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Octomom FURIOUS Over 'Fabricated' Interview

7/4/2011 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Quotes from Octomom flew all over the Internet this week -- the most damaging being, "I hate babies, they disgust me" -- the only problem is ... Octomom says SHE NEVER GAVE THEM!!!

Nadya Suleman tells TMZ every single quote that was attributed to her from an interview with In Touch magazine is false ... because she never even gave them an interview. 

In another passage from the "interview," Nadya supposedly said she thinks her older children are animals and that she often locks herself in the bathroom and cries.

To that she says, "I hardly have 30 seconds to go to the restroom, I could never lock my self in the bathroom for hours. I Love ALL my children, I do not regret them and it's ridiculous that I have to continue to defend myself against these disgusting fabricated lies."


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I hope Harvey from TMZ made it perfectly clear to you all yesterday when he talked to Nadya on the phone, that NADYA SULEMAN IS NOT ON WELFARE OR DISABILITY! He made it perfectly clear that she is not and even apologized to her for prejudging her about the welfare comment throughout this whole Octomom/Nadya Suleman saga... Obviously everyone on TMZ thought she would end up back on welfare with in a year, they like the rest of the world didn't know how she was going to make money to support her family and keep that house. Nearly three years off it, wow that's to be commended considering the fact she has 14 kids and a whopper of a mortgage bill, not to mention other housewhole expenses. She is out there getting jobs that would pay her lump sums so that she can continue paying her bills, keep her kids in private school, keep that roof over their heads and clothes on her kids backs. She even said so herself, she is not on welfare. I'm glad she clear up that thing about Dr. K and that mess saying she hate her kids too. To all yall haters FAILED! LOL

1205 days ago

Snow White    

Team Nutjob,

So what if the Octoho made 28k in 1 month? What about the month before that or two months from now? The point is her income is not sustainable, yet her bills are continuos. And those bills will only increasecas the children age.

Again, it comes down to semantics. She ( and you) might say that social security isn't public assistance. Those of us who actually pay taxes would beg to differ.

How many celebrity boxing matches will it take to pay off her mortgage? How much will the next bikini shoot be worth? The first one netted 100k. The second far, far less. The third will require her to pay the photog at this rate.

On the Oprah behind the scene show, Suzette Orman commented that if Nutya had made enough in the first year to have had sustained the family for 18 years if she had been smart about her money. But she wasn't. Instead she has continued to spend frivolously on herself. Mortgage be damned.

I did have to laugh at the new lie she told yesterday. Now she's claiming thath she was drugged up when she signed the consent form for the transfer of the 12 embryos. She's trying to set up a malpractice claim against Kamrava. LOL. That financial ship has sailed. He's as broke as she is.

Hopefully Nutya has taken some of that 28k and become current on her mortgage. I doubt it, though. Her hand will be outstretched again before too long.

In Touch magazine is sticking by their story, in a statement made to CNN. Why is Octoho not suing? Because she knows they have the cancelled check for the interview.

One last thing to think about. "Celebrity" boxing matches are the bottom rung on a career ladder. It's where you go when your career is dying, not rising. Just ask Michael Lohan.

1204 days ago



Here's the quote and link from CNN Entertainment:

"A rep for In Touch magazine – which confirmed the accuracy of Suleman's quotes to CNN when the story first broke – released a statement to CNN on Tuesday that said, "We stand by our story."

1204 days ago


Well, Team Nutya, if she's not on "public assistance" then let's just hope the IRS is listening and checking her taxes... cuz, she's got nothing to hide, right? Like her boob job, her stripping, her plastic surgery, ad nauseum, and her always being there for her kids - NOT!

1204 days ago


Just in case anyone was wondering, the house is in Nadya's father's name. The grant deed was recorded 3/9/2009. So, if Haddadin was to foreclose, it has to be against Ed Doud. As to Nadya, her relationship with Haddadin is that she is a tenant, not the owner. Does anyone know if Doud is still working in the Middle East?

1204 days ago


Realist - that is old information. Ed Doud transferred the deed over to Harmony Enterprises (Jeff Czech). Haddadin still holds the mortgage. As far as Ed working in the Middle East, he hasn't been there since before the tups were born.

1204 days ago


Ah, Alvin, thanks for the correction.

1204 days ago


Alvin, Snow White, blondie and few others, get over the jealousy, hate and past about Nadya already. She's a success and you all are a pest. LOL

Boy, I never known so many backward fk's in my life-- until I started debating and arguing with you lame dorks. But this will be the end of it, for sure. All y'all do is hide behind your pc and sit in open forums all over the internet HATING on total stranger (Nadya Suleman) and hate on anybody who defends or cheer her on, that is just to sick and twisted. Is your lives so fk up that you get off on wanting deperately to see Nadya Suleman life just as miserable, pathetic, screw up and sad as you all are? Get a job, get a hobby, get a LIFE! Seriously, Ugh accusing Nadya of lying when you don't even have proof, ********s!

1204 days ago


Yawn Team Loser, you are such a bore.

Ever wonder why the Octoho isn't suing In Touch ( or anyone else for that matter)? It's because she knows they have proof she gave the interview. Aside from the pictures inside the house, they've got the cancelled check.

I think it's hilarious that you talk about hating on the Internet. Does the name "Duggar" ring a bell with you? LOL. Nutya's life is F****D up, but unfortunately she is taking 14 other lives down with her. It's so sad to see such unhappy kids in the pictures. All of those recent beach pictures and not a single smile on any of the kids faces.

Keep up with your delusions that Nutya is a good mom. It fits right in with your idolization of the other child abuser, Michael Jackson. I bet you even have pictures of Casey Anthony up on your wall.

BTW, in one of your early posts, you claimed ""Like I said in the other upload on here about Nadya, that there is just way to many lies, exaggerations, speculations, and str8 up in your windows crap about her floating around the web, and none of it can be proven as FACTS dust far." Thus far, I can't figure out just how far dust flies. ROFLMAO.

1204 days ago


Actually Bruno, I think Casey Anthony is guilty of covering up an accident gone wrong with her daughter or perhaps she killed her deliberately. I don't know and really don't care, because no matter what anybody think, feel or say about Casey and her parents, it's not going to bring Caylee back and that's very sad but just a fact. 12 jurors had their say and she was found NOT GUILTY of killing her child. We may not like it, but it's done. And like I said on that thread about Casey... for some reason unknown God had giving her a second chance at life(freedom). I sure hope she doesn't blow it, it's time for her to move on and I hope she think of her daughter sometimes. We may never know who kill or what really happened to lil Caylee just as we may never know what really happened or who killed Ryan Goldman and Nicole Simpson.

Problem with you Bruno is you focus on the past to much. Michael was found innocent on all charges and just as there is no proof to what you all say about Nadya Suleman, there is none about MJ. So screw you! That's why you're so miserable and mad now and if you were hoping MJ would have been found guilty on all counts, you FAILED there too. ROTFLMAO

Oh and as for Duggars, that was so 2009. See there you go stuck in in the past. I never ripped on them, I just told the truth as I saw it, about how hypocritical I thought they were and debated with their fans and left it alone. Same as I've done with the Gosselins and I haven'*****ch either of those shows on talked about them on YT in years either. See unlike you all, I don't linger on the past and I sure as heck don't HATE! In fact, the only time I posts on any of their videos boards these days is when someone read my year old comments and send me a replies to my inbox, sometimes I ignore because I don't want to talk about the Duggars/Gosselin and other times I reply, it really depends, but I also have stated that I think the Duggars are a very nice family, and I think Kate Gosselin is mean, thoughtless and cruel at times. It's old news and nobody cares anymore but you. It seem you all care about Nadya Suleman though, since you follow every uploads about her just to hate.

Why do you care? It's Nadya home, it's her kids and you can't change a thing about it. So why bark about them? I think you all are just bitter because Nadya made a liar out of you. For nearly three years you all claimed she was on welfare and disability, claiming she's wanted fame, going to lose her home, she wanted a reality TV show like Kate/Duggars, going to get sued, go to jail and so on... none of y'all wishes came true. Nadya still have her home, still have her kids. HA you lose, Nadya win! LOL I love it!!!! Team Nadya!

1204 days ago


Team N,

It must be very difficult to continue to defend and laud someone who is the butt of so many jokes by many others.

I have to ask you though, does it not bother you in the least, that after having six children already, she goes back for more IVF? Other than her personal choice, what is the rationale for this decision?

I watched the AU interview, and listened to her speaking with Harvey the other day, and something struck me. And that was her speech pattern. I cannot remember it now, but will look for it, yet some years ago I remember reading in a medical book about effusive, rapid speech, and it was a sign of some personality disorder.

Seriously, at some point, reasonable people have to question the wisdom of some of her decisions. After having six children, one of whom is autistic, one with a birth defect, and a third who has some unexplained issues, wouldn't you think that enough was enough?

1204 days ago


The only liar in this whole situation, Team Nutjob, is Octoho herself. That's been proven MULTIPLE times.

Actually, you were still ripping on the Duggars as recently as a few months ago on ROL. you must have forgotten about all that. If you call that telling the truth as you saw it, then even YOUR dense head should be able to understand that what the rest of us say about Nutya is the truth as we see it.

The difference is, the rest of us are right.

1204 days ago


Realist- Are you thinking of Mania? She does seem to exhibit all the symptoms of a rapidly cycling bolar disorder.

1204 days ago


Bruno, gosh, I don't remember, it was so long ago that I read about psychoneurotic disorders. It was the Merck Manual, and I don't have one anymore. But I recall something about rapid speech, slightly euphoric, as being the hallmark of whatever condition it is.

1204 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

Whether she's lying now or she lied to "In Touch", she's got a pretty sweet scam going for the moment. Make some outrageous, inflammatory statements for one paid interview and then deny it in another one for even more money.

If she keeps throwing all these people under the bus, she won't have anyone left.

1203 days ago
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