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Andrew Keegan

Tasered and Cuffed by Cops

7/3/2011 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Actor Andrew Keegan was tasered and handcuffed last night ... after getting into a scuffle with cops.

Multiple witnesses tell TMZ ... Keegan -- who has starred in a bunch of movies and TV shows  including "10 Things I Hate about You" and "7th Heaven" -- was throwing a party in Marina Del Ray last night when cops rolled up and asked him to turn down the music. Witnesses say Keegan refused and became "very aggressive."

We're told officers slammed him to the ground and tasered him. One witness said they could hear Keegan screaming to let him go.

Keegan was eventually released and according to cops ... he was never placed under arrest.

A source who spoke to Keegan late last night told us "he was very shaken up" by the ordeal. 

That tends to happen when a lot of electricity passes through your body.

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Keegan was "uncooperative" when talking to cops. They say Keegan was detained and released, but say he was not tasered.


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Drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son....

1104 days ago


Agreed Keegan is an egotistical douche that got what he deserved, but I counted 14 cops to deal with this prick...really? 14 cops?

But... more importantly, is that cop really wearing black ankle socks with sandals on the job?!? Or anytime? Please tell me he doesn't rock em' with his jean shorts on the weekends.

1104 days ago


TMZ, you are so freakin' bogus. Firstly, you report that "we're told officers slammed him to the ground and tasered him" and then you report later in the same story that police said he was detained and released, but was not tasered.

Who is the "we're told" that you claim told you? Why don't you spam that person's name, since you like to drop names so much? Who is this liar you speak of (if there is, indeed, a body attached to that sensational and baseless accusation)?

You either expanded on the facts of this story for dramatic effect, or you reported it without checking the facts first.

Either way, journalistic integrity does not live at TMZ. Shame on you.

1104 days ago

Politico Pablo    

It's not a good ideal to get "mouthy" with the LAPD. That taser treament really works.

1104 days ago


Keegan, "Dont taze me bro! Let me go! Do you know who I am?!?"
All of the responding officers and most of the freeloaders at the party,"No."

1104 days ago


Who is this guy??? When he pulled out his Actors Guild card, I am sure he thought he was above the law!...It seems he opened his mouth, said he did not care about his neighbors and screw the officers...It appears he lost the arguement!.

1104 days ago


Actually it was 20+ and a helicopter and yes they did come all at once...They formed a barricade on either side of the street and wouldn't let people pass. It was the most ridiculous and unnecessary thing I've ever seen. Way to go LaLa Land you really know how to spend our tax dollars...

1104 days ago



1104 days ago



These people (actor, sports, etc..) going to be treated as everyone else, Bust Them, Send them to Jail for a while.

1104 days ago


1st of all this was a charity event that had a community full of supporters. When one dissident person has the power to call the police and have a squad of them show up to crash the party we are in trouble right there. 2nd. No man has the right to assault a man for using foul language. If Andrew didn't hit that officer, than this is police brutality. Cops can't keep being the first to strike people without facing consequences, it is a violation of our rights.

1104 days ago


Does it really take that many cops to take down one person. Here in Australia that guy would be down and out with one cop and the taser would not have been used. Cops in Hollywood are soooo dramatic. Anything for a good photo i guess!!

1103 days ago

She IS A Lezzie    

I love the H0M0 cop second from the left. The skinny one. He is a very pretty policeman!

1103 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

I love seeing idiots get tased. Ohh please don't tase me bro...take THAT you freaking lowlife....anyone who messes with cops with all the crap they have to deal with deserves a nightstick whooping as far as I'm concerned.

I'm 47, partied ALL my adult life and never once got arrested or busted out by a cop or anyone. There's a way to act and a way not to. That's the way not to ...doh...

1103 days ago


WOW! This many cops for ONE guy? No wonder CA is going broke!

1103 days ago


Dont tase him dude!

1103 days ago
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