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Vinny's 'Jersey Shore' Exit -- SEE THE VIDEO

7/3/2011 10:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained video of Vinny Guadagnino storming off from the "Jersey Shore" house in the middle of the night -- for good.


As TMZ first reported, Vinny bolted from the house after fighting with another cast member ... and made a beeline for home in Staten Island. 

In the video, you see Vinny hop in a cab and drive away ... all while an MTV cameraman films from just a few feet away. As you can see below, Pauly D was with Vinny at one point as he loaded up the cab to leave.

Sources close to show have told us Vinny has been a pain in the ass and no one will be going out of their way to get him to come back.


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haha why did vinny leave besides the fact that mike is a total douche bag and that snooki which i luv is always trying to get at his ****! TELL ME VINNY WHY!

1208 days ago


If all of you "dont care" about the show, how come everyone always comments on these stories? If you really didn't care, you wouldn't bother to read this article, and would just scroll down to another story. Therefore, you wouldn't know what the story is about. And then all of you comment to say you dont care? Seems to me like you care.

1208 days ago


Ladies and Gentleman. This is TV remember. Vinny is Making upwards of $ 100,000.00 a episode. Plus, residuals, ( for those of you who don't know that, you get paid for re airing of previous shows) and endorsements plus personal appearance. Now every tabloid is airing this, every paper is carrying this even CNN had it on the ticket tapper. I am just seeing $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ because everyone is going to watch to see what happened and the advertiser are going to pay pay pay..... Plus your comments just goes to show you are all going to watch and it probable will be the last episode and you will have to watch season 6 for the conclusion. $$$$$$$$$ go for you MTV, free press.

1207 days ago


Duh, people, it's 'reality TV'....they're just filming a scripted scene! He'll be back. It's all just part of the 'reality' world 'drama scene'. Can't stand these white/tan-trash losers....don'*****ch this lame show and never will. I shake my head at losers like this in real life, why would I waste my time watching them on tv??!! All set, thanks!

1206 days ago


problem is theyre in Italy...makes no sense

1202 days ago


no,no,no,no,no i'am very stronger petado person

1188 days ago


i know that it was mike the situation that got into a fight with vinny and he left. mike was not at the vma awards for mtv a few weeks ago. they asked and they said they didnt know. mike left the show after getting into it with the producers. therefore, he didnt show up for the awards. but then, vinny gets along with everyone else. pauly d being his best friend stood by his side. vinny showed up for the awards out of kindness to not get anyone thinking. they were all getting along. mike and vinny do not like each other. the next show coming up for the last thurs in sept. vinny hooks up with snookie. we all know how mike feels about her! i think this has something to do with the fight. come on, a month after it happens. he left in july. the filming was the beginning of june. first episode was in june in which vinny left. i put things together and figure, it has to be mike. just has to be. it adds up. i cant wait to see. cause i know i just have to be right on this one. he is off the show as well. little clue there.

1126 days ago

Money grabers    

They should all leave seriousely i hate Deena she should leave or atleast Re-cast her. On the last episode of the italy season Ronnie tells mike that he got to go if he doesn't change his ways " Like if he rilly had that power" situation has also left the show during the the 5th season. Seriousely GET REAL JOBS..I WOULD LIKE TO GET PAYED THOUSANDS AND MILLIONS TO GET DRUNK OFF MY ASZ SERIOUSE **** THE REAL WORLD IS BETTER 1 cast and the next cast is refreshed THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER IS LIKE WATCHING A MOVIE EVERY THURSDAY AND ITS THE SAME MOVIE

1106 days ago

Maya Wotherspoon    

Leave Vinny alone! There is no way that he could be a pain in the ass. So back off of him. He is alot more mature than the rest of them. He has common sense.

1000 days ago

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978 days ago

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978 days ago
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