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Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries

Bible Study

7/3/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are spending their free time in a surprising new way -- they're studying the bible ... but like all things these days, it has to do with their upcoming nuptials.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ they've been going over their favorite passages in hopes of picking a few to be engraved on their wedding bands. We're told Kim will pick a passage for Kris' ring, and Kris will pick one to be engraved on Kim's.

According to our sources ... they are each taking it very seriously and they both want to pick something "with meaning."

As we previously reported, Kim already has a bible verse engraved into her massive engagement ring.

Can we get an amen?

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Oh please, another stunt. Now, the bible! She is a fool and I sure hope he is not using his heart, she adores bad boys. The entire family are fools! money and action, that's all it is, Money and Action, NEXT!!!!!

1214 days ago


The leftist liberals are gonna crap a cow .... HOW DARE anyone from Hollywood believe in GOD & the Bible .... OH THE HORROR !!!

1212 days ago


She looked better with Reggie. But it is true. Celebrities treat marriage like a joke.

1210 days ago

Jennifer Overington    

I suggest avoiding the Book of Revelations. I like the opening of Genesis prior to the introduction of the core problem: presenting two opposites as though real situations have at most two options. Throughout the Bible there are passages that focus on construction without fear, and without imaginary stuff.. I would select something from this kind of passage. For what it is worth, I like Joseph.

I want people to stop saying disrespectful comments here on this site and everywhere on the internet. Let people live with dignity. Also, what I tried to avoid reading here looks like Appeal to Ignorance at best.. I think the most embarrassed are those caught appealing (ior seeming to appeal) to ignorance in public. Do you know what is real?

There are important human reasons and pragmatic reasons for reading the Bible. I prefer to see God clearly defined as something physical we are able to measure in our real world.. for example, my Chinese-culture friends taught me to put health, land, gold (something real, physical, measurable) in the position of what to turn to in the event of a disagreement. Somewhere in Christian teaching, don`t ask me where, is the lesson to have a common something to hold in mind if/when in a disagreement with one`s partner, and God is suggested. This is an important lesson, and that works provided the definition of God is agreed upon in a physically measurable, real, existent way.. if there were disagreement in the definition of God then humanity would lose the important lesson of being able to turn to God to establish agreements where there had been some disagreement in ordinary affairs. This lesson is worth gaining.

Have peace in relationships through some pre-established agreements which exist in the world, are physically measurable, and let agreed upon priorities be clear if/when differences in perspective show up. This way, let God`s definition be what hearts` sense say.

1196 days ago

Jennifer Overington    

And positive.

This algorithm works in the "world" of illusions:
1. remove negatives,
2. create ior cause positives, and
3. say what result you want.

Reject in the real world the notion that a negative at A can be a positive at B: instead look at the combined worth of A and B. How can A and B gain from introducing a negative?

Reject in the real world the notion that a negative today which hypothetically seems like it can be positive tomorrow is positive today: instead, it is today what it wants to be tomorrow. Reject all that is negative today.

Reject declarations that are merely strings of words disconnected from physical measure in the biosphere. Fiction is fiction, fact is fact, separate these from each other. Mathematics teaches humanity how to construct existence proofs. Live life inside clarity with respect to this which exists, this is real.

Reject that which tries to operate without reason, without sense. Reject nonsense. Reject confusion. Reject gibberish.

The physical biosphere exists. Nature exists. Humanity exists as a proper subset of Nature. Our real world exists as our aggregate human conversation (spoken and written words exist in the biosphere since spoken and written words are measurable, the thoughts conveyed by some words are measurable by the application of thought). Set Theory works. Our world is a subset of the conversational reality agreements in which we live. In physical measure, our real world is defined to be the set of humanity`s trade relations within our species and between our species and Nature. Each nation is defined as a subset of our world.

This introduction of the definition update of if ( We are in this creative era. This information is for humanity. All economic and legal problems we had were due to wrong definition of if. Open Letter to Humanity http://www.writing.com/main/books/entry_id/729107), ternary logic held by Mikhail Prokhorov has the following unavoidable, undeniable, logical, basic, easy to understand, difficult to deny, consequences:

1. traditional mathematics has errors regardless of anyone`s declaration otherwise, and humanity is responsible for ensuring we are correcting mathematics. Our correction rate of mathematics is our rate of global improvement from the hell of illusion into this real world we like.

The sole consequence of allowing illusionists and liars to prevent immediate progress in the correction of mathematics is the unavoidable fall of civilization worldwide: there are errors in mathematics right now.

Let me repeat that for clear emphasis: there are gaps in mathematics, worldwide, in every system upon which our lives are based, right now.

Every public promise of having an economic system fix without reference to allowing mathematics to be corrected is a lie, and is an informed lie to the public since I have for months been letting many governments be informed of this situation.

Without mathematics, civilization collapses.

Right now, we are without mathematics.

Economics without mathematics ain`t. Engineering without mathematics ain`t. Computing science without mathematics ain`t. Supply chains without mathematics break. Strategy without mathematics loses. Transportation systems without mathematics grind to a halt.

Okay, I think this point is clear. You can return to Stone Age living if you want to and how to do that is ignore this message.

2. I am, and my happiness is, a necessary part of global recovery. This is in part due to mathematicians worldwide refusing this role. I am unique in having the logic and math skills for this role, in having the interest in politics and economics for this role, in having the.. to do this, and in having international community support for fulfilling this role expressed uniformly as `u first`. The international mathematical community holds my mind as the unique mind for leading humanity through our necessary correction of mathematics without which we lose civilization. Therefore you want me happy and you want me getting this work of correcting mathematics done. I am, right now, the singular bottleneck of the world, and the situation is that doing nothing (traditionally believed a neutral activity) is a negative activity since civilization erodes as a function of time.

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Physical measure of the brokenness of math: http://www.persuasive-logic.com/Infinity.html

A nice way to say it is: we have some gaps in mathematics.

Pardon my emphasis in this message. I have had the experience that sometimes the nice way of saying something seems to allow the point to be missed. I think it is important for me to have the world`s attention now.

1196 days ago

Jennifer Overington    

See links at http://www.persuasive-logic.com/crimes-against-humanity.html

This is the most important message worldwide right now. Everyone deserves to know, now.

1195 days ago
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