ago


Why are Americans more interested in tabloid journalism--divorces, who's in rehab, who sent what pic over the Internet while genatalia displayed...but have no idea what is going on in Washington, the debt ceiling and what that means, who gets to be a tax cheat and yet takes over decisions on the financials of the land [taxpayer money],that we are in wars without the support of Congress, our gas prices are up over a $1 in a year, government spending continues and NO BUDGET for two years? All well and good on the fluff on celebs, that Paul Revere never said "the British are coming" because we were all British, that he never rode alone-Dawes was with him and another,..Longfellows poetic creative revision of history. Education reaches new highs in spending, but kids are dumber?

1210 days ago

Jay Singer    

It's not always clear but despite the hoopla about them dividing of millions of dollars there are two people who have many children and families who are going through severe pain. They have he added burden that the whole world is watching through the media. TMZ and all the rest. They have little privacy which is something they should have and their children should have. It seems impossible for people to be compassionate about this high profile couple but it's something that is due them.

1210 days ago


I suspect Maria is the one keeping a lid on things and Arnold will do what she wants!! One thing for sure they will not suffer in the money department!!

1210 days ago


Ask anyone who work in movies in LA . Arnold was a bangin' animal. I think when you average it all out with all the women he did , the hundred million or so will come out to about a thousand bucks a schtup.

1210 days ago


can see why they will not go to court for it would be a circus. though this also shows why they really should have had a pre nup. for now Maria and ARnold will have to try and argue who gets what. plus not going to court avoids some legal fees.

1210 days ago


I sill can't comprehend why Arnold had sex with that beast of a woman. I mean really, I've had some drunken sex nights in the past but never with a woman that is as ugly as that one. Yikes!

1210 days ago
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