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Denise Richards -- First Time Out with New Baby

7/2/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Denise Richards stepped out with her new adopted daughter Eloise Joni on Thursday, while running errands with her older daughters Sam and Lola.

Denise made the adoption public earlier this week. 



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Wackjob able to influence a kid's mind... SCARY.

1207 days ago

Roxanne Stones    

Wackjob able to influence a kid's mind... SCARY.

I think you misplaced your comment. This isn't about Charlie!

1207 days ago


She's a nut job!

1207 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Roxanne Stones - I think you misplaced your comment. This isn't about Charlie!

No, she's a nut job, too! Typical victim mentality.. Everything bad in her life is the fault of Charlie (or some other man.)
Now she's trying to fill the void with another child.

This is all to boost her self-esteem and image. Look how great Denise is! Too bad she'll always be empty on the inside.

"Denise made the adoption public earlier this week. "

Because it's not enough to just adopt the baby - She has to tell the world about it, or else it doesn't *really* count!

1207 days ago


Kudos to her for adopting. But this is an issue I have: WHY THE HELL DO PEOPLE WEAR FLIP FLOPS? They are ugly and disgusting even if you're on the beach, but then and only then it is sensible so I can get past that. I mean, at least she's not wearing high heels with a swimming suit, but flip flops in public to me are never acceptable. I don't get it. I find them the most disgusting form of footwear ever. THEY WERE MADE FOR THE BEACH or BY THE POOL people.

1207 days ago

The Truth    

It’s already been reported that she has been shopping a TV reality show with her and the new baby. Her previous reality show with her 2 children by Charlie was cancelled for several reasons.

One, she could not use Charlie’s name or refer to Charlie in the show, two she could not use the 2 children in the show, three she wanted tons of money and four no one watched it.

Now she is trying to pimp our her new daughter. So sad. Really pathetic of her.

The Truth

1207 days ago


Is it a black baby?

1207 days ago


Very sad - her children always look like they are on the verge of tears while she is parading them out and about. Now she wants to bring another child into her circus mess of a life. Wonder if Charlie has to foot the bills for this new one.

1207 days ago


Gloria Unread, you don't KNOW any of what you say to be true unless you have lived with Denise's life.

Maybe, just maybe.. most of her problems have been because of her bad choice in men. God knows Charlie was a bad choice to have kids with.

And maybe, just maybe she loves she loves her kids like most mothers do and wanted another kid and decided the SMART thing to do is adopt one that needs a home not make another baby with another bum she'd end up in court with.

This is just as likely as your choice to believe the worse of her. People always rush to judge people so harshly and most of the negative crap about Denise comes from a crazed egomaniac drug addicted "I'm king of the world so kiss my feet" Charlie.

1207 days ago


Denise seems pretty nice to me. I don't get all the haters on TMZ.

1207 days ago


Is it going to be days or weeks until these kids are drowned in a bathtub because Jesus told her to do it?

1207 days ago


I see the weenie misogynists are out today.

1207 days ago


Come on. Cut the hate. It looks really dumb on you. Denise made a mistake yes, when she married Charlie Sheen but she realized her mistake and moved on. She's a nice person and from all accounts, a good mother to her girls and raising them herself with no entourage of nannies in sight.

1207 days ago


I used to think she was the most sensible in the Sheen cult/clan but after this mini-octomom move, I think she's as nuts as Charlie ... and octomom.

1207 days ago


What kind of women does Charlie Sheen hang around with? Drug addicts and porn stars.

Why would he marry someone like Denise Richards if she is supposed to be so sweet?

Maybe Kim K and Denise can start running together. I wonder if she was drug tested before she was able to purchase that baby?

1207 days ago
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