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Andrew Keegan

Tasered and Cuffed by Cops

7/3/2011 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Actor Andrew Keegan was tasered and handcuffed last night ... after getting into a scuffle with cops.

Multiple witnesses tell TMZ ... Keegan -- who has starred in a bunch of movies and TV shows  including "10 Things I Hate about You" and "7th Heaven" -- was throwing a party in Marina Del Ray last night when cops rolled up and asked him to turn down the music. Witnesses say Keegan refused and became "very aggressive."

We're told officers slammed him to the ground and tasered him. One witness said they could hear Keegan screaming to let him go.

Keegan was eventually released and according to cops ... he was never placed under arrest.

A source who spoke to Keegan late last night told us "he was very shaken up" by the ordeal. 

That tends to happen when a lot of electricity passes through your body.

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Keegan was "uncooperative" when talking to cops. They say Keegan was detained and released, but say he was not tasered.


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And cops wonder why people hate them. Rotten motherfckers is all they are and THEY prove that day in , day out.

1175 days ago


@David Jong Europeans are always in the cops face but the cops are professionals and don't walk around with that "you want some of this" swagger. I'm from Iowa and the more I read TMZ the happier I am that I don't live in California and Georgia-where the courts and apparently the inhabitants are so star struck that they'd rather just bend over and get screwed-in a bad way- then allow their precious "celebrities" be subjected to the treatment that's dolled out to wo/man on the street.

1175 days ago


Yeah and the cops are very innocent right... I guess Andrew has a big mouth, the cops decided to teach him a lesson. Either way, cops these days are very itchy fingers with tasers. Like handling candy to 6 year old, he sure is gonna use that taser!

1175 days ago


Oops didn't read the update part where he wasn't tasered, if he wasn't tasered I guess its ok.

1175 days ago

Studley Buck    

Serves him right. What a jerk!

1175 days ago


Looks like a d lister who thought he was a list got a reality check.

1175 days ago


Andrew has been having VERY LOUD parties for years, the neighborhood has had it.
All he had to do was turn it down, not waste taxpayer money on 2 dozen police officers and a helicopter....Pay Up Dude

1175 days ago


Am I the only one that finds it offensive that there are no less than 13 officers one this one call?
What a waste of taxpayers money.

Why is it necessary for so many officers to answer one call?
I think the P.D. really needs to look into this and come up with a really good answer.

1175 days ago


ugh..when are you guys who beat your chests gonna learn that other people living around you have a right to complain that you're being a d**k and, if you disrespect cops who already asked you to turn the sound down, you're gonna get what you asked for..IDIOT! when's hollywood gonna sink into the ocean already...

1175 days ago

Kay in San Diego    

Good Lord, all those cops for a noise complaint? You wonder why so many cities are broke.

1175 days ago


13 cops for one drunk idiot? No wonder the City is going broke!!!

1175 days ago


they roughed him up and tasered him?
and didn't arrest him?
typical California cops- give actors all kinds of breaks that you would never give to a regular civilian.
too bad the cops didn't kill him!!

1175 days ago


They really need 15 cops for this???

1175 days ago


First off, it was a charity block party with live bands. Not a crazy party, with bumping music and drunken idiots causing trouble. Everything was peaceful, well organized and in no way "Hollywood" style debauchery. Its been an annual event on the street for a number of years and the cops were well aware of its existence and informed on all the details and yet they still had to make a mockery of Andrew. There was no fighting, everything was under control and no one was complaining. The cops just wanted to show their authority and instead of targeting the many criminals and gangs in Venice, they decided to make a mockery of an easy target. It's ridiculous that our tax dollars are being wasted on 20+ cops treating a charity event as if it was a dangerous riot. Andrew wasn't arrested because he did nothing wrong and the police had no grounds to arrest him, let alone put him in cuffs.

1175 days ago

brown dynamite    

You people are idiots. I doubt 15 cops showed up initially, likely 2-4. When an idiot decides to mouth off and cause trouble at a party, more cops are called in just incase more idiots try acting tough. It makes sense when they're outnumbered at a party. Use common sense, if you even have any.

1175 days ago
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