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Denise Richards -- First Time Out with New Baby

7/2/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Denise Richards stepped out with her new adopted daughter Eloise Joni on Thursday, while running errands with her older daughters Sam and Lola.

Denise made the adoption public earlier this week. 



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I think history has proven that Denise got a bad rap from being married to that wack job Sheen. She also gets to live under constant attention because she was once one of the sexiest women in the world. She still is a traffic stopper.

1146 days ago


To "peoplearesilly" above:

Flipflops are exactly the thing to wear in summer. I even wear them in winter. Whoever invented flipflops should get a Pulitzer Prize!! soooooo comfy

1146 days ago


She's an absolute loser.

Her life appears to revolve around somehow making herself relevant. She's not.

Now, she's writing a book about her life with Charlie. She's shopping another reality show. She's adopting a baby and pimping out any and all information to the highest bidder.

She's nasty but wants you to believe that she's upper tier...

1146 days ago


Flip flops are causing all kinds of foot problems. Just google it. They are meant to be for the beach, not as your all day shoe.

1146 days ago

mildly insane    

sugarbee 4 hours ago
...........Maybe, just maybe.. most of her problems have been because of her bad choice in men. God knows Charlie was a bad choice to have kids with.

But they were her choices im sick
of women using bad choice of men as an excuse
they normally don't just become drunk, drugged up, abusive, or
womanizers suddenly most women know who/what they are dealing with an stay with that sort of man when i was younger a friend told me
if you want to get a woman be an a-hole sounds funny until
you realize its the truth.

1146 days ago


So she wears flip flops big deal. She seems to be a good mother to her children. Very hands on which is more than I can say for alot of "celebs". She also does her best to protect her children and keep them away from the drama and dysfunctional lifestyle that is so Charlie Sheen!

1146 days ago


It's in the duffel bag??

1146 days ago


Denise could have sat around all day looking beautiful and simply spending Charlie's money. Instead she's offered another child a
chance at a better life within a loving family. Get over it, people.

1146 days ago


B Actress, betrayed her close friend, Heather, by sleeping with her husband, always arranging for paps to see her out with her girls, exploiting her daughters to get publicity, and now this baby. I have never understand why people think she is such a good person, good mother etc. She lives off the child support she gets from Charlie Sheen, so how can she afford to adopt a baby? Who is going to pay for that baby since Denise doesn't really have any acting jobs that are lucrative? I suppose she gets enough child support from Charlie, to support this baby too.

1146 days ago

Gloria Unread    

@mildly insane - You beat me to it! :-D

@sugarbee - Gloria Unread, you don't KNOW any of what you say to be true unless you have lived with Denise's life. Maybe, just maybe.. most of her problems have been because of her bad choice in men. God knows Charlie was a bad choice to have kids with.

You're right about one part there - All that I know about Denise Richards is the persona that she projects to the public. She has a little more personal info out there about her than most celebrities because she chose to air all her dirty laundry in a reality show. (which I watched all of. Why am I admitting this?!? :o ) Again, this is just the persona she *wants* the world to see.
(I don't believe reality shows are reality. Just putting that out there. ;-D )

She's eluded over and over again that Charlie is to blame for everything wrong with her: Why she can't get a man, why she has confidence/trust issues, etc. True, he's a total a-hole, but she knew that going in to the relationship. Maybe she thought "But I can change him!" like most women who marry 'Bad Boys' seem to believe, which is horribly delusional and narcissistic.

People tend to date someone who they relate to and have a connection with. For Denise, she didn't merely date Charlie, she MARRIED him and had two children with him. That says *a lot* about the type of person she is as well.
The fact she blames Charlie (who I am *not* a fan of) says she can't objectively look at herself and take any blame for a bad relationship or her taste in men.

You are right about another thing, Sugarbee: It's great that she chose to adopt rather than breed, since there are way too many people in this world. But Denise already has two kids. Why not be happy with that and devote more attention to them?

Adoption is great! Announcing it to the media and parading the kid around to say "Look at how great I am for adopting a baby whose mother died!" screams of her being desperate for attention. Since she has two kids, that also makes it seem like this is to fill some emotional void.

Seriously, I'm not intentionally "hating on" Denise. I feel bad for her. She has some major issues to work out, and I really hope I am completely wrong about everything I've said here.
Otherwise, she has now involved an innocent child into her "complicated" life.

1146 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Yikes! I apologize for the novel I just posted above! I didn't realize it was that long... :-O

1146 days ago


I think it is a shame that she already two beautiful children and feels the need for another when there are so many desperate, childless couples out there. I guess money can buy you anything.

1146 days ago


Unbelievable! That's what this single mother needs, another kid! Why didn't I think of that? Because I'm not....

Denise Richards might be the sane one going up against Charlie Sheen. But, she's seems to have her own load of baggage.

1146 days ago


Funny how everyone judges people they do not even know. Everyone makes mistakes and Denise was not the first or the last to marry a drug addict. She was smart enough to know it was a bad situation and got out before her or her children got hurt. Call her nuts, but the hating on people you do not know just shows how stupid you all are.

1146 days ago


She doesn't look real....the baby that is.

1146 days ago
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