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MJ Estate


Famous Crank Call

7/4/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Michael Jackson estate has dropped the hammer on the man who famously crank called MJ in 2007 ... claiming he has NO RIGHT to sell the recording because it contains MJ's REAL voice.

The call was made by legendary prankster Ralphige -- who has fooled the likes of Donald Trump, Paris Hilton, and Chris Brown.  

During the MJ call, Ralphige pretended to be Akon ... and he teased Michael about molesting children. MJ claimed Ralphige was NOT talking to the real Michael Jackson ... but merely an impersonator.  

Now, the MJ Estate is acknowledging that the King of Pop REALLY WAS pranked -- because they've threatened to sue Ralphige for selling the recording on his website for 99 cents a pop ... without permission from MJ's camp.

The threat worked -- because Ralphige's site is down ... but the prankster sees a silver lining ... telling us, "The letter, if anything, it at least proves to the doubters that the prank call is real."

He adds, "I am afraid the estate is not aware Michael personally gave me permission to release the phone call. This is something that I am sure will be discussed in the near future."


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1184 days ago

Phantom of the Opera    

Thank you Kathysprings;

1184 days ago


Oh PLEASE...there is no "WE" in anything about you or having to do with you or your LIFE...what, you just happen to run back in and log on to TMZ to type crap about Michael Jackson in the midst of a 4th of July party - celebration. Give me a frickin' break. You're alone, you've always been alone, your sad, lonely, fat, sick, pathetic, no job, no nothing, nothing, nothing. You'll be on here all day and night and tomorrow too and the next day after that. You're broke, no job...on disability, insane, unhealthy, no money, no family, no friends, sick in the head. Get a life loser...sick pr@ck! Sick old man...get a life! You only wish you had a 'we' in your life. So sad, too sad, too bad...!
HA HA HA HA HA HA Best post I have read in a long time thanks for making me laugh.
Enjoy your tube steak Greg.
Cleverly written! Ingenious! Side-splitting humor!!!

1184 days ago


Must be some party for you to take so many breaks from family and friends Greg.........let's get back to reality your microwave went ding you took your medications and ate your hungry man dinner.
Brilliant!!! Another Classic!!! LOL!!!

btw: LOL x 10000!!!!!

1184 days ago


Yes you guys will argue how Michael gave to charity and cared so much about the world and so what.. so have many other people, so what's your point with that?
It doesn't make him better than anyone else. It defines him as the great humanitarian he was and rightfully so. There's no argument there. You on the other hand, need to undergo a psychiatric assessment with medication management to control your flight-of-ideas!!!

1184 days ago


Some of you people need to get a damn sense of humor. EVERYONE MADE FUN OF HIM SO GET OFF YOUR SOAP BOX. THE CALL IS 100% REAL. This is the same guy that prank called Hulk Hogan and asked him if he was still banging his daughter and had Scott Storch about to cry! LOL

1184 days ago


casa mj

1184 days ago


LOL! That's hillarious. I knew MJ was wierd but I had no idea he was so dumb. I can't believe he got so badly fooled by such an obviously fake Acon. MJ was a moron.

1184 days ago


“It is an old and ironic habit of human beings to run faster when we have lost our way”

Rollo May quote (American psychologist)

1184 days ago


'god' loves the jacksons. fanatics are proud that mj loved everyone and everything, like boys and propofol deliveries.

1184 days ago



1184 days ago


@ OhWell

It does not amaze me one bit how far Haters will go to excercise their craft of hating more and more.

like MJ said " Tell em that it's human nature "

Michael's legacy Rocks !

1184 days ago
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