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Arnold and Maria Will Split Hundreds of Millions

7/2/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver will split around $400 million, and legally it's supposed to be divided  up 50/50, because we know there's no prenup.

TMZ broke the story Friday that Maria filed for divorce and the division of property is yet to be determined. Because there is no prenup, under California law, all earnings and other property acquired during the marriage is considered community property, which means a 50/50 split.

Arnold's worth is estimated at $300 million, while Maria's is around $100 million.  Since the couple has been married for a quarter century and it's probably impossible to separate what they each had before they tied the knot, it's likely the entire pot of money will be considered community property.

But here's the twist.  This divorce will never go to trial. It is going to settle out of court, and nothing requires Arnold and Maria to agree on a 50/50 split. Typically in these cases, there's a lot of horse trading ... Maria gets this house, Arnold gets that one, etc.

Maria's lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser, and Arnold's attorney, Bob Kaufman, will be hashing out the property settlement agreement -- probably for months.

One final point.  We will never know the terms of the final property settlement agreement, because it's going to be confidential.  Standard operating procedure for high-profile divorces.



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Conan and skellator are getting a divorce. Boo Hoo. He probably did the maid because he likes a woman with a little meat on their bones, not just bones.

1187 days ago


If both of them are worth hundreds of millions, how come she is asking for spousal support? can't she support herself? Does she need more money? And if so, how much is enough? What a waste.

1187 days ago


Audios Skeletor. Enjoy my millions and Oprah's intimacies.

1187 days ago


I wonder if Maria regrets having her face surgically altered to look like Arnolds's. She still has to wake up every morning looking into the face of her cheating husband.

1187 days ago


Some people are so poor they only have money!
Ivor Powell

1187 days ago


Thank goodness there's no kids involved. Please, tell me they didn't breed?

1187 days ago


I still to this day am amazed that California voted for Conan as their Gov. I find it hard to believe there was nobody smarter than Arnold at that time. It's like voting for Coke or Pepsi lol!1

1187 days ago


I don't understand why she didn't have a prenup? She's a Kennedy for fu$k sake!

1187 days ago


"Nothing requires Arnold and Maria to agree on a 50/50 split"... except California law. The settlement agreement won't be confidential from the judge, and the judge must approve it. The law states a judge may not approve a judgment that does not equally divide the community property. The reason it's confidential is because they don't want the public to know how much money they have, or the details about their property. There will be a settlement, it will be in writing, and it will be filed with the court, you just won't be able to look at it.

1187 days ago


$200 Million a piece...they'll probably fight over the division of assets....

We shall see....

1187 days ago


@jsternsp not true.. the 50/50 rule is mainly for people not agreeing on a settlement and the court tried of them acting like babies. She can say I just want MY money and he can go f himself and I will take one house etc.

Clearly because he is worth more he will not object to anything less than 50/50. In this case I don't think she will take any of his money because she is in demand and she doesn't need any of it. She is also a smart lady and made her money herself. Hell she could live just fine on the money she has the rest of her life without needing to work.

To bad she won't be getting the pool guy to stay with her without all that money.. someone tell her to go eat something.. its clear she has a disorder.. Maybe Arnold got tired of his .... burning and smelling like puke lol.

1187 days ago


This is Maria's fault. If she'd done her duty in the bedroom, the rest never would have happened. Shame on HER!

1169 days ago

pat nisbert    

I hope and pray you will find some forgiveness in this Marria and stay together if your husband regrets and does not continue his mistake,money cannot take the place of 25 years, you have raised each other for 25 year why would you allow an intruder who cant find their husband to steal your husband.

1168 days ago


Even if they got a prenup, it could have been easily struck down. Prenups aren't necessarily ironclad contracts. In the US, and in other Western common-law jurisdictions, prenups can be throw out if it's argued the agreement was not fairly entered into, assets were not fully disclosed, etc. Other countries have stronger prenups that are less likely to be challenged like in America. My guess is that even if Maria and Arnold did act more responsibly and got a prenuptial agreement, it is very likely it would have been scrutinized.

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1158 days ago
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